Today, Tea Party Nation does something we have never done before.

We are endorsing a candidate who is not even running.

Marco Rubio came to the United States Senate in 2010 along with Rand Paul and Mike Lee. They made up a great freshman class from the 2010 election.  Senator Rubio quickly ran afoul of the conservative movement by endorsing the “Gang of Eight” Amnesty proposal.

In 2014, Senator Rubio, having grown very frustrated with the Senate, particularly under the tyrannical thumb of Democrat wannabe dictator Harry Reid, announced he would run for President. Since Florida law prohibited Rubio from running for both President and reelection to the Senate, the die was cast.

Senator Rubio seemed very comfortable and even at peace with his decision, even after his Presidential campaign ended in March.  Until the last few days, his reaction to people suggesting he change his mind and run for reelection has been not only no, but hell no.

Senator Rubio needs to face a fact. His party needs him and his nation needs him.

Having reviewed a lot of data from Florida, we at Tea Party Nation are convinced he is the only Republican who can carry that seat in November.  There are some good guys running but all the data indicates they lose.

This is a bad year for Republicans. Ignoring any other political issues, the numbers are against the GOP in the Senate. The Republicans are defending 24 seats where the Democrats are only defending 10.  Of the ten most endangered seats (meaning they will flip from one party to the other), nine of them are Republican seats.

With any Republican not named Marco Rubio, the odds are the seat flips.

We are faced with a binary choice this fall.  In January, the majority leader of the United States Senate will either be Republican Mitch McConnell or far left wing socialist Chuck Schumer.

While much of our ire has been focused on Senator Rubio’s support of the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill, his other work as a Senator has been good. He has fought Obama on Iran, emptying Guantanamo, helping to bail out the Castro brothers in Cuba and he has fought against the insane spending of the Obama Regime.

The nightmare scenario in January is when the Senate is sworn in on January 3, 2017.  There will be 17 days before Obama leaves office. His nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court will still be valid. If Chuck Schumer is the new Senate Majority Leader, all he and the Democrats have to do is eliminate the filibuster (which Harry Reid did) and rush Garland’s nomination to the floor for a rush vote.

No matter what happened in the election, Obama will have put a 3rd Supreme Court justice on the bench.

Senator Rubio has until June 24th to file the paperwork to run for reelection.

The Republican Party needs Marco Rubio to run for election. America needs Marco Rubio.

Tea Party Nation encourages Senator Marco Rubio to run for reelection and endorses him in that race.


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