Monday News Executive Summary

Media Editors:  Above the Fold

MIDWEEK VOTE: Senators will vote Wednesday to acquit Trump (USA Today)

KEEP AMERICA GREAT: Trump’s great Alice Johnson Super Bowl ad reminds us he deserves major credit for criminal-justice reform (Washington Examiner)

A BLIND SQUIRREL FINDS A NUT: NFL airs patriotic tribute to the American flag during Super Bowl (The Daily Wire)

Government & Politics

LIES, DAMNED LIES, AND STATISTICS: Michael Bloomberg’s claim about “children” killed by “gun violence” is off by 73% (Reason)

INDIVIDUAL-MANDATE UPDATE: Fifth Circuit declines to rehear scumbag/liar-nObamaCare severability case en banc (Reason)

CORRUPTION: worthless-Ilhan Omar paid additional $215,000 from campaign coffers to alleged boyfriend’s firm (The Washington Free Beacon)

INTRAPARTY SQUABBLE, PART I: 2020 Democrats slam party rule change that could let Bloomberg debate (Washington Examiner)

INTRAPARTY SQUABBLE, PART II: scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton blames commie-Bernie Sanders for disunity in Democrat Party (Washington Examiner)

Other Notables

“FOREIGN NATION[S] … MUST SATISFY BASIC SECURITY CONDITIONS”: Trump expands travel ban to six new countries (The Washington Times)

DESPITE THE BAN ON “POINTY KNIVES”: Just-freed terrorist killed by cops after London stabbing spree (The Daily Beast)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: The coronavirus is a big economic deal (American Enterprise Institute)

POLICY: Why American scientists take Chinese money (National Review)

HUMOR: Time to panic? More Chinese restaurants handing out fortune cookies that just say “Death by coronavirus” (The Babylon Bee)  ~The Patriot Post       

Massachusetts man has coronavirus, state health officials say; US cases rise to 8

By Paulina Dedaj { } ~ Health officials said Saturday that a man in  Massachusetts has been infected with the coronavirus… after returning from a recent trip to China, bringing the overall reported cases in the United States to eight. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health received confirmation late Friday evening that a Boston man in his early 20s contracted the illness after returning from Wuhan, the Chinese city of more than 11 million people where the virus is believed to have originated from sometime in December. Officials said the man sought medical treatment soon after he returned to the U.S., although it was not immediately clear when this was. The patient has been isolated since and anyone who came in contact with him is also being monitored for symptoms. “We are grateful that this young man is recovering and sought medical attention immediately,’’ Massachusetts Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel said in a news release. “Massachusetts has been preparing for a possible case of this new coronavirus, and we were fortunate that astute clinicians took appropriate action quickly. Again, the risk to the public from the 2019 novel coronavirus remains low in Massachusetts.” News of the latest case comes just one day after the seventh case of coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a news release Friday that a California man was diagnosed with the illness after returning from Wuhan. The adult male, a resident of Santa Clara County, was traveling to China where he visited Wuhan and Shanghai before returning to the U.S. on Jan. 24 where he became ill, KNTV reported. According to the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, the man then visited a local clinic and hospital but was “never sick enough to require hospitalization.” Health officials say the man is in stable condition and is “self-isolating” at home where he has reportedly remained since feeling any symptoms – aside from leaving to seek medical care. “We understand that this news may be concerning, but based on what we know today, the risk to residents of our community remains low,” Dr. Sara Cody, health officer with Santa Clara County, said… How about the people on the plane?  


Why Are Liberal Cities Such a Mess?

