Monday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Trump casts doubt on seeing a budget deal that he’d accept (Associated Press)

Trump signs bill to end partial government shutdown (Fox News)

Pulosi: State of the Union still isn’t happening (Townhall)

scumbag-Schumer on the shutdown ending: “Hopefully now the president has learned his lesson” (Fox News)

Shutdown denies $5.7 billion border wall while costing America $40 billion (The Daily Wire)

U.S. delays returning asylum seekers to Mexico (Agence France-Presse)

Caravan 2.0: The numbers are massive, even by Mexico’s count (Townhall)

HHS moves to protect religious liberty in adoptions, foster care (The Washington Free Beacon)

Roger Stone indictment underscores that there was no Trump-Russia conspiracy (National Review)

lowlife-Kamala Harris draws bigger crowd than scumbag/liar-nObama for launch of White House bid (Washington Examiner)

British newspaper agrees to pay Melania Trump “substantial damages” over false reporting (The Daily Wire)

U.S., Taliban agree to preliminary peace framework (The Hill)

Venezuela’s Maduro rejects election ultimatum as U.S. envoy defects to opposition leader (NBC News)

Humor: Statement by Pinocchio rated four commie-Ocasio-Cortezes (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: Helpful reforms are on the way at Veterans Affairs (Washington Examiner)

Policy: The “Green New Deal” is a prescription for poverty (Washington Examiner)

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Jack Dorsey Falsely Claims Twitter Is Not An ‘Arbiter Of Truth’

by Madeline Osburn

{} ~ In an interview with Rolling Stone this month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was asked how his company is addressing harassment and false information across their platform… His response? “We can’t be arbiters of truth.” And yet, Twitter employees act as the self-appointed arbiters of truth everyday. Dorsey even acknowledged that he has a team of humans, not bots, whose job is to decide what is “misleading” and to curate posts as they see fit. “The question we’re now asking ourselves is, if that is indeed misleading, how do we stop its spread? We can amplify the counter-narrative. We do have a curation team that looks to find balance,” he said. Dorsey does not compute that by amplifying counter-narratives and in relying on his team’s idea of balance, he is indeed acting as an arbiter of his own version of truth. Here are just a few of the blaring instances when Twitter has established “their truth.”…



Marc Elias Redistricting Map Picked by Virginia Court Could Flip Control to Dems

by Joe Schoffstall

{} ~ Virginia judges picked a redistricting map this week supported by Democratic super lawyer Marc Elias that favors his party and could cost Republicans control of the House of Delegates in the state this year… Elias, a partner at the Washington, D.C., office of the Perkins Coie law firm who recently signed on to act as the top lawyer for lowlife-Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign, in 2015 brought a redistricting lawsuit on behalf of a group of African Americans. Judges would rule that lawmakers had pushed them into 11 districts. A series of redistricting proposals were submitted, and Elias’s was ultimately selected by Virginia’s Eastern District Court. “In Virginia, the Federal Court in the long-running state house redistricting case has ordered the special master to adopt the alternative-map configuration we advocated,” Elias said. “We are one important step closer to the end of the GOP’s racial gerrymander.” Republicans currently hold a 51 to 48 advantage over Democrats in the state’s House of Delegates and all 100 seats are up for election this year. The map could flip five to six districts currently held by Republicans, the Martinsville Bulletin notes…


scumbag-Adam Schiff Sends HPSCI Witness Transcripts to dirty cop-Robert Mueller, Does Not Release Publicly

by sundance

{} ~ This is a key tell and completely irreconcilable by those who work for Epoch Times news organization… who continually claim that Rod Rosenstein and dirty cop-Robert Mueller are working earnestly toward the cause of justice. Last September 2018, HPSCI Republican Chairman Devin Nunes asked the DOJ to review, for declassification purposes, all witness transcripts and release them to the public. However, the DOJ and FBI refused to release the transcripts. Three months later, December 2018, the joint Oversight and Judiciary Committee also requested their witness transcripts from their committee be released. Both requests were denied. The House Intelligence Committee will release all transcripts of interviews in its probe of Russian election interference to the special counsel’s office, its Democratic chairman said on Friday after Roger Stone, a longtime ally of President Donald Trump, was charged with lying to Congress. “This is now the second witness who has been indicted for or plead guilty to making false statements in testimony before our Committee,” Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff said in a statement. “The first order of business for the Committee will be to release all remaining transcripts to the Special Counsel’s Office, and we will continue to follow the facts wherever they lead.” scumbag-Schiff and scumbag-Elijah Cummings, the chairman of the House oversight committee, said on Wednesday they expect Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to testify before both panels, despite his decision to postpone his Feb. 7 appearance, citing threats against his family from Trump…


Iran Is Still on Its Way to Getting Nukes

by Aaron Kliegman

{} ~ On July 14, 2015, the day when several world powers struck the Iran nuclear deal, then-President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama triumphantly touted his administration’s crowning foreign policy achievement… “Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off,” he said. “Because of this deal, Iran will not produce the highly enriched uranium and weapons-grade plutonium that form the raw materials necessary for a nuclear bomb.” Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, apparently did not get the memo. Speaking to Iran’s Channel 4 on Tuesday, Salehi made several revealing comments that belie scumbag/liar-nObama’s maximalist statements about the nuclear deal—officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA. His remarks, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, should concern anyone worried about a murderous Islamist theocracy obtaining the world’s most destructive weapons. “Iran has lost nothing as a result of signing the agreement, and history will prove this,” Salehi said. “We have preserved our capabilities in the field of enrichment. We are providing products for other industries and are continuing to manufacture new centrifuges. We are doing everything we need to do.” Salehi described how the Iranian regime circumvented a section of the deal that explicitly requires Tehran to remove the reactor core at its Arak nuclear facility in central Iran, and then to fill its tubes with cement so the facility cannot be used to pursue a plutonium path to a bomb. Iran’s nuclear chief explained that Tehran secretly acquired and stored replacement tubes, noting that only Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, knew about the decision… Iran deceived scumbag/liar-nObama and hanoi-Kerry and they bough it.


