As President Trump began filling out his cabinet, he made one appointment that shocked no one. Tom Price, the long-time Georgia Congressman and doctor was named to be the Secretary for Health and Human Services.

Secretary Price resigned from Congress after his confirmation and on April 18th, Georgia voters in the Sixth Congressional District will go to the polls to select Congressman Price’s replacement.

There are a number of good candidates running in this race. Georgia needs to replace Tom Price with someone who is just as committed to conservative values has he was as a Congressman. We need more conservatives in Congress who will advance a real agenda. We need conservatives who will support cutting the budget.  We need conservatives who will stand for tax cuts. We need conservatives who will work to reign in the abusive federal government.

The best candidate for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District is Karen Handel.

Handel was elected Secretary of State in Georgia in 2006 and helped implement a voter ID law.  After leaving the government, she worked for the Susan Komen breast cancer foundation and helped eliminate the Komen foundation’s funding for Planned Parenthood.

She is against Amnesty and supports repealing Obamacare.

The Democrats have targeted Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, believing they can have a “Scott Brown” moment and take this solidly red district away from the GOP.  Karen Handel is not only an outstanding conservative, but she is the best candidate to beat back the Democrat surge in this district.

Tea Part Nation endorses Karen Handel for Congress and encourages the voters of Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District to elect her on April 18th.




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