Last week, Virginia saw a nightmare election.

What should have been a winnable election was blown by an establishment nominee.  The GOP lost all three state-wide elective offices and they blew a super majority in the House of Delegates.  Now, they are either tied with the Democrats or could even lose the House of Delegates, depending on the outcome of a close race.

The Establishment wasted no time in trying to deflect blame for this humiliating defeat. Congressman Scott Taylor of Virginia’s Second Congressional District said, “I think last night was a referendum. I don’t think there was any way you could look at it a different way.”

In other words, Taylor, who has been a vocal critic of President Trump, blamed Trump for a horribly run campaign by an establishment Republican.

President Trump is certainly not perfect but for the first time since Ronald Reagan we have a President who is advancing a conservative agenda.  And what is happening?

The establishment Republicans, like Scott Taylor, are sniping him and trying to do everything in their power to stop him.

In 2018, Scott Taylor will be up for reelection.  He is being challenged by a conservative who wants to help President Trump advance his agenda, not the agenda of Mitch McConnell.

Mary Jones is a fiscal conservative who is running to help President Trump make America great again. Mary Jones is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment. She supports cutting the budget and cutting taxes.

What is Scott Taylor doing?

He is busy criticizing President Trump.

The Republican Establishment in Washington does not want to do anything. They just want to go to their dinners, parties and fundraising meetings with lobbyists. They want to keep their cushy jobs and do nothing for America.

The time of do nothing Congressmen is over. We need Congressmen that will advance the Trump agenda and not make excuses why things are not being done or spend their time criticizing the President when they could be advancing a conservative agenda.

Enough is enough.

Tea Party Nation endorses Mary Jones for Congress from the Second District in Virginia.



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