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  • Gender confusion is absolutely rampant throughout the nation. Public schools are encouraging students to experiment and discover their “true” gender. Straight adults are daily assaulted for their “sexist” attitud…

  • Our previous President, B Hussein Obama, did his best to flood our nation with anti-American Islamic refugees and illegal immigrants from below our southern border. Few if any of them want to assimilate and become…

  • Rush Limbaugh thinks we are on the verge of Civil War. I think we have been involved in a Civil War that began in the 60’s. I grew up in the 50’s and early 60’s and witnessed the transition of the Democrat Party…

    • well this time the fat b*stard is right,,,

      the GOP has at best as I can see failed 100% in doing what they said they would do and not reversed a single big progressive policy, agency or law done by the dems,,,

      but that is only over the last 50 yrs of my life, cant say before that,,,

      • We have had two Republican Presidents who have opposed Progressivism, Eisenhower and Reagan. Both of them were resisted by their own Republican Party.

  • I grew up in Eastern Colorado on a dairy farm next to the Republican River. About twenty miles south of us the Battle of Beecher’s Island, a significant engagement during the Indian Wars, had taken place in S…

  • Have you noticed Liberals consider Christians radical and fringe and out of touch when it comes to issues like abortion and gay marriage, and then insist everyone judge Conservatives by legalistic Christian…

  • When I was a small kid we didn’t have television but the movie theaters showed news reels before the main feature. Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill was often featured because Americans admired and were fond of…

  • The other night I was talking with a small group of four or five people about Hillary and Trump. There was strong consensus that neither was acceptable for POTUS. One of the women made a vicious comment about…

    • Kenny there are certainly people out there who plan to vote for Trump but are denying that they will. I don’t think it will be enough. But if Trump would start campaigning to win he just might pull it off.

    • What I heard was a big improvement.

  • I am a van driver for a homeless shelter, for two weeks, once a quarter for the church where my wife worked. I transport homeless families who are trying to get back on their feet. I drive them to the church for…

    • Most of the women are amazing and grateful for a second chance and a leg up. The kids are mostly strong and resilient. The few men who are in the program are trying to make it work, but often are resentful. The great thing is that the Churches are involved and provide showers, laundry, shopping, meals and beds in cubicles partitioned off with privacy screens. The public money goes for training, public transportation to and from job interviews and to look for housing, and day care and school needs for the kids, and medical needs.

      This program is an offshoot of one started in the 70’s. Originally families who had been homeless, living in shelters and in the system a while, were screened and those who were responsive were being given a chance to get out and back on their feet. Through the Obama tenure, the program has become overwhelmed with more and more families becoming newly homeless. The idea is to help them regain their independence before they give up and settle for being “system riders” in the entitlement system.

  • I skipped most of the Democrat Convention, but stayed up for Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  Before I turned to Fox Cable News for the Convention Live, I watched a video of the Invocation by Rev. Dr. Cynthia H…

    • your a better man than me…i haven’t watched 10 seconds of the whole thing and wont….

      whats the deal with this forum??? nobody has anything to say…I blame it on unregulated inbreeding…

      • A weak gene pool is as good a guess as any. I also watched Bill Clinton’s speech. The last time I saw him on Youtube he looked like death warmed over, but this time he looked pretty good and did a fantastic job of making Hillary appear human while overlooking all of the real issues. In fact he said the difference between his portrait of Hillary vs what the Republicans said in Cleveland was that his was true and the Republican version of Hillary was a made up cartoon. That’s all I watched. I didn’t watch Pelosi or Obama. My stomach couldn’t take it. I doubt if I will watch any of Hillary’s acceptance speech.

        • MUG, I couldn’t get myself to watch. I tried from time to time, but the TV kept switching to something else. If, as you say, Bill Clinton did a fantastic job making Hillary appear human….he must also be able to walk on water.

      • Hi Steve. How have you been ‘breeding’? Also, what’s the difference between unregulated inbreeding and regulated inbreeding. It’s still inbreeding. What’s with this forum you ask? It’s just that there isn’t a lot of nobodies here…yet. I tried to get here in the beginning, but this place was haunted. When all the people you don’t agree with find this place, the nobodies will have a lot to say that you won’t like. Be patient. You know how it works. If you build it, they will come.

