Monday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Macron rips nationalism as Trump looks on: “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism” (The Washington Times)

Congress braces for high-drama lame duck (The Hill)

Death toll rises in California wildfire, matching the deadliest fire in state history (Associated Press)

Florida’s secretary of state orders recounts in Senate, gubernatorial races; Trump “watching closely” (Fox News)

Kyrsten Sinema widens lead over Martha McSally in Arizona Senate race (AZ Central)

socialist-Stacey Abrams’ campaign files federal lawsuit in hopes to force runoff (Fox News)

CNN gearing up to sue over Jim Acosta’s suspended White House press pass (Washington Examiner)

“Sanctuary” refuses to take blame after triple homicide, says ICE is responsible for illegal immigrant perpetrator (The Washington Times)

More border jumpers nabbed in two days than in entire month of November 2017 (The Washington Times)

Man suspected of sending fake bombs to Trump critics charged in 30-count indictment (The Washington Post)

Senate Judiciary Committee: Here’s the evidence we found against Swetnick’s Kavanaugh allegations (The Daily Wire)

scumbag/clown-Schumer: Legislation restraining interim attorney general may be attached to must-pass budget bill (CNS News)

Parkland High School shooter registered to vote from jail (NBC News)

Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw appears for Pete Davidson’s apology on “Saturday Night Live” (Variety)

scumbag-James Comey discussed sensitive FBI business on his private email (New York Post)

Fox News is boycotting Twitter for allowing doxxing of Tucker Carlson, source says (The Daily Wire)

World’s smallest violin: commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she can’t afford apartment in DC until she receives congressional salary (Fox News)

Humor: Florida recount finally wraps up — scumbag-Al Gore declared president (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: The wealth of nations begins at home (Institute for Family Studies)

Policy: Look inward, not to Washington, to fix the culture of incivility (Washington Examiner)

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socialist-Gillum, sumbag-Nelson lawyers object to discarding non-citizen vote, now suing to recount excluded ballots

by Caleb Howe

{} ~ On Friday, attorneys for both socialist-Andrew Gillum and scumbag-Bill Nelson objected to disqualifying a non-citizen vote… during the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board proceedings, as outlined in a transcript from the court reporter hired by the Palm Beach County GOP to create a record of the meeting, which is open to the public. Chairman of the Palm Beach County GOP, Michael Barnett, spoke to the Blaze on Saturday about the transcript and the events surrounding it. During that conversation, Barnett told The Blaze that the county GOP is intervening as an interested party in a lawsuit filed by scumbag-Bill Nelson’s attorneys to have all previously excluded mail-in ballots recounted.“They’re desperate,” said Barnett, who also serves as Vice Chair of the state GOP. “They’re trying to steal this election from Rick Scott who rightly won this race.” The incident with the non-citizen ballot was on Friday night and Barnett provided a portion of the transcript as recorded by the court reporter hired by the party’s General Counsel, who on Saturday was at the tabulation center overseeing the lawyers and volunteers for the GOP.Despite the objections from the two campaign’s lawyers, the non-citizen’s vote was disallowed…


