Monday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors: IRAN’S PROXY WAR: “The rocket that exploded Sunday outside the U.S. embassy in Baghdad is of a design trafficked by Iran and used by Middle Eastern terrorist groups,” the Washington Examiner reveals. This follows a recent Guardian report revealing that “Iran’s most prominent military leader has recently met Iraqi militias in Baghdad and told them to ‘prepare for proxy war.’”

SHOT ACROSS THE BOW: “President Trump threatened to destroy Iran in a tweet sent in the wake of reports that a rocket was fired into Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone less than a mile away from the US Embassy. ‘If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!,’ Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon.” (New York Post)

TARIFFS EASED: “The United States agreed Friday to lift its tariffs on industrial metals from Mexico and Canada, clearing a major obstacle to congressional passage of President Trump’s new North American trade deal.” (The Washington Post)

REBUFFING THE WITCH HUNTERS: “The Treasury Department said Friday that it would not comply with congressional subpoenas to provide six years of President Donald Trump’s tax returns.” (NBC News)

IMPENDING SUPREME COURT RULINGS: ABC News lists “11 Supreme Court cases with imminent decisions.”

MORE LEFTIST ANGUISH: “Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison won re-election on Saturday, stunning pollsters who had anticipated his defeat for several months. Morrison championed working-class economic stability during his campaign, and his victory is part of a populist trend, which now stretches across the U.S., Brazil, Hungary and Italy.” (NPR)

PRO-LIFE UPDATE #1: “The Missouri House on Friday approved a restrictive abortion bill that would ban abortions after the eighth week of pregnancy… The bill was passed by the Senate on Thursday, and now with approval from the House goes to Republican Gov. Mike Parson, who is expected to sign it.” (Fox News)

PRO-LIFE UPDATE #2: “Bucking many members of his party, Louisiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards says he’ll sign an abortion restriction bill that comes to his desk should it clear the state Legislature. The ‘heartbeat bill’ would restrict abortions after a heartbeat is detected in the fetus, which is about six weeks into a pregnancy. The bill faces one final vote in the state House.” (USA Today)

FAKE FAMILIES: “In a pilot program, approximately 30% of rapid DNA tests of immigrant adults who were suspected of arriving at the southern border with children who weren’t theirs revealed the adults were not related to the children.” (Washington Examiner)

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: “Men are scared of women now. and SurveyMonkey’s new #MentorHer poll reveals Friday that 60% of male managers report feeling ‘too nervous’ about being accused of harassment to interact with women in ‘common workplace’ activities such as mentoring, socializing and one-on-one meetings.” (New York Post)

POLICY: The merit of merit-based immigration (National Review)

POLICY: The “death threat” to Huawei: A step forward (American Enterprise Institute)

HUMOR: Groundbreaking new late show to exclusively make fun of conservatives (The Babylon Bee)

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Law Professor Warns Dems Going After AG Barr, ‘You Are Heading Into a World of Hurt’

by Jack Davis

{ } ~ House Democrats received a warning Wednesday that waging war against Attorney General William Barr for not giving in to their demands will be a huge mistake… Last week, the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Barr in contempt of Congress because Barr has refused to give Congress a fully unredacted version of special counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller’s report. On Wednesday, constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor, testified before the committee on issues related to executive privilege and congressional oversight. Turley warned Democrats against continuing their quest to get their hands on the full dirty cop-Mueller report. “You are heading into a world of hurt if you go to the D.C. Circuit,” Turley said, according to Fox News. Turley said that Barr is prevented by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure from disclosing secret grand jury information that has been redacted in the dirty cop-Mueller report. The D.C. Circuit, which would hear any case Democrats pursue against Barr, recently ruled in the case of McKeever v. Barr that, outside of specific exceptions outlined in what is known as Rule 6(e), courts cannot order the release of grand jury information.“There’s no question that he cannot release this Rule 6(e) information,” Turley said, adding that Barr’s position is “unassailable.” “I encourage you not to push that button because my guess is that it will create new precedent, and you wouldn’t like it,” he said, according to The Washington Times…


