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  • Last week, Virginia saw a nightmare election.

    What should have been a winnable election was blown by an establishment nominee.  The GOP lost all three state-wide elective offices and they blew a super majority in…

  • On October 3, 2017, Timothy Sloan, the CEO for Wells Fargo Bank testified before the Senate Banking Committee about the Wells Fargo Banking scandal. And once again, he proved that Wells Fargo is not only the poster…

  • When conservatives start talking about races, invariably conservatives start talking about the sexy races.   The Senate, the House, the governor’s race.  Far too often, conservatives ignore other important race…

  • When historians write the story of the Trump administration, they may well say the end became inevitable on August 18, 2017.

    That was the day Steve Bannon left the White House.

    There are competing stories as to…

    • come on president Pence!!!!

      at least it wont be a circus,,,

    • MUG replied
      3 months ago

      You might be right Judson. If you are, I expect Pence to be a version of Hillary lite. If you are right it seems pretty hopeless. Midterm elections won’t count and 2020 will be a disaster.

      I have some questions. Has the Tea Party become irrelevant? Why hasn’t the Tea Party been able to make it clear to Left leaning Republicans that they are doomed in the midterm elections unless the support President Trump? Can you offer any hope?

    • MUG replied
      3 months ago

      What do you think the chances are that Trump will veer left?


    2018 is almost upon us. After finally giving the Republicans the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House, what do conservatives have to show for it?

    Very little.

    The biggest problem has…

  • I celebrated my birthday yesterday. I always look both back and ahead, personally and at the greater world.  It is amazing the difference a year makes.  A year ago, after the end of the Cruz campaign, I was c…

    • You are scaring me Judson. I keep thinking things are on the verge of turning against the Democrats. Trump’s popularity is apparently now higher than Obama’s (Rasmussen). Midterm elections next year are hopeful if the economy continues improving and healthcare is stabilized. Where is the military in all of this? They are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. Don’t you think the Supreme Court would expedite and overturn an unlawful impeachment. Do you think it will provoke an armed citizen uprising if Trump is impeached? I agree it feels helplessly like a crap-shoot, but I know from our history books that there was a darkest hour before dawn when defeat seemed inevitable, but when the sun rose our flag still flew over Fort Sumter. I am not a Pollyanna, but I will not yet give up hope.

  • On Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on tax reform.  As important as tax reform is, the Republicans seem to be bound and determined to lose this issue.


    The House Republican…

  • Today, Tea Party Nation endorses the new Republican sponsored American Health Care Act.  This is the repeal and replacement for Obamacare.

    For seven years, since the Democrats shoved Obamacare down America’s th…

  • Our friend Lloyd Marcus asked me to publish this on TPN for him.

    Mary and I are in Georgia working to stop Nancy Pelosi’s far-left-radical hand puppet Jon Ossoff from stealing the GOP congressional seat vacated by…

  • 2013 was a very bad year for Virginia.

    The Virginia Republican Party nominated Ken Cuccinelli for governor.  The GOP establishment in Virginia threw a fit because it was supposed to be moderate Bill Bolling’s tu…

  • As President Trump began filling out his cabinet, he made one appointment that shocked no one. Tom Price, the long-time Georgia Congressman and doctor was named to be the Secretary for Health and Human…

  • For a political party whose symbol is an animal that has an incredible memory, any sane person would think the GOP would know better.  But no, the Republican Party is partying like it is 2006.

    If the Republicans…

  • 2017 is not an active year for political races. There are only a couple of regularly scheduled elections, such as the Virginia Governor’s race. Many of the other elections to be held this year will be special e…

  • Neil Gorsuch was a generally unknown Judge on the U.S Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals until Tuesday, when President Trump nominated him to succeed the late Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court.


  • Conservatives often accuse establishment Republicans of not wanting to win. According to conservatives, they would rather lose than see a conservative win.

    A funny thing has happened in the new post Obama…

    • Where DT governs and acts as a Constitutional-Conservative I WILL support him-
      where he governs and acts as himself I WILL NOT.

      FYI, this is from The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol:

      Bill Kristol ‏@BillKristol 23h23 hours ago
      Terms that don’t appear in Trump’s address: liberty, equality, freedom (though “freedoms” used once), duty, Constitution, self-government.

      Before someone says that’s nit-picking…READ THOSE OMITTED WORDS AGAIN.

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Judson. I am bowled over by how quickly Trump went to work and what he has accomplished.

      His cabinet picks are impeccable.
      Somehow it’s comforting that our Secretary of Defense is a general with the nickname Mad Dog.
      Obamacare is already on the way out.
      The White House website on Climate Change has disappeared.