By Steve Feinstein{ } ~ Many major U.S. cities run by liberal Democrats are in rough shape. They are afflicted by the problems of homelessness, violent crime, gangs, and unemployment to a far greater degree than the country as a whole… Consider the following: Chicago’s violence and gang-related drug problems are well-known. What’s less well-known is that the city hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1927. The city’s finances — like most Democratically-run major cities — are in shambles. At the end of 2015, according to a 2017 report by the Fiscal Times, Chicago had assets of just $4.7 billion against liabilities of more than $14 billion, a funded ratio of barely 33%. The homeless population in Los Angeles has risen from a staggering 33,000 in 2010 to over 55,000 in 2018. The city — already dominated by a liberal super-majority of legislators — has just recently pushed through massive local tax increases designed to address the homeless crisis. San Francisco actually has maps so people can track where the worst incidences of human waste are on the sidewalks. The homeless population now approaches 7000 and there is no law prohibiting sleeping on the streets, sidewalks, or other public places. Discarded syringes are everywhere. San Francisco’s property crime rate is the highest in the nation and “smash and grab” thefts involving broken car windows are so commonplace that repair shops have waiting lists. The DA’s office no longer prosecutes “victimless” crimes like prostitution or drug possession, resulting in a massive influx of drug dealers into the city.  Frighteningly similar situations exist is nearly every other major Democrat-run city, all around the nation: In New York City, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Hartford, CT, Newark, Philadelphia and on and on, the story follows the same pattern: Homelessness, high crime, underwater finances, soft policing, lax immigration control often sanctuary cities, high taxes, and business-averse regulations. It’s a guaranteed formula for failure…  

IDF strikes terror targets at Gaza Strip after rockets fired at Israel

By ANNA AHRONHEIM{ } ~ IDF forces struck terror targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday night, following at least two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip that struck southern Israel… according to the IDF Spokesperson Unit. “The IAF struck several outposts of the Hamas terror group in response to rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip,” the report stated. According to Palestinian reports, the IDF caused damage to Hamas outposts but no casualties were reported. The rockets were fired while tensions remain high over the release of US President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century.” Incoming rocket sirens were activated in the communities of Sufa and Nir Yizhak, and a statement by the Eshkol Regional Council said that a rocket landed in an open area, causing no damage or injuries. Two hours earlier, sirens sounded in the college town of Sderot. The IDF said that the projectile was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. According to unconfirmed reports, shrapnel from the interceptor landed on a home in Sderot; there were no injuries reported.   The rocket fire comes several hours after three mortar shells were fired from the coastal enclave, leading an IDF tank to fire a shell at a Hamas observation post in the southern Strip. One of the mortar shells was intercepted by Iron Dome; the other two landed in open areas. Also on Friday, the Palestinian Red Crescent reported that 14 Palestinians were injured, including 10 by live fire, in violent clashes with IDF troops taking place along the border fence…  

A General’s View of Why US Should Stay in Afghanistan

by Allison Schuster{ } ~ Despite overtures from the Taliban and declining interest among Americans, it is essential that the United States remain in Afghanistan… retired Army Gen. Jack Keane said this week at a Heritage Foundation event. Over the past 18 years, Keane said, the U.S. has made tremendous progress at preventing another attack on the U.S. from al-Qaeda originating from Afghanistan. But military withdrawal now, he said, would have extremely negative consequences. Keane also said his politically astute sources in Afghanistan say the Taliban, the fundamentalist Islamic military organization that used to control the country, wouldn’t win a single district in the event of an election. “The people absolutely do not want them because they’re living under their boot,” Keane said of the Taliban. “They’re living under their tyranny. They’re living under the fact that they can’t educate their children.” The U.S. first took military action in Afghanistan in response to the attacks of 9/11, when Keane became the first senior military leader to go after the Taliban, which had been in power since 1996 and provided a haven to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terror network. In the event Tuesday at Heritage, “Making the Case for America’s Mission in Afghanistan,” Keane detailed military successes and his recommendations for the future. Although Taliban leaders say they want to negotiate, the threat that  terrorist groups al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, or ISIS, would use the nation as a safe space to grow is too great to trust negotiations, he said…  