    • I believe Trump, from now on, needs to stop giving all those press conferences where every word he says will be turned around and thrown back at him by Hillary and her surrogates. He is giving ammunition to the Hillary camp.
      He needs to hammer on the facts of Hillary’s evil deeds. If he doesn’t have enough materials, just call on Dinesh D’Souza, who just hit the number one charts with his new documentary, “Hillary’s America…..”
      He would be more than happy to supply the material. But then the reason Trump is a meme guy is because his heart is really not into the battle with his buddy Hillary.
      He has the opportunity to turn the tide, but he’s wasting it on his self-serving self. A tremendous opportunity gone down the tube.
      Dinesh still believes Hillary will be the winner. He was the very first person to say that.

      • Agi, I kind of agree. When ever I tune into one of his press conferences my first instinct is to hold onto something. I’m not sure if the quantity is as much a problem as you can just about say what he is about to say before he says it. If he is going to keep up the quantity, he has to inject some variety. Like from time to time, and often, a teleprompter conference with prepared commentary. As it is now when I am trying to absorb what he is saying, I drift off thinking about how bad I did at the range…or what the heck is my computer doing. I pay more attention to his children’s speeches. I think he is having a hard time understanding that other people are also capable and could teach him a thing or two. Anyhow, I hope all the Hillary crap hitting the fan will be enough to get Trump into the White House. There has to be a way to win with what we got.

        • Michael, I know exactly how you feel. Therefore, if we have such trepidation about Trump, don’t you agree at least that Americans deserve better than both of these candidates?
          It’s that part, I can’t wrap myself around, yet. I see all the damage caused by both.
          I need some guarantees that he really would embrace the right. I still feel that he can only embrace the left trying to fool us. I’m sorry but that feeling is as strong as ever.
          I still cannot forgive the Clinton like destruction he perpetrated on Ted Cruz. Sorry, Cruz should not laugh it off. It’s not a laughing matter.
          Therefore, I believe that anyone who stands in Trump’s way or disagrees with him, will be given the same treatment, devastating destruction.
          I understand Kenny would like to whitewash his childish behavior, I’m not sure I can. I only see danger in those actions. We cannot live through such turbulence again, after Bill and Obama. America is too frail to withstand that.

    • You chalk up Trump’s evil attack on Cruz’s father as nonsense, really??? Lie and cheat must be your motto, therefore! It shows up your character, too!

    • Kenny, you talk too much. Too much to read. However, I think you are onto something. Trump does have some seriously immature qualities. And yes, nobody seems to be able to reign that in. I for one don’t think it is a good idea for Trump to wait until he is president to realize what the job of the president entails. Trump shut up? It would be easier to get Bill Clinton to touch Hillary with a 10 foot poll.

  • The idiom at-bay is used in several ways. One way it is used is to describe hunted prey (man or beast) that is on the run trying to evade the trained baying hounds being used to track it. The prey is at-bay when it…

    • When you are forced into a completely untenable position, that is to say, forced to vote for satan or the devil, Pol Pot or Mao Zedong, Hitler or Stalin, for example…then the only recourse for action remaining on an individual’s part is to make a lateral move, a parallel move to the side instead.

      You cannot force the will of the people, no more that you can expect them to consume massive amounts of bovine excrement and be told that they have to look like they are enjoying that at the same time.

      I have a terrible fear that is growing in my heart and soul, and that is that a second American Revolution is right around the corner.

      I believe it is time to elect officials who actually keep their promises to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to limit government growth and to be fiscally responsible by not spending more than our GDP every year.

      Term limits on Congress, pay and benefits ONLY when a sitting government official is active in service to his or her country and an end to lobbyists are all wonderful areas to start. This would require a citizen oversight committee that is NOT infested with politicians.

      I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know that we have reached the fork in the road, the point of no return, where we simply cannot and must not sit idly by and do nothing. This country is in serious jeopardy of becoming a socialist nightmare in the order of the Orwellian account detailed in the book, “1984”.

      It’s time to chose, people, and I don’t mean from two similar left-wing liberal progressive democrat candidates from New York. Time is short and we must all do everything in our power to organize our friends and allies and motivate everyone to put pressure on our elected officials via the ballot box, and any other way that is necessary in order to maintain this once great nation.

  • Sorry, none of my links to news articles copied from the editor. If I can figure it out I will repost.

  • Last Friday, July 1, Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee, spoke at the Western Conservative Summit here in Denver. Sarah Palin gave a vintage Palin style speech to introduce Trump and she resonated with the crowd. She pretty well nailed what we all believe needs to be done and would like to believe Trump will carry out as POTUS. Trump on…[Read more]

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