Finally, US policy is getting it right on Venezuela

by Roger F. Noriega

{} ~ Venezuelans who take to the streets today to reclaim their freedom from a narco dictatorship may finally have a fighting chance… The Trump administration’s unrelenting sanctions and an intense communications campaign — coupled with tough diplomatic pressure bolstered by Brazil’s new government — have ruled out any deals with Nicolas Maduro’s criminal regime. However, a popular uprising is a blunt instrument, and toppling Maduro is only a start. A smart, thorough US strategy is required to prevent wanton violence, uproot a dangerous criminal network, and put Venezuela’s economic recovery on the right track. Numerous times in the last five years, Maduro succeeded in crushing pro-democracy demonstrations with ruthless tactics. Tragically, on those occasions, corrupt generals sided with their paymaster instead of their people. Opposition politicians struck suspicious deals with the regime, and the international community — including the United States under President scumbag/liar-nObama — indulged the folly of negotiating with criminals. This time, led by National Security Advisor John Bolton, the Trump team is determined to liberate Venezuela. Maduro sealed his fate by staging a phony election last May and claiming a new term as president on January 10th. Key Latin American governments — led by Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, and the region’s “Lima Group” — categorically rejected Maduro’s legitimacy. Reflecting the hardline position of Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, key governments advocated a series of tough sanctions that are likely to be applied in the days ahead…


The Rapid Growth of Homeschooling

by Brian Mark Weber: It’s School Choice Week in America.

Unfortunately, many children are trapped in schools where they’re not only unsafe, but also unable to access a quality education. Sure, there are plenty of great public and private schools, but shouldn’t parents have more say in where and how their children are educated than to be stuck in the public school they’re zoned for?

Today there are plenty of stereotypical arguments against homeschooling, but the stigma that homeschooled children are introverted, narrow-minded, politically intolerant, or ill-prepared for college is being turned upside down by the facts.

Studies show that homeschooled children score higher on the SAT and ACT, the two standardized tests that most colleges and universities require for admission. At the same time, the scores of public-school students are dropping. As a result, colleges are more eager than ever to admit homeschooled students and in many cases actively seek them out.

Not only is homeschooling producing students ready to take on a college education, but these students are also arriving on campus as engaged and open-minded citizens. As David Cheng concludes in the Journal of School Choice, “Some have claimed that private schooling and homeschooling are institutions that propagate political intolerance by fostering separatism and an unwillingness to consider alternative viewpoints.” However, Cheng’s research reveals that “homeschooling is associated with more political tolerance.”

But what about the notion that homeschooled children are mainly from Christian families? The Pacific Standard reminds us, “Today’s homeschool advocates aren’t the Christian Right, trying to dismantle public education. Rather, they’re parents who don’t believe that the current school model is best, or enough, for their children.”

Of course, homeschooling simply isn’t a viable alternative for all families.

Mike McShane writes at Forbes, “For many families, the costs and obligations related to homeschooling are simply too burdensome. Some parents don’t have the confidence in their own abilities to teach every subject to their children. Others cannot devote themselves to homeschooling full-time. Perhaps most of all, many homeschooling families want their children to socialize with other children to learn how to share, cooperate and get along with others.”

Homeschooling may not be the best option for every student, and no one is suggesting that traditional methods of educating children don’t have merit. In fact, that’s just the point: Each child and family is different and deserves the opportunity for the right education model. The key is to make sure parents have the freedom and the flexibility to make choices that are best for their kids instead of being forced into a one-size-fits-all system.

One option that seems to be making its mark is known as hybrid schooling, a system in which children spend part of their time being educated in the home and the other part in a traditional classroom. This innovative idea is just one example of what great options parents could have if school choice initiatives were expanded across the country.

Despite some of the obstacles that parents face in deciding how and where to educate their children, the homeschooled numbers are increasing steadily. According to EdChoice’s Schooling in America survey, around 3% of students are currently homeschooled, while another 7% of parents would consider it for their children. Overall, the number of homeschooled students has more than doubled since 1999 to nearly two million.

One of the factors making it easier for parents to choose homeschooling is the implementation of education savings accounts. The Daily Signal’s Lindsey Burke writes, “Not only have the number of schooling options swelled in recent years, but so has innovation within the education sector. Education savings accounts, also established in 2011, enable families to direct the funds that would have been spent by the state on their child in the public system.”

Burke adds, “State funds for each pupil are deposited directly into a parent-controlled account, and families can then use those funds to pay for private school tuition, online learning, special education services and therapies, private tutoring, and a host of other education-related services, products, and providers. The innovation afforded through education savings accounts can put children on an entirely different educational trajectory.” Five states currently have these account systems in place, says Burke, while others are considering it as an option for parents.

All in all, these are good days for the homeschooling movement in America. And as we recognize School Choice Week, let’s hope our political leaders continue to work toward giving parents a greater say in how their children are educated. ~The Patriot Post


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