by Burt Prelutsky

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It amazes me how much attention has been paid to Parkland, Florida, and how little to Chicago, Illinois. While it’s true that one can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore the bloodbath that took place at the Florida high school, why isn’t anyone discussing the fact that, in any given week, it’s likely that more than 17 people will be gunned down in the Windy City? Could the reason be that the victims in one place were white and in the other they tend to be black?

Surely, one would think the Democrats would concentrate on those that constitute their most faithful voting bloc. Yet they hardly even mention it. Is it perhaps the fact they can’t hope to pin those murders on the NRA because they are nearly all committed by punks with handguns?

Is their silence entirely due to their inability to cast the NRA’s CEO, Wayne LaPierre, as the villain of the piece? After all, when Chicago’s favorite son, Barack liar-nObama, denounced those who cling to their guns and their religion, he certainly wasn’t referring to the black thugs who terrorize his town’s inner city. Until we hear the Democrats call for the disarming of America’s street gangs, we know they’re not even slightly serious about gun violence.

There are questions, though, that have been raised during the aftermath of the Parkland shootings that call for our attention. For instance, although I think the idea of allowing certain qualified teachers to be allowed to carry concealed weapons is a good one, I just wish I could be more confident they’d only use them in case some loon invaded their school and not just because some kid had worn his “Make America Great Again” cap to class or mentioned that his father thought the tax reform act was a godsend long overdue.

For my part, I am in favor of whatever it takes to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable although I realize that Democrats aren’t typically in the market for guns. I also happen to believe that all gun sales, be they at gun shows or between private parties, should be recorded. I see no reason that there should be one rule for cars and another for guns. There are, after all, reasonable limitations on speech, so I see no valid reason that just because the Second Amendment allows Americans to own guns, there can’t be commonsense rules governing their possession.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch made herself a target, even from some conservative pundits, for declaring that the mass media loves mass-killings. She didn’t mean that individuals in the news business don’t grieve for the victims, but it’s silly to deny that the entities for which they work don’t appreciate the ratings boost they derive every time that something like the massacres at Fort Hood, Orlando or Parkland, take place. Even Fox News devoted an entire evening’s broadcasts to Parkland, even when there was nothing new to report for hours at a time.

Regarding all the missed opportunities to do something about Nikolas Cruz before he turned his promises into a nightmarish reality, William Watson suggests that it was because even though the kid was white, his name was Hispanic, and everyone, from his teachers to the social worker to the cops to the FBI, was reluctant to risk being labeled racist by doing something proactive about the psycho.

Finally, it seems there wasn’t just one armed-guard at Parkland who remained outside waiting for the shooting to stop before entering the premises. There were four of them. I don’t believe they have been identified, but it made me wonder if they were all ex-FBI agents.

⦿ Speaking of the FBI, one of my subscribers is a former agent who served for nine years under J. Edgar Hoover. “Ever since Waco and Ruby Ridge,” she writes, “and especially the past few years, the FBI has turned into an agency I am no longer proud to be associated with.”

She lays the blame on two things. “The first is the politicization of the Bureau at the upper management level. Politics has always been a factor, but it has become much more political ever since liar-nObama ran the country, as evidenced by the collusion of the FBI with liar-Hillary, liar-nObama and the Democrats, in the past election. The other factor is political correctness. Everyone from the Director down to the rookie field agent is scared of saying something that might be considered offensive. It’s causing hesitations, second thoughts that will get these good men and women killed.”

She went on to speculate that people like Comey, McCabe and Strzok, assumed Mrs. liar-Clinton would win the election and were out to get on her good side. A side, I admit, I have never once spotted.

In response, I wrote that at least some of the subordinate agents have to be willing to go public about their true feelings or risk being tarred with the same brush as their superiors. Otherwise, we only have the word of politicians that the rank and file aren’t a bunch of brown nose incompetents who have somehow missed all the signals from 9/11 to Parkland.

I added: “What surprises me isn’t that the top tier at the Bureau sucked up to liar-Hillary Clinton prior to the election but continued to support her and the liar-nObama resistance movement even after she had lost, when their obvious malfeasance could likely end up costing them their jobs as well as their reputations.”

⦿ Many left-wing healthcare advocates push for denying certain measures to be taken, certain surgeries to be performed, on the elderly, arguing that the costs outweigh the advantages of keeping people alive who might only have a few more years of life anyway.

What strikes me as odd, not to mention odious, about that position is that I could make a much stronger case for treating drug addicts, career criminals, generational welfare recipients and paranoiac schizophrenics, the same way that homeless dogs and cats are treated every hour of the day. There’s even less excuse for euthanizing the animals because the only thing they lack is the opportunity to fulfill their destiny as a beloved pet in a loving home.

After all, the elderly patient, in most cases, has lived a productive life and would be sorely missed by their friends and family.

The same can’t be said for those who defecate on our streets, foul the environment with their drug paraphernalia, and give us all an Excedrin-size headache with their endless demands for free stuff, courtesy of the American taxpayer.

⦿ On the topic of old people, a reader, hoping he wasn’t being impertinent, asked me if I had any misgivings about my own aging process.

I assured him that I didn’t think he was being impertinent. I told him: “I do have occasional misgivings because the longer I go without any serious illnesses, the greater the odds that I’m going to be hit with something extremely unpleasant. The thing is, I’m not afraid of death. My fears are more related to things like strokes and paralysis, perils that could deprive me of speech and movement, making me a prisoner inside my own body.

On the other hand, it’s just possible that I am immortal. So far, so good.

⦿ As you all know by now, I very often refer to exchanges with my readers. But I don’t want to presume to identify the other person, even if all they’ve done is sent along a joke, unless they wish to be. So, from now on, if you don’t care to be identified, please mention it in your communication.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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