Recent events show the irrationality of many blacks in our society who repeatedly blame others for their own shortcomings and even more disturbing are those who want to exploit minorities for their own political purposes. Intemperate or even deliberately false statements by left wing political leaders, including the President and other high elected officials, have fanned the flames of racial hatred to a higher level than that seen in decades. IHMO this conduct compellingly suggests that there is blood on the hands of the President and these elected officials.

The winds of racial hatred are fanned by the continual spewing of false and misleading statements which are virtually never controverted by the main stream media. Let’s just go over few examples which seem never to be discussed.

1. While the actions of the police in their use of deadly force are certainly not always justified, the first reaction of these politicians and the main stream media is to assume the worst. When the facts are revealed these facts facts are virtually always ignored by these politicians and hate groups like Black Lives Matters. One example is the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri where the officer was clearly justified. What was the result? He was forced from his job despite his actions being fully justified, no apology was ever given by those politicians like Barak Obama and Jay Nixon who were flat out wrong and organizations like Black Lives Matters continue to lie about what happened to promote their agendas.

2. Blacks claim the police are racists despite the fact that many police departments are now headed by black police chiefs and have a much greater representation of black officers than in the past. However, when given the opportunity to join the police like what was offered by the black Dallas police chief Brown after the recent police shootings there in order to help make changes in how their communities are policed many of them absolutely refuse to do so. When I was a police commander one of my female police clerks was offered a job by me as a police officer at a salary three times what she was making. She refused stating that she was afraid of the reaction of the black community should she become a police officer.

3. It is well documented that the family unit has completely broken down in black communities and most children are brought up by females with no male role model available. Despite allegations of racism being involved in arrests the facts are that criminal conduct runs rampant in the young black male culture. Despite the BS put out by the left and hate organizations like Black Lives Matters recent studies done by a black researcher prove that police do not shoot blacks at a higher rate than they do whites. In fact in contrast, based upon their percentage in the population, police officers are actually killed by blacks at a rate three times that they are killed by white offenders. It seems clear that the facts, not political propaganda, show clearly that much of the problems of black communities are brought on by their own conduct and has zero to do with the alleged bad conduct or racism of the police.

4. When looking at these facts it seems clear blacks have no intention of changing their own bad conduct. Instead they find it easier to blame others and unscrupulous organizations and politicians are more than willing to jump on this blame bandwagon.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    Bruce, if I ignore what you wrote for the moment and just discuss the Democrat party, it might help explain some of this.
    Democrats belong to what I’d call a CLUB that has this as their most basic theme:
    Democrats claim only THEY care about the underdog / the little guy / the oppressed / the minorities, and the weakest among us.
    Democrats claim they are caring about “all of us” and it obviously only THEY who hold that superior talent.
    Democrats claim that Big Government solves all problems and replaces any need for Family, God, or what used to be discussed and admired fairly often as Love. However, to Democrats, Big Government has to stay in little cubicles in office buildings and “mean” people like police and military people are just white macho pigs that need to be shut down all together.
    Democrats are typically making points primarily made in a whiny way, as if its a teenage school girl on a rant, and Democrat men stand behind them saying “Yeah!” like SHE said.
    Democrats are in favor of almost unlimited acceptance of issues to dismantle what used to be rules about education, sex, drugs, atheism, and capitalism.
    These are just some generalizations we can make, and if you’re on the wrong side of their agenda, it should be easy to see them, their behavior and how wildly different it is from what used to be respect and decency and common sense. Luckily, it’s only about half the country. . . so far.