Barack scumbag/liar-Obama Knew scumbag-James Comey Was Going to Blackmail the incoming President of the United States

by Former US Attorney Joe di Genova joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night on the Justice with Judge Jeanine show… Pirro and di Genova discussed the recent developments in the spygate scandal. Joe di Genova pointed out that the current FBI Director Christopher Wray is “an empty suit” and an “embarrassmemnt” to the agency. Judge Jeanine then added that she knew the first time that he testified before Congress that he was an empty suit. Di Genova then went on to pummel scumbag-James Comey, “Here’s the thing. scumbag-James Comey is talking because he is delusional… He believes nothing will happen to him. He is a very, very, very strange man.”And before the segment ended Joe di Genova dropped this bomb on Barack scumbag/liar-nObama.



NY Gov scumbag-Cuomo Bans Pipelines…Now, NY is Out of Gas

by Michael Bastasch

{} ~ The northeastern U.S.’s largest supplier of natural gas stopped processing new customer applications in New York City and Long Island… after the scumbag-Cuomo administration blocked a major pipeline project. The moratorium is the second to hit New Yorkers in 2019 as a result of Democratic Gov. scumbag-Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to natural gas pipelines needed to meet growing demand in the state and New England.“We are not processing new applications for any new customers,” National Grid New York President John Bruckner said Thursday. “We’ll continue to receive requests for service, but we’re not processing them.” New York officials rejected a water permit application for the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline project Thursday, claiming it would “result in water quality violations” as currently planned. For many observers, the rejection wasn’t much of a surprise. scumbag-Cuomo wants the state to adopt his version of the Green New Deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions and end fossil fuel use. The 24-mile pipeline would run from New Jersey to New York Bay through Raritan Bay. National Grid, a regional power and gas provider, said it would be forced to impose a moratorium if the pipeline isn’t approved…


Hezbollah Agent in NY Convicted of Terror Offenses

by An Hezbollah agent in NY was found guilty of eight counts relating to terrorism, sanctions and immigration offenses… Ali Kourani, a naturalized citizen living in the Bronx, was working for the Lebanese terror group and was part of a secret unit that plans and carries out terror attacks on foreign soil. Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy group, is one of the most powerful terrorist organizations in the world. “Ali Kourani was recruited, trained, and deployed by Hezbollah’s Islamic Jihad Organization to plan and execute acts of terrorism in the United States,” United States attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman said. “Kourani’s chilling mission was to help procure weapons and gather intelligence about potential targets in the US for future Hezbollah terrorist attacks.” Kourani, who emigrated to the U.S. in 2003, admitted to the FBI in 2016 and 2017 that he was a “sleeper” agent of Hezbollah’s Islamic Jihad carrying out “black ops” for Hezbollah and “the Iranians.” Kourani began training for Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2000 when he was only 16-years old. Under questioning by the FBI, he explained he was accepted by Hezbollah because his family is connected to a top official in the terrorist group. He said one of his brothers is the “face of Hezbollah” and boasted that his family’s name is like the “Bin Laden’s of Lebanon.” Still, he was able to slip through. Yet in 2003 two years after the 9/11 attacks, after lying about his connections to terrorism, he was allowed to enter the U.S. where he became a student. In 2008, he then joined Hezbollah’s Islamic Jihad branch…


A Reasonable Definition of ‘Pro-Choice’

by Don Boys

{ } ~ I’m a definite, determined, and devoted pro-choice fundamental Baptist! I believe that a woman has a right, responsibility, and requirement to choose: a choice to keep her knees together or rear a child… That personal, practical, and profound choice would solve most of the abortion problems. I told a young woman who had 13 children, all supported by taxpayers on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show where we were both guests that she would be much better off if she had spent more time in the vertical position, standing on her own two feet, than in a horizontal position. She looked at me blankly, not understanding what I said. While it is commendable that she did not choose abortion that would have eliminated her income, she obviously did not choose to keep her knees together. Is it possible, dare I say it, that the young woman did not know why a baby seemed to pop out every nine months or so? Sex, one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity, can be misused, as in prostitution, pedophilia, perversion same-sex “marriage”, polygamy (multiple wives), polyandry (multiple husbands), and polyamory (simultaneous and mutual sexual relationships). I began my first book, Liberalism: A Rope of Sand, in 1979 with this shocking incident: Professor L.R. Agnew, of the UCLA School of Medicine, posed this set of circumstances to his students: “Here is the family history. The father has syphilis; the mother has TB. They have already had four children. The first one is blind; the second one died. Third is deaf. The fourth has TB. The mother is pregnant with her fifth child. The parents are willing to have an abortion if you decide they should. What do you think?”…


