by Burt Prelutsky

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Liberals were in awe of Nancy Pulosi’s 8-hour filibuster. They gave her extra points because the old woman did it while wearing stiletto heels, the way that others used to argue for Ginger Rogers’ superiority over Fred Astaire because she did everything he did but did it backwards and in heels.

Well, I knew Ginger Rogers and, believe me, Mrs. Pulosi is no Ginger Rogers.

The amazing thing to me isn’t that she stood that long, but that she could listen to herself for more than two minutes, which happens to be my limit.

The fact that she was devoting that much time to DACA only goes to show the length Democrats will go in their pursuit of the Hispanic vote. The fact that such showboating will work only proves how gullible Hispanic voters are. After all, when liar-nObama had super majorities in 2009 and 2010, he and the Democrats never gave a second thought to Hispanics. Instead, they devoted their time and attention to forcing the Affordable Care Act down our throats.

One of the items in her diatribe was Mrs. Pulosi mentioning her grandson blowing out the candles on his birthday cake and wishing he had brown hair and brown skin like his little friend Guatemala-born Antonio. It seemed to bring a tear to granny’s eye.

For my part, I wondered if her grandson was counting on the fact that birthday wishes spoken aloud never come true or if he was just playing up to his batty old grandma, who has begun to make a practice of bad-mouthing white people.

As Penny Alfonso, possibly the only conservative residing in Cook County, summed it up: “Nancy Pulosi stood for eight hours for illegal aliens, but wouldn’t stand eight seconds for Americans whose children had been murdered by illegal aliens during the State of the Union address.”

⦿ One of the amusing things that has come out of our getting to see the text messages that were exchanged by the two adulterous lovebirds, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, is how infantile people can be and still find careers with the FBI.

Their messages are filled with “Wow’s” and “LOL’s,” as if they were teenagers. Love is supposed to be blind, but nobody ever said it also had to be stupid.

In one exchange, Strzok, commenting about the losing campaign waged by the wife of Andrew McCabe in Virginia, wrote: “Disappointing, but take a look at the district map. Loudon is being gentrified, but it’s still largely ignorant hillbilliys.”

Now, I have come clean in the past about my own typing errors, but I’m 78 years old, for God’s sake. But even if I had hit the wrong keys, I’m pretty sure that I would notice that there was something amiss about “hillbilliys,” aside from being snobbish and insulting about a great many people simply because they hadn’t voted for the boss’s wife.

⦿ Word has it that scum-Eric Holder is considering tossing his hat in the ring and seeking the Democratic nomination in 2020. I’m sure he wouldn’t be worse than any of the other cretins eager to go up against Donald Trump. But in the meantime, I would like to see scum-Holder and Barack liar-nObama tried as accessories in the murder of border agent Brian Terry, who was killed with one of the weapons provided Mexican drug gangs through Operation Fast and Furious, a demented attempt to track weapons going to, duh, Mexican drug gangs.

⦿ John Kelly is quickly becoming one of my favorites in the Trump administration. He is nearly as plain-spoken as his boss. When referring to the fact that even after liar-nObama had rolled out the red carpet for illegal aliens to sign up for DACA in 2013, only 700,000 of the potential 1.8 million had done so, Kelly said “The other 1.1 million were too lazy to get off their asses and sign up.”

No doubt, the Democrats would insist it was because they were simply too exhausted from doing all those jobs that Americans refuse to do. Among those jobs, we can assume Pulosi and clown-Schumer are referring to collecting welfare, receiving free schooling, free healthcare and sanctuary from those pesky immigration laws passed by Congress.

⦿ I heard a physicist on the radio today admitting that only people like himself, those with tenure, can afford to tell the truth about the climate change hoax. As he said, anyone who intends to pursue a career as a climatologist has to climb aboard and promote the lie if he or she ever hopes to get a job or a grant. Only those who can’t be fired can get away with heresy. Welcome to the new Dark Ages where science has to bow down to a false religion.

⦿ Dick Frohman, who subscribes to both the National Review and the Weekly Standard, let me know that he’s perplexed by their refusal to acknowledge the progress, consistent with their stated philosophy, being made by President Trump.

In response, I wrote: “I suspect their refusal to acknowledge and credit Trump is because at their core, they are east coast elitists and when they gaze through their lorgnettes at the New York rough neck, their natural reaction is to sniff haughtily like Margaret Dumont encountering Groucho Marx, and saying: ‘Be gone, you uncouth barbarian.’

“Besides, Donald Trump had the bad manners to win the election despite their best efforts to stop him. For being so rude and audacious, these Ivy League stuffed shirts will never forgive him.”

As I have written on earlier occasions, I believe it’s better to judge a man by his enemies than by his friends.

⦿ I suppose it’s because I often mention how much I miss commonsense ever since it disappeared from America that Ralph Barnett wrote to say that if this were a commonsense world, men would be riding horses sidesaddle.

Never having been a rider of horses, that hadn’t occurred to me. But even 65 years ago when I was constantly riding my Schwinn, I used to wonder why all bicycles weren’t made like girls’ bikes, with their low-slung crossbars. I always assumed that whoever was responsible for their design was a psychopath who hated men and had figured out a way to disembowel us.

⦿ As long as I’m turning over so much of my space to my readers, it’s only fair to let Pat Miano have his say: “Why is it that if you point out that a great many Trump supporters only have high school diplomas at most, you are considered informed and politically astute. But if you point out that most of the Hispanics and blacks have even less education, you are considered racist and a xenophobe?”

Of course, Mr. Miano, whom I know to be informed and politically astute, knows the answer is because the media says so.

When Donald Trump says they lie and make up stuff, he’s being too kind.

The majority of American reporters and political pundits have created a Fifth Column in this country. They are as subservient to the radical Left as Pravda was in its heyday under Stalin. The difference is that the Russians were threatened with death or exile to Siberia if they divulged the truth.

In America, their lying comrades face no such risks. They toe the party line of their own volition. The only thing required of them is deciding which of their tuxedos to wear when they pick up their Pulitzers, their Emmys and their Peabody awards.

⦿ I don’t know if it’s apocryphal, but if the following didn’t take place, it should have. It is claimed that when General Stanley McChrystal was called into the Oval Office by President liar-nObama and told that an important part of his duties was to back up the Commander-in-chief, he replied: “It’s not my job to support you as a politician, Mr. President.” Then, after he’d handed liar-nObama his resignation, the President allegedly said: “I bet when I die, you’ll be happy to piss on my grave.”

To which Gen. McChrystal allegedly saluted and said: “No, Mr. President, I always told myself that after leaving the Army, I’d never stand in line again.”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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