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  • When we ignore the Constitution in our “righteous” quest to safeguard the 2nd Amendment, we are little better than the Bloomberg crowd.
    Currently under consideration by Congress, the Conceal Carry Reciprocity Act…

    • Mr Delaney
      2nd “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
      10th “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
      I know people want to mince and parse the words, but they say what they mean and mean what they say and are reinforced in the Federalist Papers.
      According to the 2nd Amendment, the PEOPLE have the right to bear arms. That right shall not be INFRINGED. That means not even nibbled at around the edges.
      According to the 10th Amendment, the POWER to modify the freedom to bear arms does not belong to the Federal Government and it is PROHIBITED to the States because it has been given to the People. Period.

      • And some of the PEOPLE or even MOST of the PEOPLE do not have the POWER to modify the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS for the rest of the people without changing the 2nd Amendment. Their is a procedure for Amending the Constitution and that is the only avenue for limiting the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

        • I’m with you, Mug, up to the last paragraph.The right to bear arms is a Natural Right as well as a Constitutional right, the latter per the 2nd Amendment. The authority to modify this right is not, per the 10th Amendment, prohibited to the States, but it is, as originally intended, specifically prohibited to the federal government. Again, if a State Constitution inadequately protects its citizens’ natural right to bear arms, those citizens should get on the stick and amend it. The only federal authority over the right to bear arms is with specific respect to the militia, this as I explained above.

          • thats incorrect jim,

            the constitution does not grant rights only privileges, rights are only god given and the constitution requires elected officials to protect those rights above all else, hence the sworn oath they take when entering office,

            and NO the states can not change this in anyway since they are given directly to the people as per the 2nd amendment,

            what some fail to understand is actions like this is how dems and repubs sidestep the constitution by creating a precedent where they can say later ,,,” we gave you this so now we can take it away”

            this act is just another ploy to gain more control over the people.

            WAKE UP AMERICA while there is still time!!!

            • Good to see you are still here Blades. I’ve been missing you.

            • always around,just trying to be quite and helpful when I can,

              this forum is not the easiest to deal with,

              do you have problems with speed and posting?

            • Yes I have problems, I still don’t know how to post URL Links. I’ve been pretty quiet too. Not much I’m wanting to blog about right now.

            • You are not understanding what I’m saying. Please carefully re-read. Natural Rights are conferred by God. The role of federal gov’t to safeguard those rights. But, with respect to 2nd Amendment, it was a limitation on the federal gov’t, not on the States. Thus, citizens must ensure that their respective States safeguard their Natural Rights, one of those being their right to bear arms.

            • tell me where in the 2nd or the constitution does it say that???

              cause if its the job of the feds to protect those rights and fed law supersedes state law then how can a state take that away???

              or are you saying a state can not give you a trial under due process and just hang you???

              I can go through the other rights if you’d like but you should get my meaning,,,

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    • jim to say that these are our only two choices confirms that we are no longer a religious and moral society, and dont deserve anything less than total desruction

      while I on the other hand say there are choices that retain that moral high ground even if it causes suffering while in this life.

      leave it blank and let the chips fall where they may , cause to vote for either one is the destruction of what it means to be an American,

      • Well, of course, there’s always secession. I for one have joined the Texas Nationalist Movement. Wise patriots keep their retrograde paths open.

  • While appearances are often deceiving, at this juncture I am convinced Mr. Trump will most likely fail in November. Why? He’s not a practiced, professional politician and most Americans are conditioned to believe…

    • “Of two evils choose neither.” Charles Spurgeon. You do not avoid death by choosing the guillotine instead of the hangman’s noose. Hillary’s supporters are low information dupes. Conservatives and Independents are savvy and informed. They know Hillary is a liar and deserves prison or a firing squad for her treasonous conduct. They also know Trump is an ignorant bully and a bluffer who doesn’t have a clue how to fix anything.

    • Forgiveness is simply a matter of saying to God, Judgement is Yours God, I don’t demand my personal vengeance, I’ll leave it up to You, God. If You, God, give them the same Mercy and Grace that You gave me when I didn’t deserve it, so be it. Which, by the way, I wonder if God is not Judging our nation right now. It sure doesn’t feel like He is Blessing us.

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