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  • Last week, the House of Representatives and the Senate passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

    While most Republicans voted for this bill, a few did not. Some of them are good people, who had solid reasons for…

  • When Bob Corker announced he would not seek reelection to the United States Senate, it set off a frenzy of moves in Tennessee political circles. Long time 7th District Congressman Marsha Blackburn announced she would…

  • Between the scandals and politicians trying to move up the political food chain, there are going to be a lot of changes in Washington after the 2018 election.

    Tennessee is seeing some of these changes, as 6th…

  • Tea Party Nation endorses Roy Moore in the December 12th election to replace Jeff Sessions in Alabama.

    The special election in Alabama, triggered by Jeff Sessions’ appointment as Attorney General, has turned n…

    • Wrong again. But you are a liberal so you are always wrong.

    • I guess you are too dense to understand the difference between accused and convicted, between evidence and lack of evidence, and the concept of innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Bill Clinton made multiple trips sans Secret Service on the Lolita Express Boeing 727 with owner Jeffery Epstein a convicted pedophile. That’s evidence, unfortunately it hasn’t resulted in a prison sentence for Billie Boy. What’s the evidence against Roy Moore for your baseless accusation Mr Andrews and apparently in addition to being dense you are a bigot with a bigoted bias against Christians. I doubt if you have read the entire Bible, but you should, and I doubt if you have read the Koran, but you should. You’ll find that one says all Children are a sacred gift from God to be treated with love. The other says children of non-believers can be molested and your own children should be killed if they won’t accept Muslem doctrine.

  • Last week, Virginia saw a nightmare election.

    What should have been a winnable election was blown by an establishment nominee.  The GOP lost all three state-wide elective offices and they blew a super majority in…

  • On October 3, 2017, Timothy Sloan, the CEO for Wells Fargo Bank testified before the Senate Banking Committee about the Wells Fargo Banking scandal. And once again, he proved that Wells Fargo is not only the poster…

  • When conservatives start talking about races, invariably conservatives start talking about the sexy races.   The Senate, the House, the governor’s race.  Far too often, conservatives ignore other important race…

  • When historians write the story of the Trump administration, they may well say the end became inevitable on August 18, 2017.

    That was the day Steve Bannon left the White House.

    There are competing stories as to…

    • come on president Pence!!!!

      at least it wont be a circus,,,

    • You might be right Judson. If you are, I expect Pence to be a version of Hillary lite. If you are right it seems pretty hopeless. Midterm elections won’t count and 2020 will be a disaster.

      I have some questions. Has the Tea Party become irrelevant? Why hasn’t the Tea Party been able to make it clear to Left leaning Republicans that they are doomed in the midterm elections unless the support President Trump? Can you offer any hope?

    • What do you think the chances are that Trump will veer left?


    2018 is almost upon us. After finally giving the Republicans the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House, what do conservatives have to show for it?

    Very little.

    The biggest problem has…

  • I celebrated my birthday yesterday. I always look both back and ahead, personally and at the greater world.  It is amazing the difference a year makes.  A year ago, after the end of the Cruz campaign, I was c…

    • You are scaring me Judson. I keep thinking things are on the verge of turning against the Democrats. Trump’s popularity is apparently now higher than Obama’s (Rasmussen). Midterm elections next year are hopeful if the economy continues improving and healthcare is stabilized. Where is the military in all of this? They are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. Don’t you think the Supreme Court would expedite and overturn an unlawful impeachment. Do you think it will provoke an armed citizen uprising if Trump is impeached? I agree it feels helplessly like a crap-shoot, but I know from our history books that there was a darkest hour before dawn when defeat seemed inevitable, but when the sun rose our flag still flew over Fort Sumter. I am not a Pollyanna, but I will not yet give up hope.

  • On Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on tax reform.  As important as tax reform is, the Republicans seem to be bound and determined to lose this issue.


    The House Republican…

  • Today, Tea Party Nation endorses the new Republican sponsored American Health Care Act.  This is the repeal and replacement for Obamacare.

    For seven years, since the Democrats shoved Obamacare down America’s th…

  • Our friend Lloyd Marcus asked me to publish this on TPN for him.

