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  • Fascists and all their lowly comrades, marching under the flag of anti-fascists, abhor this country and everything for which it stands and every free concept on which it was founded. Leftists blather uncontrollably…

    • Jim, you are right on the money. We are at a critical historical turning point, if not already beyond and it’s too late. I am hoping President Trump and those that support him can turn the tide, but the Leftists are so entrenched in education and government agencies – Federal and State – that they won’t easily be rooted out. If Trump can Drain the Swamp maybe we can avoid Civil War.

      I cannot believe the utter insanity of my generation, the Boomers. They enthusiastically rallied to support Castro and Che and their take over in Cuba. They don’t seem dismayed by the decadent despotism of Castro’s government, which makes me believe they plan the same for America.

      • nothing will ever change as long as they ignore the constitution,,,

        • Amen, Steve!

        • The Republicans ignore the Constitution. The Democrats and Left are trying to eradicate the Constitution and the Republicans are sympathetic. This is about as serious as it gets. You are wrong Steve, that nothing will change. I think our country is a powder keg and if the Left triggers civil unrest, they don’t have a prayer against Conservatives.

  • Arrogance personified By Jim MullenUpon entering the White House, Barack Obama had control of three major indoctrination sources (main-stream media, entertainment industry, and an altogether corrupt, failing…

  • By Jim MullenWatching a child covering both ears, teeth clinched and eyes tightly closed, repeatedly screaming, “I can’t hear you” over something they find objectionable; like an adult forcing them to face truth…

  • Jim MullenEight years ago, Americans were so eager to elect a black president; they voted for a darling of left-wing extremists, Barack Obama. The corrupt, and likewise, leftist, main-stream media joined Democrats in…

  • By Jim MullenAnother Hollywood-produced, Democrat convention is history. Directed superbly by the main-stream media, this fiasco of smoke and mirrors left a nightmarish image to haunt Americans through the November…

    • I only dispute one thing you that you said. The voters who support Hillary are definitely dumbed down, but the Conservative and Independent voters are just as definitely savvy. That’s why they won’t support Hillary, but the flip side of that is they demand credibility from whomever they do support. Who might that be? Who deserves their their support?

      This election should be the easiest in history to destroy Hillary and the Democrats, but Trump can’t get it together. Are you suggesting Trump deserves to be POTUS just because he won the primary with Democrat support – Democrats voted for him to eliminate candidates who undoubtedly would beat Hillary? He talks like he dropped out of school after 8th grade. He has no integrity, no scruples. He is not a man of his word. What is the reason a savvy Conservative or Independent should vote for him?

      “Of two evils, choose neither.” Charles Spurgeon. Neither is one of the Choices of We the People. It doesn’t mean stay home it means vote for Conservative candidates and Choose neither when the choices are evil.

    • Can’t fault you Kenny. I fault those who pushed Trump when we had better options.

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