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    United States socialistic father is Karl Marx. He said that conflict is a powerful and that workers rely on employer and owners a place to work. Marx said that only the employers or owners has power to be wealthy. The entrepreneurs are similar to Marx socialist. United States should turn to socialist conservative because it gives the government power in all decisions. That is why the three governing body is important. Executive, Legislatures, and Supreme Judges. Do you think President Obama awakened socialist government? I think he did. I think President Trump should continue to socialist United States. It involves all aspects of philosophy of economic there is. Government has to power to grant through its agencies. ie Social Security Administration, US Treasury, Medicare & Medical, CalWorks, Colleges and Universities.

    Karl Marx – Journalist, Historian, Economist, Philosopher – Biography …
    Jul 10, 2017 – Revolutionary, historian and economist Karl Marx published The Communist Manifesto, the most celebrated pamphlet in the socialist …
    Education‎: ‎University of Berlin‎, ‎University of Bonn Death Date‎: ‎March 14‎, ‎1883
    Birth Date‎: ‎May 5‎, ‎1818