by Rick Wells

{} ~ Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “the deep state now working overtime, working to subvert President Trump and his entire administration… Special counsel Robert Mueller, already loading his staff with Democrat supporters, Democrats they are and at least four of the prominent members of his team have been donating to Dems for some time. Dobbs identifies the four individuals, all clearly partisan Democrats, as “Deputy solicitor general Michael Dreeben, donated to liar-Hillary back in 2006. Both Andrew Weismann, who headed the fraud section at the Department’s Criminal Division, and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jeannie Rhee also donated to liar-Hillary Clinton as well as ‘president’ liar-nObama and the DNC. “ He continues, “James Quarles, who served as Special Assistant Prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, also given money to liar-Clinton, liar-nObama, various Democrat Congressional campaigns. Oh yes, they’re quite a bunch to be on the Special Counsel that’s supposed to be independent to the point of not being part of government and not being part of politics itself.”…



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