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From The Outside To The Core:
Who I Am IS Why I Do What I Do



I will start at my core and work my way out…a inverted-reverse peeling as it were…

The Core.

At my core, my heart of hearts, I am a Born-Again, Biblical-Christian. What this means is that The Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. I am no longer my own, I have been bought, redeemed, with HIS precious blood and am no longer my own. I am a firm, 100% devout believer in The Holy Bible, God’s Word. Prayerful study of God’s Word daily is essential to Christian growth. I have read through The Bible 67 times cover-to-cover, and am currently reading through it my 68th time. I KNOW God answers prayer. I have seen God’s hand move upon many lives and save, heal and deliver many,

HOW did I become a Christian and WHY?

Though brought in a preacher’s home and in church I did NOT care about God, Church, Christianity or Christians one bit. At age 9 began to become very disinterested in all things Christian and Church. By age 12 my passive disinterest was a full-blown rebellion. I started smoking (4 packs a day); drinking hard liquor, didn’t really like beer; cursing like a drunken sailor on shore leave; vandalism, theft, breaking and entering, fights daily; and even got into the occult and Satanism. Had Anton LaVey’s “Satanic Bible” and was reading it daily. I was going to move on to harder drugs and exact some revenge on some church folk who did my dad and mom wrong… BUT GOD… but GOD had other plans for me.

In 1976 I had planned and saved the money to go from Needles, Ca., where we had moved to, back to my home town of Hannibal, Mo. . I had over $660 saved up, which back in 1976 went further than it does today. The last I heard from my best friend that I’d be staying with (in a snail mail letter, NO internet and NO cell phones back then) was that he was as big a doper and rebel as I was and/or wanted to be…BUT GOD had brought my friend, Mike, to a place where he surrendered his heart and life to The Lord Jesus Christ, and was now a Spirit-filled Christian. Needless to say GOD had much different plans for me. On Monday night, at about 10:00 to 10:30 pm after a 3 and a half hour Pentecostal, tent-revival service where God’s love and Holy Spirit moved freely I truly gave my heart and life to The Lord Jesus Christ as MY Lord and Savior. I wasn’t perfect then, I’m not perfect now. BUT I AM changed, a new creature in Christ Jesus (II Corinthians 5:17-21; II Corinthians 6;14-7:1; Romans 5:1-8: Colossians 3:1-17: Philippians 3:7-14).


Because I am a Christian I am a Constitutional-Conservative. I use to be a Liberal (was for minimum wage, Nixon’s wage-and-price freezes, and thought government had the answers…). BUT when I gave my heart and life to The Lord Jesus Christ I saw and KNEW Jesus had the answers because Jesus IS THE Answer. As I read and continue to read God’s Holy and Eternal Word I saw that there is NO way to be a Christian and also be a Liberal. The two are diametrically opposed. Liberalism detests absolute right and wrong, absolute truth is anathema to Liberals. To proclaim the Biblical Truth, like:

ONLY JESUS SAVES- JOHN 10:1; JOHN 14:6; ACTS 4:9-12; ACTS 16;31; ROMANS 5:1-8; ROMANS 10:9-17; PHILIPPIANS :5-13)




Those are but the four basics of basic, I fully believe ALL of God’s Word. And Liberals hate all of God and His Word because it is not soft, sweet nor watered-down PC nothingness.

Liberals believe abortion is fine- GOD DOES NOT, JEREMIAH 1:4-10

Liberals believe sodomy and sodomite “marriage” is fine- GOD DOES NOT, ROMANS 1:16-32; I CORINTHIANS 6:9-11; GALATIANS 5:16-25; LEVITICUS 18:22, 23; LEVITICUS 20:13-16

Liberals believe the New-Age and Occult are fine- GOD DOES NOT, LEVITICUS 20:1-9; LEVITICUS 19:4, 26-31; ROMANS 1:16-32; I CORINTHIANS 6:9-11; GALATIANS 5:16-25

Liberals believe in tax-hikes, welfare, and big government- GOD DOES NOT, II THESSALONIANS 3;10, 12; I TIMOTHY 5:1-9; MATTHEW 25:14-30; LUKE 19:12-27

EVERY tenet of Liberalism God OPPOSES.

EVERY doctrine of God Liberals OPPOSE.

IF Liberal is a Christian and TRULY following God and His Word they will either quit being a Liberal OR quit being a Christian…you can NOT serve two masters, MATTHEW 6:21, 24, 33; MATTHEW 12:30.

So, because I am a Biblical-Christian I am a Constitutional-Conservative.


Next Layer Up.