Emerald Trash HeapChristopher F. Rufo

{ } ~ Over the past few years, Seattle has become a dumping ground for millions of pounds of garbage, needles, feces, and biohazardous waste, largely emanating from the hundreds of homeless encampments that have sprouted across the city. Now, the Emerald City is on the verge of a full-blown public-health crisis. Last year saw a 400 percent increase in HIV infections among mostly homeless addicts and prostitutes in the city’s northern corridor. Public-health officials are sounding the alarms about the return of diseases like typhus, tuberculosis, and trench fever. Even the region’s famed mussels and clams have tested positive for opioids.

While anyone who travels through Seattle can see the trash and litter along the roadside and green spaces, I wanted to understand the scale of the problem with more quantitative precision. Last month, I requested from the city all public complaints about trash, needles, tents, feces, and biohazardous waste from 2018. I then geocoded each complaint to create a data visualization that I call the Great Seattle Trash Map. The map documents more than 19,000 citizen complaints, from mundane reports of abandoned appliances to more serious pleas to clean up dangerous waste. Each data point on the map demonstrates that homeless encampments, opioid addiction, and mental illness have created significant disorder in almost every corner of Seattle.

Only a few years ago, while Jenny Durkan, now mayor, was campaigning for office on a centrist policy platform, city government responded to growing public discontent and made an honest effort to clean up the streets. From 2017 to 2018, municipal cleanup crews picked up 8.6 million pounds of trash from illegal homeless encampments. Since then, however, the numbers have fallen off dramatically, partly because of pressure from activists to “stop the sweeps” of homeless encampments, which they call inhumane and unconstitutional. In the first four months of this year, municipal crews have cleaned up only eight sites.

Rather than take additional steps to remove illegal encampments, officials have chosen to accept, and even enable, them. The city council recently launched a pilot program to offer weekly garbage-pickup services to ten of the more than 400 encampments, promoting the illusion that these illegal tent cities are just like any other neighborhood. The program has been a failure. According to a Seattle Times report, campers returned only 26 percent of the trash bags that the city distributed and “even some of the ones returned had been ripped apart by people looking for needles with a bit of heroin left.”

Last year, despite overwhelming evidence that homeless encampments were generating enormous quantities of garbage, the city council considered making it illegal for non-homeless Seattle residents to dump trash in the encampments. Local politicians are so committed to representing the homeless as victims that they’ve invented a new crime: middle-class residents “framing” the homeless by dumping garbage in their camps. Unfortunately for activists and their city-government enablers, it’s becoming harder to explain away the thousands of tons of garbage, needles, tents, and feces that blanket much of the city.

As the trash map reveals, a solution is possible. Seattle’s most elite neighborhoods—Madison Park, Broadmoor, Laurelhurst, and Windermere—have avoided the garbage plague. Neighbors in these enclaves have pushed back against tent encampments and, in some cases, hired private security firms to implement what is, in effect, localized Broken Windows policing. These neighborhoods logged almost no complaints in all of 2018.

Seattle’s leaders should give the rest of the city’s neighborhoods the same kind of protection. With 10,000 employees, the city could easily mobilize the resources to clean up public spaces. If the political leadership was serious about reducing public disorder, it would enforce the law against public camping and begin a campaign to clean up the streets. Every time an Amazon engineer steps over a clutch of needles or a mother shuffles her children around a tent encampment, public patience with the status quo erodes. Seattle’s liberal moderates need to wake up and demand that city government meet one of its fundamental responsibilities: picking up the trash.  


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