The Mid-Terms Prove that Half of Our Fellow Americans Are as Dumb as Dirt

by Nicholas Wishek

{} ~ I’ve had to deal with liberals all my life. It never used to be personal. I considered them ignorant, not stupid… Misinformed, not selfish or evil. That’s getting harder and harder to do as I watch progressive policies lead to disastrous results. I’ve lived in California just about my whole life. I’ve seen what happens when liberals take charge. When I was growing up California was the Golden State. Once upon a time Ronald Reagan was our governor. And look at California now. The US News Best States Report listed California as dead last in Quality of Life. California’s PreK-12 schools ranked 44th. Taxes are high. Our roads are terrible. Homelessness in major cities is rampant. The state is massively in debt. And it is due to the dumb as dirt voters who keep electing politicians who enact progressive policies. I still believe that most of those who vote Democratic are not selfish or evil. However, it is harder and harder to excuse their voting choices as simple ignorance. In the recent mid-terms the Democrats got roughly 8 million more popular votes than the Republicans. Mid-term voters reelected sick-Pulosi, commie-Sanders, dinky-Warren, and scumbag/mad-Watters. They elected commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, may have elected Kyrsten Sinema Too close to call as I write this., and nearly elected socialist-Andrew Gillum. Those are all extremely progressive Democrats whose policies would turn all of the United States into California. The voters who voted for them easily qualify as Lenin’s “useful idiots.” If you are going to vote for those who run our country you should have a clue. Clearly over half of the mid-term voters don’t. I accept that many younger voters have been let down by our education system and have had to deal with attempted indoctrination by teachers and professors. I acknowledge that the entertainment media and most major news media present slanted programming and highly biased information to all potential voters. In the 21st century that is not an excuse. Not only is the information out there, it is also easily accessible. If you are getting your voter information from The View or late night talk shows… that’s on you. If you only watch CNN or the alphabet networks you ought to be smart enough to notice that they have a bias. It should be especially easy to discern when the bias is aimed directly against President Trump. If you can watch CNN and not see that they have a bias against the President you are not just dumb as dirt – you are willfully ignorant… https:///the-mid-terms-prove-that-half-of-our-fellow-americans-are-as-dumb-as-dirt/


Florida’s secretary of state orders recounts in Senate, gubernatorial races; Trump ‘watching closely’

by Adam Shaw

{} ~ Florida’s secretary of state announced Saturday that there will be recounts in the Senate and gubernatorial races… after the races became tight enough to trigger them — amid controversy over the handling of the counts, with President Trump warning that he will be “watching closely.” Secretary Ken Detzner issued the order after the unofficial results in both races fell within the margin that by law triggers a recount. The results of the machine recount will be due by 3 p.m. ET on Nov. 15. The votes in the Senate race between Democratic Sen. scumbag-Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott, and the gubernatorial race between Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis and Democratic mayor of Tallahassee socialist-Andrew Gillum, will be recounted. There will also be a recount for the race for agriculture commissioner. The mandatory recount occurs if the winning candidate’s margin is less than 0.5 percent. If the margin is less than 0.25 percent, the recount must be done by hand. Both Scott and DeSantis led their races after the midterms on Tuesday, with socialist-Gillum conceding to DeSantis. But as the days went on, and more votes were counted, those leads have all but disappeared. Scott’s lead by Saturday afternoon was reduced to 0.15 percent and DeSantis’ was 0.41 percent… Florida needs to fix this issue before next election.



Dem Rep. Linda Sanchez’s Husband Indicted on Stealing Fed Funds, Drops Leadership Bid

by Joe Schoffstall

{} ~ Democratic representative Linda Sanchez (Calif.) has pulled out of the race to head the House Democratic Caucus after her husband was indicted on federal criminal charges… Sanchez’s husband, James Sullivan, allegedly misused federal funds for the likes of expensing trips to the Kentucky Derby and to Key West, Fla., Politico reports. “Earlier today, I learned that my husband is facing charges in Connecticut,” Sanchez said yesterday. “After careful consideration of the time and energy being in leadership demands, I have decided that my focus now needs to be on my son, my family, and my constituents in California.” Sanchez’s husband was one of five individuals with ties to a Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Corporation that steered more than $800,000 in funds to personal trips without the board voting or approval from member towns, which is required. The money was used for the personal trips, private airfare, sporting event tickets, gifts, golf fees, lavish hotel accommodations, and meals…


Illegal Alien Released by ‘Sanctuary City’ Goes On to Murder Three Americans

by Warner Todd Huston

{} ~ An illegal alien who was released by a so-called “sanctuary city” went on to murder three innocent Americans after his release, a report says… Luis Perez, 23, was released by a New Jersey jail despite that there was a federal detention request filed against him, a request that a New Jersey police department refused to honor. After he was released, though, he moved on to Missouri where he murdered three American citizens. The murderer moved to Springfield, Missouri and found shelter with two men, Steven Marler, 38, and Aaron Hampton, 23, but when they finally kicked him out of their apartment, he returned with a woman and shot both men dead, the Daily Caller reported. He later murdered the woman who was with him during the earlier shooting, presumably to put an end to a witness…Why are the dems silence on this.


