Monday News Executive Summary

Jordan Candler  Coronavirus

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL: Coronavirus brings life in the U.S. to a grinding halt as federal and local governments work to stop spread (Fox News)

SOCIAL DISTANCING: CDC urges halting gatherings of 50 people or more (The Washington Post)

“YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY SO MUCH”: Trump calls on Americans to cease hoarding food and supplies (AP)

NEAR-ZERO BENCHMARK RATE: Fed takes emergency steps to slash rates and ease bank rules (AP)

“I FULLY SUPPORT H.R. 6201:” House approves coronavirus relief bill, after urging from Trump, in 363-40 vote (Fox News)

ELECTION FALLOUT: Georgia joins Louisiana in delaying presidential primaries over coronavirus fears (The Guardian)

FOR THE RECORD: Media downplayed swine-flu outbreak under swcumbag/liar-nObama (Issues & Insights)

Other Notables

UNDERSTANDABLE: Trump considering full pardon of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn (CNBC)

PANDERING: loose lips liar-Joe Biden pledges to pick a woman to be his running mate (CNBC)

END OF AN ERA: Bill Gates leaves Microsoft board (CNBC)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: COVID-19: Public health-policy responses (The Heritage Foundation)

POLICY: A fast, coordinated response to COVID-19 is essential (The Washington Post)

HUMOR: Latest numbers on coronavirus: 100% of world still under God’s control (The Babylon Bee)  ~The Patriot Post   

Israeli Research Center to Announce It Developed Coronavirus Vaccine, Sources Say

by Ido Efrati and Chaim Levinson{ } ~ Scientists at Israel’s Institute for Biological Research are expected to announce in the coming days that they have completed development of a vaccine for the new coronavirus COVID-19… According to medical sources, the scientists have recently had a significant breakthrough in understanding the biological mechanism and qualities of the virus, including better diagnostic capability, production of antibodies for those who already have the virus and development of a vaccine. The development process requires a series of tests and experiments that may last many months before the vaccination is deemed effective or safe to use. Asked about the development, the Defense Ministry said: “There has been no breakthrough in the efforts of the biological institute to find a vaccine for the coronavirus or to develop testing kits. The institute’s work is conducted according to an orderly work plan and it will take time. If and when there will be something to report, it will be done in an orderly fashion. The biological institute is a world-renowned research and development agency, which relies on experienced researchers and scientists with great knowledge and quality infrastructures. There are now more than 50 experienced scientists working at the institute on researching and developing a medical remedy for the virus.” The Institute for Biological Research, located in the central Israeli town of Nes Tziona, was established in 1952 as part of the Israel Defense Forces’ Science Corps, and later became a civilian organization. It is technically under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office, but is in close communication with the Defense Ministry. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu ordered the institute to devote resources to developing a vaccine for COVID-19 on February 1…  

US clinical trial for coronavirus vaccine to begin Monday

by ~ A clinical trial to evaluate a vaccine designed to protect against the new coronavirus will begin on Monday… the Associated Press reported, citing an unnamed US government official. The first participant in the trial, which is being funded by the National Institutes of Health and taking place at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle, will receive the experimental vaccine on Monday, the AP reported. It would take a year to 18 months to fully validate any potential vaccine, the AP added, citing public health officials.  Meanwhile Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing a vaccine themselves. Israeli scientists have, for the last four years, already been developing a vaccine against infectious bronchitis virus, which affects poultry. “Our basic concept was to develop the technology and not specifically a vaccine for this kind or that kind of virus,” said Dr. Chen Katz, MIGAL’s biotechnology group leader. After scientists sequenced the DNA of the novel coronavirus causing the current worldwide outbreak, the MIGAL The Galilee Research Institute researchers examined it and found that the poultry coronavirus has high genetic similarity to the human one, and that it uses the same infection mechanism, which increases the likelihood of achieving an effective human vaccine in a very short period of time, according to Katz.  

Trump tests negative for coronavirus, White House physician says

By Melissa Leon & Marisa Schultz{ } ~ President Trump’s coronavirus test came back negative, meaning he does not have the virus, according to the White House physician… “Last night after an in-depth discussion with the President regrading COVID-19 testing, he elected to proceed,” Dr. Sean Conley said in a release. “This evening I received confirmation that the test is negative.” “One week after having dinner with the Brazilian delegation in Mar-a-Lago, the President remains symptom-free,” he added. “I have been in daily contact with the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and White House Coronavirus Task Force, and we are encouraging the implementation of all their best practices for exposure reduction and transmission mitigation.”  Trump had revealed earlier Saturday that he took the coronavirus test and was awaiting the results. The New York Times was first to report that the president tested negative for COVID-19 on Saturday night. Before a briefing with the White House press corps, he said he had his temperature taken and was fine. Members of the press corps, officials and staff were also getting their temperature taken at the White House, a new precaution. “I also took the test,” Trump had said in the White House briefing room. “I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday. People were asking that I take the test.” Trump has been in contact with individuals who have later tested positive with COVID-19, sparking questions on whether the president should be hand-shaking, quarantined and tested.  

