No one was shocked back in September when Tennessee Senator Bob Corker announced he would not seek reelection.  Publicly available polls showed him losing to almost any serious primary contender.  His internal polling had to be brutal.

Shortly after Corker’s announcement, Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn announced she would run for the seat.  To paraphrase Star Wars, “there was a great disturbance in the swamp.”

The swamp in Tennessee and in Washington looked for an alternative and they thought they had one. Steven Fincher. A three term Congressman, who was derisively called the Congressman from the Ex-Im Bank.  Fincher had run on abolishing that bit of government pork but when he hit Washington, he suddenly fell in love with government spending.

Unfortunately for the swamp, polling in Tennessee shows Marsha Blackburn crushing Fincher.

What to do?

Earlier this week, far left wing Politico reported on a poll conducted by far left wing Public Policy Polling (PPP) that showed former Tennessee Democrat governor Phil Bredesen beating Marsha in state wide race.

PPP is best remembered for its 2016 polling which assured Democrats that Hillary Clinton would crush Donald Trump.

That was the excuse the swamp needed.  Now the trial balloons are being floated.  “Bailout Bob” may indeed run for another term.

Someone pop the popcorn and bring it on.

Tennessee Republicans are sick of Corker and his RINO voting record.  There is a reason why his poll numbers were abysmal last fall and they have not improved.  But the GOP establishment is playing to Corker’s ego.

Marsha Blackburn got her start draining the swamp in Nashville.  In 2001 and 2002, she singlehandedly fought a liberal Republican governor and his Democrat allies as they tried to impose a state income tax on Tennessee.

In Washington, she has amassed an impressive conservative record.  While she has fought to drain the swamp, Bob Corker has been the quintessential swamp creature.

In the 2016 Presidential primary, President Trump carried 94 of Tennessee’s 95 counties.  He needs an ally in Washington. Bob Corker has proven himself to be someone who stabs the President in the back every opportunity he gets, and he arrogantly ignores the wishes of the Tennesseans, he allegedly represents.

We hope Corker gets back in the race.  Watching Marsha Blackburn destroy him will be fun.

Tea Party Nation endorses Marsha Blackburn to be the next Senator from the State of Tennessee.


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  1. Chuck smith

    She can beat Bob Corker and the Phil Bredesen. She needs our financial support and our feet in the neighborhoods across this state. It’s not the time for “newbies” or “failed” representation in Washington..
    Chuck Smith