Mass migration: Mortal threat to red state America


{} ~ Among the reasons Donald Trump is president is that his natural political instincts are superior to those of any other current figure.

As campaign 2018 entered its final week, Trump seized upon and elevated the single issue that most energizes his populist base and most convulses our media elite.

Warning of an “invasion,” he pointed to the migrant caravan that had come out of Honduras and was wending its way through Mexico. He then threatened to issue an executive order ending birthright citizenship.

As other caravans began to assemble in Central America, Trump said he would send, first 5,200 and then 15,000, troops to the border.

This ignited the predictable hysteria of the media elite who decried his “racism,” his “lying” and his “attack on the 14th Amendment.” Trump, they railed, is sending more troops to the Mexican border than we have in Syria or Iraq.

True. But to most Americans, the fate and future of the republic is more likely to be determined on the U.S.-Mexican border than on the border between Syria and Iraq.

Moreover, in challenging birthright citizenship, Trump has some constitutional history on his side.

The 14th Amendment, approved in 1868, was crafted to overturn the Dred Scott decision of 1857 and to guarantee citizenship and equal rights under law to freed slaves and their children.

Did it guarantee that everyone born on U.S. soil is a U.S. citizen?

No. In the 1884 Elk v. Wilkins decision, the Supreme Court ruled that John Elk, a Winnebago Indian born on a reservation, had not been denied his constitutional right to vote, as he was not a U.S. citizen.

Not for 56 years, when Congress passed the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, did Native Americans become U.S. citizens.

Also, the 14th Amendment confers citizenship on those born in the U.S. and “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Children of foreign diplomats, though born here, are not citizens.

Most legal scholars do not think Trump can, by executive order, determine who is or is not a citizen under the 14th Amendment.

Yet should Trump issue an executive order and lose in the Supreme Court, the controversy could raise public consciousness and force Congress to enact legislation to clarify what the 14th Amendment precisely means.

Only Canada and the United States, among advanced nations, have birthright citizenship. No European country does. And the Conservative Party in Canada is moving to end it. Does it make sense to grant all the honor, privileges and rights of lifetime U.S. citizenship to anyone who can fly to the U.S. or evade the Border Patrol and have a baby?

Nor is this a small matter. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that 6 percent of U.S. births 250,000 per year are to undocumented immigrants.

Yet that 250,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the total number of immigrants now coming. In 2016, President scumbag/liar-nObama’s last full year, 1.75 million legal and illegal immigrants arrived, a record.

With two months to go in 2017, the estimated arrivals of legal and illegal immigrants is 1.61 million.

Thus, in two years, 2016 and 2017, the United States will have absorbed more migrants, legal and illegal, than all the people of the 13 states when we became a nation.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, there are 44.5 million immigrants in the U.S. today, legal and illegal, a number that far exceeds the total U.S. population, North and South, at the time of the Civil War.

While almost all of our immigration before 1965 was from Europe, only 1 in 10 immigrants now comes from the Old Continent.

Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean provide a plurality of migrants, legal and illegal. They have displaced East Asia and South Asia – China, Korea, the Philippines, India – as the primary contributors to the burgeoning U.S. population.

We are assured that the greater the racial, ethnic, religious and cultural diversity we have, the stronger a nation we shall become. Whether true or not, we are going to find out.

For the European population of America, 90 percent of the country in 1965, will have fallen to about 60 percent by 2020, and whites are headed for minority status about 20 years after that.

Of America’s most populous states – California, Texas, Florida and New York – the first two are already minority-majority and the latter two are not far behind.

Yet the gaps between Asian and white Americans, and Hispanic and African-Americans – in income and wealth, crime rates and incarceration rates, test scores and academic achievements – are dramatic and are seemingly enduring.

To the frustration of egalitarians, the meritocracy of free and fair competition in this most diverse of great nations is producing an inequality of rewards and a visible hierarchy of achievement.

Politically, continued mass migration to the USA by peoples of color, who vote 70-90 percent dummycrats-Democratic, is going to change our country another way. Red state America will inevitably turn blue.


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