VIDEO:  .RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tested for coronavirus after symptoms

By Adam Shaw{ } ~ Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman  Ronna McDaniel has been tested for the coronavirus after experiencing a fever and flu-like symptoms… the organization said on Saturday. “Last night, Chairwoman McDaniel began experiencing a fever and flu-like symptoms, and she went to her local hospital in Michigan for treatment. Flu and strep tests were administered and came back negative,” Communications Director Michael Ahrens said. “Her doctor determined a test for COVID-19 was necessary given her symptoms,” he said. The RNC said it is contacting everyone she remembers coming into contact with recently, and she and her family are self-quarantining at home. The announcement from the RNC came shortly after President Trump announced he had taken the coronavirus test and was waiting for results. “I also took the test,” Trump said in the White House briefing room. “I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday, people were asking that I take the test.” Trump has been in contact with individuals who have later tested positive for COVID-19, sparking questions on whether or not the president should be hand-shaking, quarantined and tested. When asked about his temperature, Trump told reporters on his way out it was “totally normal.” Trump said his coronavirus test has been sent out to a lab and the results could take one or two days. Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday neither he nor his wife, Karen, have been tested because they don’t have the symptoms or contacts that would necessitate testing. With the president now tested, Pence signaled he’s reevaluating. “I’m going to speak to the White House physician right after this press briefing and Mrs. Pence and I would be more than happy to be tested,” Pence said.  


Coronavirus: Europe on Lockdown

by Soeren Kern{ } ~ Europe is now the epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic that has reached more than 45 countries on the continent… As of March 14, upwards of 42,000 people have tested positive for the disease, according to data from European health ministries. The so-called Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is spreading extremely fast: roughly 40,000 of the cases (95% of all cases) in Europe were confirmed during just the first 14 days of March. Italy is Europe’s worst-affected country, followed by Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland and Norway. In Europe as a whole, more than 1,600 people — 4.0% of those confirmed as having been infected — have died from COVID-19. In Italy, the lethality rate currently is 5.8%,  according to the Ministry of Health. As the scale of the unfolding crisis has come into view, European leaders have started to implement increasingly severe measures aimed at slowing the spread of the disease. The unprecedented restrictions on the movement of people, unimaginable only two weeks ago, is bringing life in Europe to a virtual standstill. In  Italy, the epicenter of Europe’s coronavirus outbreak, where more than 21,000 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 (as of March 14), Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ordered a nationwide lockdown. The quarantine of Europe’s third-most populous country, with 60 million inhabitants, bans non-essential travel to, from and within Italy; prohibits all public events; requires people to maintain a distance from each other of at least one meter (three feet); and shutters all bars, restaurants and shops (except for grocery stores and pharmacies). The “social distancing” measures so far have not slowed the spread of the disease: approximately half of all confirmed cases in Italy were diagnosed since the restrictions entered into effect on March 10. This implies that the nationwide lockdown may continue for more weeks…  

Georgia postpones presidential primaries over coronavirus fears

By Melissa Leon & Nick Givas{ } ~ Election officials in Georgia have postponed the March 24 presidential primaries over fears of the growing  coronavirus pandemic… Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced the delay on Saturday after Gov. Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency. “Events are moving rapidly and my highest priority is protecting the health of our poll workers, their families, and the community at large,” Raffensperger said in a statement. State officials will halt early voting, which began on March 2, and push the March 24 primary vote off until May 19, when other state primary elections are scheduled to be held, The Associated Press reported. Louisiana became the first state to push back its presidential primaries on Friday. The state postponed the April 4 vote due to concerns over the coronavirus. The primary — which includes mayoral races and local propositions, as well as the presidential ballot — will instead be held June 20, Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin announced at a news conference in Baton Rouge.    

GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik Harassed In A ‘Vicious, Vile, Sick Attack’ While Visiting Grocery Store

by Giancarlo Sopo{ } ~ Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), whose robust defense of President Donald Trump during the House impeachment inquiry helped make her a household name, was harassed at a grocery store on Saturday… The congresswoman for New York’s 21st district posted a hateful note that was posted on her car’s windshield, presumably written by a left-winger who recognized her. “Rot in hell FASCIST PIG,” the note read, according to a photo shared by Stefanik on Twitter. “My husband and I went grocery shopping this morning before district events and enjoyed chatting with constituents throughout the store,” Stefanik wrote. “This vile anonymous note was left on our car.”  The incident happened after Republicans have warned Democratic politicians and personalities against encouraging their supporters to target GOP officials in public. In July 2018, Rep. scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) told her supporters at a rally to confront Trump officials when they were out in public.  “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. We’ve got to get the children connected to their parents,” scumbag/mad-Waters said at the time. As Townhall noted, Stefanik asked her Democratic opponent, Tedra Cobb, to denounce the “hatred” directed at her. Cobb responded to Stefanik and while she described the note as “damaging and wrong,” she stopped short of condemning the anonymous author…   

Did Trump Quell the Panic?

Nate Jackson  

President Donald Trump addressed the nation last night to try to quell the panic surrounding  coronavirus. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The stock market, which officially entered “bear market” territory yesterday after losing 20% of its value this year, tanked again this morning. Its 11-year bull run is officially over. The NCAA announced its “March Madness” tournament will be played without fans present. The NBA suspended the rest of its season after a single player tested positive for the virus. Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife have contracted coronavirus. To quote Bill Murray from “Ghostbusters,” there are “cats and dogs living together — mass hysteria.”

But seriously, everyone should calm down.That was what Trump was trying to convey last night. His tone and remarks were largely spot on:Today, the World Health Organization officially announced that this is a global pandemic.We have been in frequent contact with our allies, and we are marshaling the full power of the federal government and the private sector to protect the American people.This is the most aggressive and comprehensive effort to confront a foreign virus in modern history. I am confident that by counting and continuing to take these tough measures, we will significantly reduce the threat to our citizens, and we will ultimately and expeditiously defeat this virus.From the beginning of time, nations and people have faced unforeseen challenges, including large-scale and very dangerous health threats. This is the way it always was and always will be. It only matters how you respond, and we are responding with great speed and professionalism.The president reassured the American people that his administration is taking solid efforts to combat a real threat — a threat that is particularly dangerous to the elderly and sick. He also recommended things that should be common sense: “For all Americans, it is essential that everyone take extra precautions and practice good hygiene. Each of us has a role to play in defeating this virus. Wash your hands, clean often-used surfaces, cover your face and mouth if you sneeze or cough, and, most of all, if you are sick or not feeling well, stay home.”Part of the panic today, however, is driven by Trump’s unfortunate lack of basic clarity on some really key details. That was nowhere more problematic than on Europe:To keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days. The new rules will go into effect Friday at midnight. These restrictions will be adjusted subject to conditions on the ground.There will be exemptions for Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings, and these prohibitions will not only apply to the tremendous amount of trade and cargo, but various other things as we get approval. Anything coming from Europe to the United States is what we are discussing. These restrictions will also not apply to the United Kingdom.Trump’s comments — in a prepared speech — were so unclear that he took to Twitter to clarify: “Very important for all countries & businesses to know that trade will in no way be affected by the 30-day restriction on travel from Europe. The restriction stops people not goods.” The administration was also forced to clarify that only foreigners, not returning Americans, would be banned from traveling here.Businesses depend upon certainty, and Trump accomplished just the opposite with that portion of the speech.Another blunder was his claim that health-insurance companies “agreed to waive all copayments for coronavirus treatments.” Actually, what they agreed to was waiving fees for testing.Those quibbles aside, the Trump administration’s  actions have been laudable. No president can stop the spread of a virus. He can effectively manage the federal response, and, outside of testing failures, Trump is doing that.Democrats, on the other hand, can’t believe their luck. As usual, they’re exploiting a crisis for political gain. Trump is right that our “vast economic prosperity gives us flexibility, reserves, and resources to handle any threat that comes our way,” but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt or that Democrats won’t make the pain worse to increase their chances in November.In any case, the president’s final words truly resonated. “No nation is more prepared or more resilient than the United States,” he said. “We have the best economy, the most advanced healthcare, and the most talented doctors, scientists, and researchers anywhere in the world. We are all in this together. We must put politics aside, stop the partisanship, and unify together as one nation and one family. As history has proven time and time again, Americans always rise to the challenge and overcome adversity.”Finally, he noted, “Our future remains brighter than anyone can imagine. Acting with compassion and love, we will heal the sick, care for those in need, help our fellow citizens, and emerge from this challenge stronger and more unified than ever before.”   ~The Patriot Post  


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