      Our new First Lady, Melania, displays an immaculate elegance reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy, yet with her own distinctive air of sophistication. And by the way, I think highly of Michelle Obama as First Lady, but I have no use for her husband.

      There has not been widespread civil disobedience.
      Ostensibly Hollywood is “on strike.” How great is that.
      I wonder who will replace Whoopi and Rosie when they flee to Canada.

      The bust of Sir Winston Churchill is back in the White House, although I understand it is only on loan. It was a gift to President Bush by Prime Minister Tony Blair, but Obama insulted Great Britain by returning it to the British embassy telling them he didn’t want it in the White House.

      It hasn’t been 24 hours but I’m sure I missed a lot and can’t wait to see what has been accomplished by Monday.

      I too, Judson, am tired of the sullen, whiny, crybaby, mean spirited, pouting and complaining by the Never Trumpers. They are sounding a lot like the Democrat losers and can’t seem to take their eyes off the rear view mirror and look out the windshield to see what is happening. It’s time to quit dwelling on the past and work for the future. Support President Trump when he governs Conservatively and oppose him if and only if he doesn’t.

      • I will support when and IF DT does govern and act as a Constitutional-Conservatimve…BUT I posted and linked to REAL articles with REAL/SERIOUS concerns based on REAL facts.
        It is foolish to ignore DT’s entire LIFE, including up to now to take comfort in the mere words of a life-long, habitual liar, who BRAGS about his lying.
        It is foolish to trust America’s life, it’s future to a life-long liar and Liberal based on words that HE HIMSLEF has bragged are (very) often lies.

        -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    • Judson, I couldn’t agree with you more. One of the reasons I have not responded for a while is because I had the feeling that members who have a change of mind since the election were not very welcomed, anymore from those who have been commenting.
      I, too, was a Cruzer all the way, however, I began to re-evaluate the situation after Cruz endorsed Trump. I must confess I was not in favor of populism, but after reading and listening to Trump’s agenda and plans, I began to listen closer.
      I like and respect his conservative staff and cabinet choices, hopefully his selection of the SCOTUS, too.
      We’re still at the very early stages of his presidency and I have a wait and see attitude.
      I’m impressed by the speed with which he began to tackle the unraveling of the last 8 years of Obama’s horrible policies. Now if we could only get rid of some of those democrat left over obstructionists in Congress, I’d be really satisfied.

  • In politics, dumb things happen.  Over Christmas, perhaps the a new record for idiocy was set.

    Reince Priebus, the outgoing Chairman of the Republican National Committee issued a Christmas statement. Part of that…

    • Careful there Judson, Tom Price is a big gov. healthcare guy who has his own idea what the Fed Gov should do to the people in regards to HC.
      He has his own legislation for a Gov. HC that is less offensive than the ACA but still a big Gov. system.

      I do hope he keeps up with his establishment appointments to prove us wrong…OOPS

    • this coming from the guy that wants to talk about how trump will help us go to mars instead of calling him out for his repeated lies…and stated intentions of constitutional violations
      Your diversionary tactics are what progressives are famous for. and you call me liberal and your the one that has not mentioned the Constitution a single time…fcking hypocrite

      why dont you talk about how he ran on being anti establishment then appointing nothing but establishment hacks??? for gods sake he made the leader of the GOP his chief of staff….WHY???

      you wont cause your one of the mindless drones.

      you know at least the dems are honest about their core values..they openly say they think the Constitution is old and dusty and needs replaced…and then they go to washington and act on those beliefs

      But not the GOP…they talk about how we need to preserve the Constitution and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN… then when they go to washington, what they dont directly help the dems do they stand guard over and protect it…
      case in point is the ACA and the debt along with all the gun control laws anfd a whole host of other violations of the Constitution.

      so before you start calling others liberals just make sure your not still in the closet.

      thats why I criticize him…I would point out how he has already done that but I would expect the …he was just suggesting line…

      the only thing left is the SCOTUS post and that has yet to be determined, but I expect he will get out of that.

      All politicians swear an oath to one thing…the Constitution…and that is the last thing considered when they do things. And frankly I am sick of it from the GOP…I expect it from the dems cause they have made it clear how they feel about it.

      so like I said if you werent avoiding this by talking about going to friggin mars and posting claims that as we see are easy to debunk with trumps own words most of the time then I would be less abrasive.

      there is not much of the Constitution left to defend and I am getting old , so you should expect that I will fight like hell to call out progressives no matter what party the hide in.
      Then I can look my children in the eyes on my death bed and they will know I tried my best to give them the same chance I had

  • Yesterday, something stunning happened.  Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

    A lot of people did not see that coming.