I’m a husband. As a Christian being a husband means I love my wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it, Ephesians 5:25. It also means that after The Lord Jesus Christ FIRST I belong to my wife, I Corinthians 7:2-5. As a Christian I am to love my wife as I Corinthians 13 instructs me. The whole focus and basis of my life is in and on and through The Lord Jesus Christ. As I love HIM supremely I then can love my wife properly…and love other Christians and the lost with the love of The Lord, Romans 5:6.IF you love someone you will not mistreat, take advantage, take for granted nor in any way ill treat them. Love forgives, is patient, kind, and strong…not frail, selfish, proud nor resentful.


Next Layer Up.

I am a father. My daughter is 23. My son is 22. They are from a previous marriage, but I loved them then, I love them now. After over 5 years of bachelorhood I re-married and my lovely and loving wife has 4 boys. I love them too, though they are staying with their father. Because I am a Christian first and I do love them I want the best for them. The best is different for each of them, BUT it can ONLY be found in and through a life surrendered to The Lord Jesus Christ. So I lovingly, daily pray and try to train and nurture them in the things of God…to look and listen to the world around them with the eyes and ears of God. To do this I train, nurture and encourage them in God’s Word, MATTHEW 4:4; MATTHEW 5:6; MATTHEW 6:21, 24, 33; COLOSSIANS 3:1-17. I try to be their friend without losing the position of father. Sometimes love means I say no and it MEANS NO…but I say it because I love them. To let them believe, think, say/do every foolish thing that enters their heart is NOT love, PROVERBS 22:15; HEBREWS 12:3-11.



As a Biblical-Christian who is a Constitutional-Conservative, husband and family man I am instructed and expected to always and ever put and keep Christ Jesus FIRST before all else, above all else and in all else. Being a Christian is NOT just for church. Being a Christian is NOT just religious NOR for religious settings. Being a Christian is who I am. It shapes, molds, fashion and forms my life to the likeness of Jesus Christ, ROMANS 8:28-32; ROMANS 12:1-3. I am far, far from perfect, but I am NOT who NOR what I use to be. I am changed, II CORINTHIANS 5:17, and being changed II PETER 3:18; LUKE 9:23.



IF I truly want what is right and good,

IF I truly want what is best for my family and my country,

IF I truly want to do what pleases God I will NEVER think, believe, say NOR do anything that is contrary to God and His Holy Word.

IF all this is true, and it is, I can never and will never support nor vote for a Liberal, regardless of party, title, label, background or gender. I can NOT and will NOT ever support NOR ever vote for someone who is contrary to the will and heart of God- NEVER. 

Hence I can NOT and will NOT vote for either Hitlary, Trampo, Stein, nor Johnson. I will vote for Evan McMullin. Any other course of action would be displeasing to and grieve my Heavenly Father, and that I do enough by accident without PLANNING to do it. 


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-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.



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  1. Larry Wallenmeyer Post author

    I can no longer support Ted Cruz.

    He either has been bribed, blackmailed, bullied, or lied and completely COMPROMISED all principles to support the vile and wretched DT.

    I want a TRUE Conservative, with a back-bone.
    Reagan did NOT support NOR endorse Ford…where have THOSE REAL Conservatives gone?!!

    -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    1. Larry Wallenmeyer Post author

      You are most welcome MUG, though I am merely doing what any Christian and Conservative can (and should) do, and that is stand unwaveringly for Principles and Truth.
      In this election cycle I’ve seen once Conservative Heroes fall big and hard.
      Rush- who I had listened to since 1989, no more.
      Hannity, Ingraham, major disappointments. no more.
      Michael Savage blind-sided me. Rush admitted to being an entertainer, but I (once) thought that Savage was a strong, stern and “un-buyable” Conservative voice- no more.
      James Woods, Ted Nuggent, Kid Rock, Stacy Dash? Actors, porn stars, rock stars…I hold them to a (lower) standard than I do Rush, Hannity and Levin. Still wrong, still a disappointment.
      Anne Coulter? Knew she was a sniveling Liberal shill for years.
      But one who hurt and disappointed even more than Rush was Mark Levin, a Constitutional scholar and (former) member and Leader of #NEVERTRUMP…HOW could he, or anyone for that matter, rationally reconcile such a vile, festering pile of Liberal Excrement as DT with Conservative Principles and Values?!! Conservatism and DT are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED.
      Then Ted Cruz? Major, major disappointment. Reagan NEVER cowardly compromised and endorsed Ford- NEVER.
      One has to look hard, far and wide to find real, true Conservatives who haven’t either been bought, bullied, blackmailed, deluded or were just compromising liars all along. There still is Bill Krystol, Steve Deace, Thomas Sowell, Erick Erickson, Ben Sasse, Ben Shapiro, and our own Judson Phillips…and a few others who have NOT bowed their knee to Baal. Count me as one of the unbowed…still standing for truth, principle and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

      -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.