by Burt Prelutsky

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What makes those on the Left so vile isn’t simply that they’re wrong on every major issue, but that they display such utter contempt for the Constitution and those of us who regard it as a sacred document. Making matters worse, much worse, is that they have such monumental arrogance that they believe they are morally and intellectually superior to the rest of us.

For example, they are always showing their disdain for those who believe in the literal truth of the Old and New Testaments. Admittedly, I tend to have my own doubts when it comes to Jonah surviving being swallowed by a whale, Noah conveying two of each kind of animal onto an ark and Mrs. Lot being turned into a pillar of salt for sneaking a peek back at Sodom.

But where do people who take scum-Al Gore’s climate hoax seriously and who believe there are, by actual account, 1,728 genders get off looking down their noses at anyone? Worse yet, they dare place themselves on the side of Science in the Science vs. Religion debate, ignoring the fact that someone a lot smarter than scum-Al Gore, Albert Einstein, managed to find truth in each.

⦿ If liberals limited themselves to spouting nonsense, it would be bad enough. Unfortunately, they run for political office and vote for each other, leading to such atrocities as liar-nObamaCare, the Iran nuclear deal, higher taxes, open borders and a new law in Seattle, which would fine a landlord if he dared ask a perspective tenant if he or she had ever been in jail.

I’m not a landlord, but if I were, I’d certainly want to know if I were renting to a jailbird. I know the liberal lie is that these people have paid their debt to society, but their victims weren’t this nebulous thing called “society.” It was the owner of the store they robbed and the clerk they terrified; the guy they mugged while wielding a switchblade; the woman they raped.

Imprisonment is just a punishment that keeps them off the street for a while. It doesn’t change their character and it doesn’t make them virtuous and trustworthy.

I’m betting the Seattle council members wouldn’t allow convicted felons in their own home, but they not only think a landlord doesn’t have the same right, but that if he dare ask a perfectly reasonable question, it will cost him $14,000, and if he does it a second time, the price jumps to $55,000.

⦿ In case you missed the news, the Boy Scouts will henceforth be called Scouts, BSA. The BSA stands for Boy Scouts of America, but by neutering the title, they intend to swing the door open to girls who don’t want to join the Girl Scouts.

Frankly, I always figured the Boy Scouts were already sliding down a slippery slope when, under the leadership of Rex Tillerson, they caved to the liberals and allowed homosexuals to become Scout Leaders.

I confess I have no idea why any girl would wish to join a group called Scouts BSA. To me, it’s as clumsy a moniker as baseball’s Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles. Which, to me, is the corporate equivalent of dual-citizenship.

⦿ Although I had hoped against hope that once the liar-nObamas vacated the White House, I wouldn’t hear about them or see either of them ever again. I had similar hopes when liar-Bill and liar-Hillary moved out of the White House. In my case, “hope springs eternal” isn’t just an expression, it’s apparent proof of a mental disorder.

That being said, while addressing a group of defenseless school kids, Mrs. liar-nObama introduced herself as “I’m your forever First Lady.”

As Mark Steyn observed: “A forever First Lady is a queen.”

I would rudely suggest that there’s a queen in the family, but it’s not Michelle.

During the segment on Tucker Carlson’s show, Steyn and Carlson both agreed that titles like President, Governor, Senator and Congressman, should be retired once the person leaves office. After that, they should revert to being Mr., Mrs. or Ms. This, after all, is a republic, not a monarchy, no matter what the liar-nObamas think.

I feel the same way about such titles as General, Major, Chief and Judge. If it’s no longer your job, you don’t get to hang on to the title as if you were a member of English royalty.

Carlson added, for good measure, that if you’re not a medical practitioner, stop calling yourself “Doctor.” A Ph. D doesn’t make you a doctor and neither does being a reverend.

⦿ Apparently, if you work for the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the NSA, the Justice Department or the State Department, one of the perks is that you can ignore the Constitution with impunity. The latest and most blatant example of this is the way that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is refusing to turn over documents to the oversight committees of Congress.

Even when he finally decides to oblige those with the constitutional authority to oversee his activities, the papers are so heavily redacted (blacked out), they’re useless. He explains they’re redacted because they are classified, but never bothers explaining on what possible basis they’re deemed classified, inasmuch as national security is obviously not involved. You don’t have to be terribly insightful to grasp the actual motive is to cover up the illegal activities of Washington’s legions of unelected bureaucrats.

If Jeff Sessions wasn’t as unsuited to be the Attorney General as his predecessors, scum-Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, he would have canned Rosenstein months ago. But it’s also true that if the President didn’t waste so much time tweeting, he would have canned Sessions even before that.

Rosenstein calls members of Congress “extortionists” for indicating a willingness to impeach him for stonewalling them.

When you consider the illegal shenanigans of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Brennan, Clapper and Rosenstein, it’s difficult not to recognize that we have morphed into a police state.

Although we all know that the only thing that motivates the Democrats is hogtying Donald Trump and regaining control of the House and Senate, it behooves clown-Schumer, Pulosi and their allies, to call these Fifth Columnists on the carpet. At the present time, they may enjoy the spectacle of these intelligence and law enforcement agencies making trouble for Trump and the Republicans, but presidents and even traitors come and go, and the Democrats may rue the day when one of their own is in the White House and a different group of federal rogues are conspiring against him or her.

⦿ I sometimes wonder if liberals ever pause to actually read the Constitution, even as short as it is. The fact they believe that the phrase “separation of church and state” actually exists in the document strongly suggests they haven’t.

But, then, when you realize that most of the federal departments that have sprung up like poisonous toadstools over the years are unconstitutional, and that most Cabinet secretaries are overseeing illegal enterprises, you can see why they might not think it’s essential to know what it was that Madison, Adams, Jefferson and Franklin, actually cobbled together.

⦿ After listing my least favorite actors and actresses and inviting others to share their own, the names I received were Ali McGraw, Natalie Wood, Paul Burke, Hayden Rourke, Mischa Auer, Agnes Moorehead and Vera Hruba Ralston. I didn’t strongly disagree, although I thought Burke was pretty good in the TV series, “Naked City.”

I did come up with two additional names for my own list: Whit Bissel and Wesley Addy could put me in a stupor faster than super strength sleeping pills.

⦿ I received a message reading: “A caravan claiming victim status is demanding they be accepted as Americans, all the while chanting left-wing anti-Trump, anti-American slogans. But enough about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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