by Burt Prelutsky

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According to the National Review, which is hardly ever wrong except when it comes to acknowledging Donald Trump’s many virtues, it seems that when Barack liar-nObama stated the purpose of his presidential library was to make positive changes in the lives of visitors and locals, he was, as usual, lying through his teeth.

For years, he has steamrollered over the objections of Chicago residents who opposed the location of the building. With the civility for which he has long been known, he announced that if he didn’t get his way, he’d move the library to Honolulu or New York City.

His Highness has now announced that the library will contain neither his presidential papers nor will it be administered, as all the other presidential libraries are, by the National Archives and Records Administration.

In fact, it will not even be called a library. His Foundation has chosen to call it the liar-nObama Presidential Center, and the only books you’ll find on the premises will have to be supplied by the Chicago Public Library.

When it’s completed, the Center will include a community garden, a “test kitchen” and a recording studio where visitors will be able to “create their own songs, speeches, short films and interviews,” for a price, one assumes.

In short, Barack liar-nObama intends to keep his presidential documents hidden away in the same vault where he stashed his birth certificate, his college application, his college record and his travel visa.

Voice a complaint that he doesn’t own the paperwork that piled up during the eight years he got to spend rent-free in the People’s House and you’ll be labeled a racist. Inasmuch as that isn’t a fear that keeps me up nights, I’ll say that I am hoping to live long enough to see the liar-nObama Center put to the same purpose that the egotistical pharaohs put their own grandiose monuments: as a mausoleum.

* I must admit that I am dumbfounded by the news that two of the only conservatives California has sent to Congress in the past few decades, Darrell Issa and Ed Royce, have announced they’re not running for re-election in November.

It makes no sense. Mr. Royce has spent 25 years in the House, Mr. Issa, 17 years. That means they have put in all those years while liar-Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack liar-nObama, were in a position to put the kibosh on any conservative legislation that managed to sneak out of Congress.

But now, with a man in the Oval Office who is looking to cut taxes, build up the military, make sense of our immigration policy, protect the rights of the religiously-inclined, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel and put the priorities of our country ahead of everyone else’s, they suddenly can’t wait to pack their bags and get out of town.

I’m sorry, but unless they suspect they’re currently under investigation for corruption or sexual misconduct, it makes absolutely no sense.

* Speaking of immigration, unless the final bill includes the requirement that employers be compelled to E-Verify the legal status of employees, the bill will only be half-baked. That’s because we all know that whereas the Democrats prefer the status quo because they want more and more potential liberal voters flooding in, the Republicans have been dragging their own feet because major donors want a steady stream of cheap labor in order to undercut the wages of working Americans.

We also need E-Verify because these days, most illegal aliens don’t come across the southern border unless they’re transporting cocaine or heroin; mainly they enter the country with travel visas and simply decide to stick around and get a job or collect welfare.

* Even though I don’t own any stocks, I have been happy to watch the Stock Market reach record heights. For one thing, it shows renewed confidence in America and in the current administration. The problem is that the Market isn’t always the best yardstick with which to measure the economy.

Too often, it goes downhill as quickly or quicker than it rises, behaving more like a rollercoaster than an honest gauge.

Because the Market has gained more than five thousand points in a year, I would be listening for that favorite word of brokers, “a correction.” As I understand it, that’s what happens when investors sense that things are getting a little crazy and decide to sell off and take their profits.

The problem is that these so-called corrections can set off financial panics. I just hope that for once, all the people who have been regarding themselves as financial geniuses because of the recent surge don’t overnight lose confidence in America’s financial might and start running around like a huge flock of Chicken Littles, screaming that “The Dow is falling! The Dow is falling!”

* Unlike most American males who came of age in the middle of the last century, I never thought Ernest Hemingway was a great writer. In fact, I thought that even though he set his novels against a backdrop of war, hunting, bullfighting or big game fishing, his books were boring.

Worse still, because he was so influential and his style so easy to mimic, he was responsible for more bad writing than any other 10 guys.

I had a similar reaction to Marlon Brando. I liked a few of his movies “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “On the Waterfront” and “The Godfather” come to mind, but I always thought he came across affected and I found him the weakest element in even those three movies.

But even worse than his own emoting was the effect he had on his peers, the easily-impressionable likes of James Dean, Vic Morrow, Christopher Jones, Dennis Hopper, Albert Salmi, Ben Gazzara, Steve McQueen and Rod Steiger, who all vied to be the heir to his title.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that he was responsible for more bad acting than Konstantin Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg put together, Brando was the first of the gang that would come to include Vanessa Redgrave, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rosanna Arquette, Robert DeNiro, George Clooney and NOprah Winfrey, who have turned countless award ceremonies into politically partisan gatherings of like-minded yahoos.

Speaking of which, between the Oscars, the Tonys, the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the New York Circle Critics, the National Review and the People’s Choice Awards, when do these self-congratulating ninnies find the time to make movies and star on Broadway?

* On a related topic, I’m not quite ready to move on from the sex scandals that have rattled politics, the news media and Hollywood.

As someone pointed out, it’s rather hard to take the women at the Golden Globes seriously when they lecture America about sexual harassment when dressed like hookers. Furthermore, dressing in black doesn’t make a lot of difference, as it merely suggests the hookers will all be attending a funeral later on.

On the other hand, French actress Catherine Deneuve is one of a hundred mature women who have signed a public letter blaming the #MeToo movement for creating a totalitarian climate that seeks to equate perfectly legitimate flirting with rape and sexual assault.

For my part, it is the height of hypocrisy for women who have elected to pursue careers in modeling and acting, pursuits that often call on them to appear semi-nude or even completely naked, complaining they’re not being treated respectfully by the men in the business. That is particularly true when everybody knows that it’s not just the Weinstein brothers who got into show biz, partly if not mainly, because of the easy access to gorgeous women.

Heck, every studio boss from Louis B. Meyer to Howard Hughes used the studio as his own personal harem, as did most of Hollywood’s producers and directors.

Dear Ladies: A friendly piece of advice from Uncle Burt: If you go to work in healthcare, banking, accounting, law, teaching or sales, you have every right to call out any jerk who hassles you on the job.

However, if you insist you won’t achieve creative fulfillment unless you achieve super stardom in modeling or the movies, you have no more business bitching about lechers hitting on you than a big game hunter has complaining about snakes in the underbrush. In both cases, it goes with the territory, and please don’t pretend you didn’t know it before I told you.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy.


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