ACU Tells rino-Mitt Romney He’s Not Allowed At CPAC Because of His Vote For More Witnesses

by Jeff Dunetz{ } ~ At the end of February this year, like every year, I’ll be to our nation’s capital for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)…. There I will be meeting with other conservative media personalities, and activists. We will be swamped with politicians trying to get our attention for a blog post or a radio appearance. One politician who won’t be there will be rino-Mitt Romney. Matt Schlapp, the Chairman of the American Conservative Union, the organization that runs CPAC, thanked rino-Romney for his vote to call additional witnesses to the Senate impeachment trial by inviting the Senator to stay the heck away from his conference. rino-Romney was one of two Republicans who joined 47 Democrats to smack President Trump and other conservatives supporting the motion for more unnecessary witnesses, which thankfully failed to pass on Friday.’ rino-Romney had been at CPAC before.  In 2012, he came to CPAC to beg conservatives to support him for the GOP nomination. After his loss, rino-Romney didn’t need conservatives anymore, so he returned to his liberal roots. Well.. except for when he begged Trump to be his secretary of state, and when he begged Utah conservatives for their support to run for Senate. Since he became a senator, rino-Romney has gone out of his way to be a thorn in President Trump’s side because he claims not to like the president’s rhetoric and style. But it was Trump’s rhetoric and style that prevented him from becoming a loser in 2016 like rino-Romney was in 2012. But what really made rino-Romney a loser was that he only acts like a conservative when it is politically expedient. Today he voted like a Democrat to extend the senate trial. As the president’s acquittal is all but guaranteed, the only reason for rino-Romney’s vote was to hurt President Trump and his conservative followers…    

scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff and John Profumo A Tale of Two Liars

By Michael } ~  I’m an over-the-road truck driver. That means I have lots of time to indulge myself in activities not given to ordinary mortals, such as listening gavel-to-gavel to the Senate’s impeachment process still in progress as of this writing… Most ordinary mortals do not enjoy (?) this luxury, because they have lives of their own: things like home, family, hobbies, jobs that don’t permit radio or TV listening. But me, I’m a captive audience in my truck, so if I feel like listening, then listening is what I do. It makes the miles go by. In the course of my tuning in to the feed from the impeachment hearings, I caught House manager Congressman scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff telling a huge whopper: that he doesn’t know who the “whistleblower” is. That is the individual whose machinations and contacts with scumbag/liar-Schiff’s Intelligence Committee touched off the entire impeachment business. scumbag/liar-Schiff is asserting that he still, to this day, does not know who this individual is. This is a lie. There is no way that scumbag/liar-Schiff cannot have known exactly who the “whistleblower” is, and have known it for nearly three years now. In scumbag/liar-Schiff’s case, it is only the latest in a career of lies, which is well documented. A partial litany would include the contradictory stories he has told about his office’s contacts with the “whistleblower,” his claims to have conclusive evidence proving that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians which were blown apart by the Muller Report, and his claim that the FBI didn’t use the absurd Steele Dossier as its justification to the FISA Court to surveil Carter Page. This time, scumbag/liar-Schiff raised his lies to a whole new level, by repeating his lie inside the halls of Congress. And he did it not once, but three times: once in his own Intelligence Committee and at least twice to the Senate during the question-and-answer phase. scumbag/liar-Schiff’s assertion isn’t perjury, since scumbag/liar-Schiff wasn’t under oath when he made these declarations. But since he repeated these lies in the halls of Congress, and in the most solemn setting possible, it is the next thing to it. It is a lie that was made at the very highest levels of state. Something similar happened in the United Kingdom in 1963: the Profumo Affair. John Profumo was secretary of state for war in the Conservative Government of Prime Minister Harold MacMillan. In 1961, he ran afoul of a British showgirl and presumable prostitute, Christine Keeler, embarking on an affair with her lasting a few months. Keeler was also the mistress of a British osteopath and of the senior Soviet naval attaché, which compromised Profumo. When questioned about the affair in the House of Commons, Profumo disgraced himself by lying about it in that he denied the affair. Unheard of! In Britain, lying to Parliament is considered to be one of the worst crimes a person can commit. When Profumo was caught, he had to leave Her Majesty’s Government in disgrace, in 1963. The blowback led to the downfall of the MacMillan government and its replacement by the Labor Government of Harold Wilson in 1964… https://www.  