    Mary and I are in Georgia working to stop Nancy Pelosi’s far-left-radical hand puppet Jon Ossoff from stealing the GOP congressional seat vacated by…

  • 2013 was a very bad year for Virginia.

    The Virginia Republican Party nominated Ken Cuccinelli for governor.  The GOP establishment in Virginia threw a fit because it was supposed to be moderate Bill Bolling’s tu…

  • As President Trump began filling out his cabinet, he made one appointment that shocked no one. Tom Price, the long-time Georgia Congressman and doctor was named to be the Secretary for Health and Human…

  • For a political party whose symbol is an animal that has an incredible memory, any sane person would think the GOP would know better.  But no, the Republican Party is partying like it is 2006.

    If the Republicans…

  • 2017 is not an active year for political races. There are only a couple of regularly scheduled elections, such as the Virginia Governor’s race. Many of the other elections to be held this year will be special e…

  • Neil Gorsuch was a generally unknown Judge on the U.S Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals until Tuesday, when President Trump nominated him to succeed the late Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court.


  • Conservatives often accuse establishment Republicans of not wanting to win. According to conservatives, they would rather lose than see a conservative win.

    A funny thing has happened in the new post Obama…

    • Where DT governs and acts as a Constitutional-Conservative I WILL support him-
      where he governs and acts as himself I WILL NOT.

      FYI, this is from The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol:

      Bill Kristol ‏@BillKristol 23h23 hours ago
      Terms that don’t appear in Trump’s address: liberty, equality, freedom (though “freedoms” used once), duty, Constitution, self-government.

      Before someone says that’s nit-picking…READ THOSE OMITTED WORDS AGAIN.

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Judson. I am bowled over by how quickly Trump went to work and what he has accomplished.

      His cabinet picks are impeccable.
      Somehow it’s comforting that our Secretary of Defense is a general with the nickname Mad Dog.
      Obamacare is already on the way out.
      The White House website on Climate Change has disappeared.

      Our new First Lady, Melania, displays an immaculate elegance reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy, yet with her own distinctive air of sophistication. And by the way, I think highly of Michelle Obama as First Lady, but I have no use for her husband.

      There has not been widespread civil disobedience.
      Ostensibly Hollywood is “on strike.” How great is that.
      I wonder who will replace Whoopi and Rosie when they flee to Canada.

      The bust of Sir Winston Churchill is back in the White House, although I understand it is only on loan. It was a gift to President Bush by Prime Minister Tony Blair, but Obama insulted Great Britain by returning it to the British embassy telling them he didn’t want it in the White House.

      It hasn’t been 24 hours but I’m sure I missed a lot and can’t wait to see what has been accomplished by Monday.

      I too, Judson, am tired of the sullen, whiny, crybaby, mean spirited, pouting and complaining by the Never Trumpers. They are sounding a lot like the Democrat losers and can’t seem to take their eyes off the rear view mirror and look out the windshield to see what is happening. It’s time to quit dwelling on the past and work for the future. Support President Trump when he governs Conservatively and oppose him if and only if he doesn’t.

      • I will support when and IF DT does govern and act as a Constitutional-Conservatimve…BUT I posted and linked to REAL articles with REAL/SERIOUS concerns based on REAL facts.
        It is foolish to ignore DT’s entire LIFE, including up to now to take comfort in the mere words of a life-long, habitual liar, who BRAGS about his lying.
        It is foolish to trust America’s life, it’s future to a life-long liar and Liberal based on words that HE HIMSLEF has bragged are (very) often lies.

        -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    • Judson, I couldn’t agree with you more. One of the reasons I have not responded for a while is because I had the feeling that members who have a change of mind since the election were not very welcomed, anymore from those who have been commenting.
      I, too, was a Cruzer all the way, however, I began to re-evaluate the situation after Cruz endorsed Trump. I must confess I was not in favor of populism, but after reading and listening to Trump’s agenda and plans, I began to listen closer.
      I like and respect his conservative staff and cabinet choices, hopefully his selection of the SCOTUS, too.
      We’re still at the very early stages of his presidency and I have a wait and see attitude.
      I’m impressed by the speed with which he began to tackle the unraveling of the last 8 years of Obama’s horrible policies. Now if we could only get rid of some of those democrat left over obstructionists in Congress, I’d be really satisfied.

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