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    Standing With Cruz

    by Dan Spencer

    {redstate.com} ~ As you can tell from the dozens and dozens of articles I have written about this presidential campaign, I am not a big fan of Donald Trump. But I am much less a fan of liar-Hillary Clinton. I loathe the nObama presidency. I simply cannot deal the prospect of a third nObama term brought to us courtesy of liar-Hillary Clinton.

    liar-Hillary tells us nObama didn’t go far enough with his extra-legal immigration actions. Hillary has also gone further than any other presidential candidate has been willing to go to suppress our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. And those are just two reasons I fear another liar-Clinton Presidency.

    I have contemplated whom I might vote for come Election Day, over and over and over again. I go around and around with myself about this — wondering whether I can bring myself to vote for The Donald to stop liar-Hillary.

    I was very unhappy when Ted Cruz decided he had to throw in the towel and suspend his campaign. I was surprised, and disappointed when Cruz did not endorse Trump at the convention.

    I naively thought that the coalition that was the GOP would coalesce around the nominee to defeat what I see as the greater evil. Being more Never liar-Hillary than Never Trump, at first, I failed to comprehend how deep and principled the conviction of my Never Trump friends runs.

    When Cruz endorsed Trump what I felt was relief.

    I won’t endorse Trump, but I will Stand with Cruz and vote for Trump because, using Cruz’ words, “liar-Hillary Clinton is manifestly unfit to be president . . . Donald Trump is the only thing standing in her way.” And I “don’t want to see a liar-Hillary Clinton presidency.”

    Standing With Cruz

    • I guess trump was right about something…cruz is a two faced liar that will flip like the rest.

      although trump is not a bad a liar as hilary he is still a liar that has no respect for the constitution let alone know what it is…

      we are screwed regardless of which liar wins…both the dems and the GOP can go to hell and stay there…they are traitors to this country and its constitution