loose lips liar-Joe Biden Must Explain His Ukraine Dealings

Betsy McCaughey

Democrats impeached President Donald Trump for putting his own political fortunes ahead of the national interest in dealing with Ukraine. But it’s loose lips liar-Joe Biden who should be in the hot seat for that.Trump is criticized for a July 25 phone call, when he asked the president of Ukraine for help investigating what loose lips liar-Joe Biden did, as vice president, to get a prosecutor there fired. loose lips liar-Biden’s son was on the payroll of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, targeted by authorities.Democrats claim it was wrong to ask for the investigation. Trump’s defense lawyers say there was every reason to ask. The evidence backs them up.It’s not just the $1 million a year that Burisma paid loose lips liar-Biden’s son Hunter, with no energy or Ukrainian expertise. That’s small potatoes.The question is what did Burisma get in return? The scumbag/liar-nObama administration forked over $53 million in American taxpayer money to assist the Ukrainian energy industry. The public should know how much Burisma and its related ventures may have gotten.Biden should also have to answer for the $20 million in taxpayer-funded loans that went to his Delaware pal John Hynansky to launch a luxury car dealership in Ukraine selling Porsches, Land Rovers and other high-ticket vehicles. None were made in the U.S. Hynansky had made large donations to loose lips liar-Biden’s campaigns. Later he would loan $500,000 to loose lips liar-Biden’s brother James, who was behind on mortgage payments and owed more than $590,000 in back taxes.Democrats and media allies are adamant that loose lips liar-Joe Biden’s dealings in Ukraine are irrelevant to Trump’s impeachment. Not so, if loose lips liar-Biden used taxpayer money as his personal piggy bank to help his son and his car dealer pal.On that July 25 call, Trump did the right thing asking about Burisma, especially when $391 million more in taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine was about to go out the door.The chronology of the loose lips liar-Bidens’ transactions raises serious questions:April 15, 2014: Burisma sends Hunter Biden’s business partner, Devon Archer, $112,000.April 16, 2014: Archer visits Vice President loose lips liar-Biden at the White House.April 21, 2014: Vice President loose lips liar-Biden arrives in Ukraine bearing millions in aid for the Ukraine energy industry.May 12, 2014: Hunter Biden joins Burisma’s board.February 2015: Ukrainian authorities seize the property of Burisma’s CEO and go after unpaid taxes.March 2016: loose lips liar-Biden demands that Ukraine’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, be fired, and threatens to hold up $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees.loose lips liar-Biden even bragged about telling the Ukrainians “if the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.” That’s the kind of quid pro quo of which Trump is accused, only loose lips liar-Biden did it, and it’s on tape.The loose lips liar-Biden campaign claims the vice president demanded Shokin’s dismissal for being soft on corruption, and the media gladly parrot that claim. It defies common sense.Though accounts vary about how aggressively Shokin investigated Burisma, Shokin himself is clear. In an email to The Washington Post, he blamed Vice President loose lips liar-Biden for getting him axed, saying that loose lips liar-Biden’s “motives” were “the activities of Hunter Biden, and the investigators on his tail.”Data from the United States Aid for International Development show that the scumbag/liar-nObama administration sent $1.28 billion in aid to Ukraine in 2014 to 2016. loose lips liar-Biden, the administration’s point person for Ukraine, should be held accountable for how the money was used or misused.“Profiles in Corruption,” a new book by Peter Schweizer, documents how loose lips liar-Biden’s family and friends leveraged his position to cash in with deals in China, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Latin America. loose lips liar-Joe Biden’s suspect dealings in Ukraine were not out of character. The loose lips liar-Biden motto appears to be that a family that “takes” together stays together.Democrats insist claims of loose lips liar-Biden wrongdoing are “discredited” and “without evidence.” That doesn’t pass the smell test.Americans have seen the transcripts of Trump’s calls with the Ukrainians. Let’s see loose lips liar-Biden’s call records with the Ukrainians.If the Senators decide to call witnesses, loose lips liar-Joe Biden should be on the top of the list.  ~The Patriot Post  


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