    Now it is time for change.  During his victory speech last night, D…

    • MUG replied
      1 year ago

      Dennis, everything you say “will” happen is not certainty but speculation. You are speculating that Trump will follow through on what you think he intends to do. I hope he will follow through, but his history suggests he might not. I agree with Judson, it is time to come together and help Trump follow through however we can, but also to fight him tooth and nail if he doesn’t follow through. I hope especially that pro-Trumpers will not concede him free license but will cooperate with all of the Tea Party to hold Trump accountable and make it clear to him that he has to earn our support and respect.

    • Trump announced more than a year ago that he intend to eliminate Common Core (this at the same time that Jeb was emphasizing his support for CC). Here was bold leadership indeed, exactly what the country was looking for. I knew Trump could win (and could save the country from one of the worst liberal excesses, the tendency to subvert education).

      I predicted Trump by a landslide. I’m having a good day.

      Obviously to me, all Conservatives should support every aspect of Trump’s work that they can possibly support. Trump is not doctrinaire and doesn’t deal in labels. But in the main he is a right-of-center person. In addition to decrying Common Core, he announced early on that Hillary was crooked and should be in jail. What else could you possibly ask for?

    • I agree Mary. The Tea Party Movement won with Donald Trump.

    • Billionaires from around the world met with the GOP Elite to start ‘Never Trump’ groups and stop Donald. The DC Elite, both R & D halves, opposed Donald.

      All of the enemies of our Republic opposed Donald like they have done none other.
      Donald fell into being a leader of a peaceful revolution of The People against these DC Elitists.

      The People w/Donald beat DC w/Hillary.
      God bless our the restoration of our Republic and it’s patriots.

    • We now have republicans from top to bottom in the administration and legislature. It’s now up to us to hold their feet to the fire and not get complacent.

    • MUG replied
      1 year ago

      If I am not mistaken Lynn, the American people have spoken and Hillary won the popular vote by about a hundred thousand. The Electoral College elected Trump. I am thankful to God Hillary is not our next President. I will wholeheartedly support Trump in any and all efforts to follow through on his campaign promises.

    • MUG replied
      1 year ago

      The fact that Hillary won the popular vote says to me that this might be our last chance to win the Presidency by campaigning on a Conservative platform, unless Trump actually effectively follows through and changes things.

      • Hillary won the popular vote IMH because many that voted for her, those that are diehard liberals and many first time voters, wanted and voted for the first woman president. Without that ‘feature’ many would have had no reason to vote.

      • I agree MUG, he must follow through! Levin is still worried about one major point. Trump is a deal maker, but will he be swayed by the best deal maker in the senate Chuck Shumer the senate minority leader? After Shumer makes his deals, you better believe he can stab you in the back. Hope and pray Trump will stand his ground.

    • MUG replied
      1 year ago

      Being willing to fight to the death to keep the Clintons out of the White House is a good thing Mike. Making sure who you put in the White House can be trusted to follow through is even more important. Trump has never had the idea that he has to follow through to keep his support. He actually said he could commit wanton murder in public and his supporters would still lick his boots. How about joining Tea Party efforts to hold him accountable and make him earn his support? You’ll feel better about yourself as a guard dog for the Constitution and for We The People than as a lap dog for Trump or anybody.

    • I ignore most of these but in your case I want to ask, are you normally this ignorant or are you making a special effort for us? Bush, no. McCain, no. Romney no. You were never a part of the Tea Party. You wouldn’t even know the Constitution if it bit you.

    • Hi Jalina. I, too, was a Cruzer, as you know. I began to revisit my decision, first when Trump chose Mike Pence as his VP nominee. At that time Trump was all over the map and it took Kellyanne Conway to rein him in and focus on issues Americans were yearning to fix.
      Then I learned Newt was on board. He is the best teacher Trump could ever ask for.
      Slowly his policies began to emerge like the new contract with America. I knew Newt’s hands were all over it. Now rumor has it that he will be offered the position of Secretary of State, an excellent choice.
      In the meanwhile Wikileaks was divulging astonishing reports about Hillary and her corruption, daily. I started believing that if she wins we would never have the chance to recapture our nation’s values and glory. Finally, Ted Cruz gave his endorsement and I knew that I had to vote for Trump.
      He still has a long way to go to earn my full trust, but time is on my side. He had a good start, let’s wait and see.
      I heard a pundit say, that yes the tea parties were hurt by Obama’s administration, it did change, but it will emerge differently and even stronger. I thought that was a positive assessment. I’m still here, aren’t I?
      I am thrilled Hillary lost and continue to pray that we will return to our glory with our new administration. Amen!

