Anyone who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s remembers the term “Mutually assured destruction.” It referred to the massive number of nuclear missiles the Soviet Union and the United States had pointed at each other.

Now, the Republicans and the Democrats are looking at mutually assured destruction this fall.  This may be the most fascinating, if not destructive presidential race in American history.

What is going on?

The Democrats and possibly the Trump campaign, have their fingers on the nuclear trigger.  The Trump campaign is described as only “possibly” having their finger on the trigger because they may not. There may be a third party that could launch political Armageddon.

This week, we saw the Wikileaks story. Hackers, perhaps Russian, hacked into the DNC computers and this week released some of the emails they had stolen. The results were devastating. The hacked emails confirmed the Democrats rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders and for Hillary Clinton. The emails also showed the Democrats being about as obnoxious and hypocritical as liberals usually are.  Had those been Republican emails with those kinds of comments, the liberal media would be wearing the story out.

Wikileaks is hinting at more emails to come, focusing on Hillary. It is widely believed that many nations hacked into the homemade Clinton server, where she ran classified emails.  The Clinton Foundation reportedly ran its emails through that server too.

Now, those emails would be a treasure trove of scandal for the Clintons. If Russia was indeed behind those hacks, and released not only emails showing corruption in the Clinton Foundation but that Hillary participated and that classified emails from the State Department were compromised; it really would be Hillary for prison!

But Clinton and the Democrats are sitting on their own nuclear missile they can fire back.

A woman named Katie Johnson claims that Donald Trump and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein raped her in 1994, when she was 13 years old. She filed the lawsuit twice. First it was filed in California and dismissed for jurisdictional reasons. It was refiled in New York.  While she filed the California lawsuit herself, the New York lawsuit was filed by an attorney.

The significance of this is huge.  In her California lawsuit, that was prepared by someone with legal training, she cites a federal criminal statute, Aggravated Sexual Assault (18 USC 2241).  The significance of that is, 18 USC 2241 does not have a statute of limitations.  Even though the events are alleged to have occurred twenty two years ago, Trump could still be indicted for them.

This is the mutually assured destruction scenario they are both sitting on.  If Trump, a third party acting on Trump’s instructions or a third party acting without any input at all, releases those documents that will destroy Hillary Clinton, does anyone doubt the Democrat controlled Department of Justice would indict Trump to help Hillary?  After all, DOJ ignored obvious criminal conduct to help her. Does anyone really doubt they would not indict Donald Trump to help Hillary?


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  1. MUG

    Judson, isn’t it odd that right and wrong, truth and untruth, fact and fiction are all considered relative by Liberals as they apply to Liberals, yet Liberals consider them absolute when applied to their opposition. Does anyone remember the Bill Clinton quote “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is?” Unfortunately Trump is as vulnerable as Hillary to absolute and relative standards.

    We the People are pretty much assured of our destruction if neither or either of them is destroyed. But We the People might have a chance if they are “mutually destroyed.”


      That is just plain stupid, there is a world of difference between a person accused of rape and a known traitor. The only ones who can’t understand that are liberals, democrats, never Trumpers, and the followers of the crackpot Beck.

      1. MUG

        In whose sick world is their a difference between a rapist and a traitor? A rapist is a traitor to all women and a traitor to all decent men worldwide. I can’t imagine anyone depraved enough to choose a rapist instead of neither. Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury in his rape trial. Unfortunately the Senate refused to convict and sentence him. I doubt if Trump would successfully evade conviction.

        1. jtins

          MUG – Your roll is well described in the Wiki-leaks DNC e-mails that were recently released. How much $$ do you get for your posts?

  2. jtins

    I watched the entire 7/27 “press” conference. Media conduct was outrageous. Trump was very presidential. I was a conservative and a patriot while a lot of you were having your love-ins and dope trips in the 60’s/70’s. I’m proud to be a supporter of Donald Trump.

    1. Agi Yaeger

      JT It’s good to know you haven’t changed in the few weeks we disappeared from this site. Once again, you seem to paint with a broad brush in generalities.
      Since the 60’s the definition of a conservative who is also a patriot has dramatically changed.
      First of all how could a”hippie” of the 60’s be also a conservative? That, in itself, is an oxymoron.
      I’ve never been and I know most of my conservative friends have never been involved in love-ins, guru worshiping or dope trips. We left that to the leftist democrats.
      Just look at academia, today, those SOB’s who are still controlling the minds of the young. They are all left over from those days.
      Say what you may. I’m a proud constitutional conservative and I know that Trump has never qualified as one and I still claim he is a democrat through and through, just like the other New Yorker Michael Bloomberg, who once upon a time claimed he was a republican too. What a joke!