by Burt Prelutsky

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I have always thought that it made more sense to judge a person by his enemies than by his friends. Partly that’s because it’s often pretty easy for villains to pretend to be decent people, to smile and charm and ooze their way through life. It certainly explains how Barack liar-nObama weaseled his way into the White House.

It is also the reason why I thought that Robert Ryan was such a lousy actor. In every movie he was ever in, he always went out of his way to portray evil intentions even when he wasn’t up to no good at the time. As an actor, perhaps because in real life Ryan was an uberliberal, he wasn’t bright enough to understand that bad people don’t always know they’re bad. Psychotics not only don’t always know it, but they don’t even care. The last thing that villains want to do is telegraph that they mean to slit your throat. Heck, we have photographic proof that there were times when even Hitler, Stalin and Mao, smiled for the camera.

I am merely explaining why I think Donald Trump can be better and more fairly judged by his enemies than by his allies. Even if I knew nothing else about Trump, if I knew that people like Chuck clown-Schumer, Kate Blanchett, RINO-John McCain, Nancy Pulosi, Meryl Streep, scum-Dick Durbin, Joy Behar, scum-Adam Schiff, Rosie O’Donnell, Van Jones, scum-Eric Holder, mad-Maxine Waters, Angela Merkel, Kim Jong-un and the Ayatollah Khomeini, despised him, my instinct would be to assume he was my kind of guy.

If I needed any further proof, it would have been provided when in response to Trump’s speech in Davos, Switzerland, Jordan’s Prince Zeid Raad al-Hussein, the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, declared that if everyone in the world followed Trump’s suggestion that each country should put its own interests first, it would lead to the world coming apart and people suffering grievously. News flash: Earth to Prince Zaad: The world is and always has been fractured and people have always been suffering grievously. I suspect that’s the case even in such a fun spot as Jordan.

But, wouldn’t it make more sense to whine about the actions of China, Russia, North Korea and Iran? When it comes to creating fault lines, only a pinhead like this Jordan prince would find the commonsense approach offered by Trump to be more confrontational than China’s creating man-made islands in the South China Sea; Russia’s aggression in Crimea, Ukraine and Syria; Iran’s constant testing of IBM missiles; and North Korea’s aiming a thousand pieces of artillery at Seoul and launching missiles in Japan’s direction.

As Trump has made clear, by placing America’s interests first, he’s not declaring war on anyone else. He’s simply acknowledging how immoral his predecessor showed himself to be when he consistently placed America’s priorities at the bottom of his list.

* The California State Assembly, in its attempt to prove itself dopier than the State Senate, has just proposed legislation that would impose a 6-month jail term and a thousand dollar fine on any waiter who offered a plastic straw to a customer who hadn’t asked for one.

Ian Calderon, the Majority Leader of the Assembly and someone who is obviously so deep in the pocket of the environmental lobby he’s grown accustomed to breathing lint, has naturally received commendations from the L.A. Times for his leadership on this burning issue.

* It would be easier to avoid gagging on liberal agendas if even occasionally, a few Democrats could bring themselves to acknowledge the idiocy of the Left’s talking points.

For instance, why is it so difficult for them to make an argument on behalf of illegal immigrants, while admitting that chain migration and a migration lottery are indefensible if a sovereign nation has any hope of guarding itself against terrorists, drug smugglers and criminal fugitives.

Instead, they not only label those calling for border control “racists,” but of being “white supremacists.”

Before making such a charge, wouldn’t they have to explain how it is that 85% of blacks want illegal immigration stopped here and now? Are they also white supremacists?

* I wasn’t surprised that the movie, “Dunkirk,” received several Academy Award nominations. The members of the Academy are notorious for their lousy decisions. What does surprise me is that I have heard from normal people who claimed to enjoy the movie.

As most of us are aware, what occurred at Dunkirk is one of the major miracles of World War II. The Germans had several hundred thousand British and French troops trapped on the beach, and for various reasons, didn’t proceed to wipe them out. Ultimately, England put out a call and just about every British civilian who owned a boat, no matter how large or small, set to sea and rescued the men, bringing most of them back across the Channel to safety, living to fight another day.

It is a great story of courage and patriotism, but as brought to life on screen, it is boring and, for the most part, depressing.

For one thing, we first see the troops standing on the sand, gazing out to sea. The director tries to indicate the size and scope of the seemingly impossible undertaking by shooting the scene from a helicopter. But instead of hundreds of thousands of troops, what we see are isolated bands of 50 or a hundred every 20 yards or so. If you didn’t know better, you would assume the entire mission consisted of rescuing about a thousand soldiers.

The next big problem is that most of the movie is devoted to watching British warships trying to rescue survivors and being blown out of the water by Nazi planes, although no explanation is given to explain why those same planes aren’t wiping out the defenseless troops on the sand. As a result, it’s like watching the same 10 minute loop of film for well over an hour.

I admit it was nice to see a flotilla of English ships finally appear on the horizon, but by then I was too busy checking my watch to be moved by the sight.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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