      • MUG replied
        1 year ago

        Agi, you are such an inspiration to me, how you explain yourself so well and avoid negativity. I too through prayer and all the reasons you mention, came to the realization that Hillary must be defeated. The MSM is making a big deal out of the fact that Evangelicals turned out in bigger numbers than past elections and voted 81 percent for Trump. I’m pretty sure Christians are not embracing Barabbas, but are spurning Caesar.

        When I was in Basic Training in the Army, I had an amazing Top Sergeant, First Sergeant White. He was a big black man from New York and had been a prize fighter before the Army. I’ll never forget what he told us recruits. He told us that he knew we were unsure how to deal with superiors who seemingly had all authority over us. He said he and his drill sergeants would make us into the kind of soldiers our superiors would trust and know they could rely on us. But even more important he said he would teach us to command the kind of respect that would allow our superiors to accept correction from us.

        My hope for the Tea Party going forward is that we will show Trump he can trust us and can rely on us to help him achieve his campaign promises. But even more important that he knows we will hold him accountable and that he will respect us enough to accept correction.

        • MUG as always I look forward to your common sense answers to all those who still think only one way, emotionally and blindly. We can’t afford to go forward with blinders on. There’s too much unrest, intolerance, and more indoctrination going on by the losers. It worries me that it is even more important that President-Elect Trump stay on course by surrounding himself with real conservatives and at the same time listen to their advice and not return to his old ways.
          There hasn’t been a better supporter for Trump than his buddy Rush Limbaugh, yet yesterday he honestly showed concern, as well.
          I know he was talking about his concern about the left. However if you read between the lines of what he didn’t say, as a true conservative, Rush, too, is worried about him as you, Judson and I are. I
          I watched yesterday’s Levin TV episode and lo and behold, he was echoing the same as Rush and us. We are not out of the woods by any means. Those who are still mocking the cautious ones here, better pay attention or we can lose everything.
          Rush Limbaugh feels that the calls for unity are a subterfuge to take away the power Republicans have won by winning the election. Rush states the following:
          And I want to take some time today to try to explain why I’m nervous and destroy some myths that seem to always pop up after elections about unity and crossing the aisle and working together and almost apologizing for winning.
          I’m sick of it. I’m fed up with it. I have watched it happen for now 29 years, and I’m not gonna sit here and stand or sit mute while it happens again. Rush Limbaugh is rarely wrong. Read why he is concerned.

          When Rush Limbaugh gets nervous about something, you had better pay attention

          • MUG replied
            1 year ago

            Thanks Agi. You’re the best.

          • MUG replied
            1 year ago

            Obama said he wanted unity and cooperation, and then said “elections have consequences” and advanced his Progressive agenda without including Republicans in the discussion. Now Obama and the Democrats are saying they want unity and cooperation for the good of the country. Trump is already saying he will not repeal all of Obamacare, but will keep some of it. He is compromising his Muslim immigration ban to just thoroughly vetting refugees.

            I am worried. His history of deal making demonstrates that “Everything Is Negotiable,” including his “Pinky Swear” Promises.

    • Supporting just anyone who comes along is not what we do at TPN. Many here just fell in lockstep as good progressives, without examining every aspect what he stood for.
      Trump really didn’t become statesman-like until Conway and Gingrich began to polish the edges. That is just as important to becoming a president.

    • G-d’s anointed candidate? Are you now immortalizing a human being? Let’s be logical and not mystical. He is a talented man who can tap into emotions, but hardly anointed.
      Let’s treat him as any other president elect and wait on the verdict of how well he will do after a few months in office and see which direction he will take us.

    • Is there a way to do away with the ‘waiting moderation crap?!

    • Get over it.
      Truth IS truth.
      What ever happened to free speech and free will?

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    • Joe and Mike, you two are both Leftists NUTS!

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    • God does NOT anoint sin and wickedness, which DT is full of and brags about, and THEN says he has NOTHING to repent about!!!

      Frank Nutty does NOT know ONE thing about God, The Bible, God’s anointing that is even one bit Biblical.

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    • Tom=Alt-Wrong=Leftist Nut.

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    • I hate the term Conservatrive or as you use it, conservative movement. What we need is to restore the constitution as it was originally intended. That will mean freedom from Government! Trump has allluded to restoring freedom. People hate him because he did not have a specific platform all laid out and easy to read. I have been voting since 1968 and this is the first election I have seen that the people did not elect the candidate that would give them the most! Free college, Free health care, etc. In fact, they FINALLY elected the one who (didn’t promise) but alluded to honoring the constitution! I have also seen that it is impossible to get elected by laying out exactly how you plan to act as president. Ron Paul did EXACTLY that, and look what happened to him. He told every one he would govern based on the constitution. He had been in congress and had a long time successful record of doing exactly that. The public and media demonized ! Crazy old man, isolationist, wants to make dangerous drug available to your kids, wants woman to have the right to control their own bodies and keep the federal Government out of our lives and bedrooms. There is nothing controversial about any of these spin items if you have read and understand the constitution. We have a rule book! I believe, from what little I know of Trump, he intends to follow it! I am NOT a conservative! I am a constitutionalist I would love to repeal EVERY thing/law from 1913 on and start over again.

    • Agreed he was an outsider, but he’s quickly learning politics. I’m on the side of G-d and the constitution of this glorious nation. Without them, we cannot survive.
      Just because I question things that are happening I’m against him? Here is what happened in the past two days.
      After some new developments in the transitional stage, I have more trepidation, few are talking about. Will it really be Reagan’s “Morning in America”?

      Unfortunately, congress as it stands now, has more RINO republicans who’d sabotage those who voted for Trump. Remember the division in our party is greater than on the left.
      The establishment abhors the working middle class. We are the enemy of the progressive movement.
      When you look at the rest of the world where autocracy rules, there is no middle class just the poor and the oligarchy. Hillary and Obama were banking on destroying the little guys . So we are now the great threat to the left and the establishment..
      Therefore, Trump must make sure that we survive. And if he walks back on some of the things he campaigned on, we become the football between the two factions.
      Understand we, the middle class are the most vulnerable in the scheme of things. We have been the forgotten majority for the past 100 years since progressivism began. This is our last chance to thrive or even survive.
      Trump campaigned on repealing Obamacare and replacing it. Just what exactly would he replace it with is the very reason I became suspicious about the Trump healthcare reform .
      Conservatives like Cruz, Gingrich and Cain wanted complete repeal with federal government hands out of health care. They wanted privatization and move it to be controlled by the states.
      Trump also emphatically stated that he would build the wall. I knew he was BS-ing about Mexico paying for that, but now he’s walking back on the entire wall issue.
      Paul Ryan said yesterday that they plan to make border control the issue instead. No more talk of a wall.
      Now Trump is considering, that pig Lewendowski to be in his cabinet, when he was a disaster and a bully during the primaries.
      Trump was pressured to throw him off the campaign and now he’s coming back through the revolving door?
      I am watching the happenings more carefully than some. Does this mean we are continuing Clinton/Obama policies, just adding some frills and ribbons to make it look more palatable? The purpose of the transition team is to make the passage from one administration to another smooth and remove the kinks before the new government begins.
      Instead of removing the kinks, he is making huge knots along the way. I don’t trust this congress to pick up the pieces after Trump. They don’t trust him in the first place. –

      I just watched a segment of Hannity with Ari Fleischer as guest. What upset Fleischer and conservatives is that after Trump’s meeting with Obama, he stated that he would modify Obamacare and replace the other portions. Say what??
      Fleischer said that was the wrong thing for him to say and do.
      Hannity immediately defended his buddy by telling us that he was only keeping the portion about preexisting conditions and allowing children to remain on their parents’ insurance.
      Nothing should be touched in Obamacare. It must all be repealed and start fresh with new mandates. .
      These are indications that we already have problems looming. It is our duty as American citizens to hold Trump’s feet to the fire before more damage can be caused and make sure he keeps his campaign promises. And don’t tell me I’m against him, I simply want promises by him kept. There’s nothing wrong with that!


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    • God allows Hitlers and Stalins.
      God is NOT for Hitlers and Stalins…witness their demise in God’s judgment. God let’s US get what WE CHOOSE, see:
      Joshua 24:14, 15
      Deuteronomy 30:15-20
      Deuteronomy chpt. 28
      Leviticus chpts. 18-20, 26

      Here’s Deuteronomy 30:15-20-

      Deuteronomy 30:15-20 King James Version (KJV)

      15 See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil;

      16 In that I command thee this day to love the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commandments and his statutes and his judgments, that thou mayest live and multiply: and the Lord thy God shall bless thee in the land whither thou goest to possess it.

      17 But if thine heart turn away, so that thou wilt not hear, but shalt be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them;

      18 I denounce unto you this day, that ye shall surely perish, and that ye shall not prolong your days upon the land, whither thou passest over Jordan to go to possess it.

      19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

      20 That thou mayest love the Lord thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.

      WE CHOOSE DT- NOT God.
      DT is our “King Saul”- NOT our “King David”

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    • Oh, yes, just because a Marxist Moon-Bat like YOU says it’s so, why it must be so then… cue sarcastic and derisive laughter…NOW!

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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