Jack E. Kemp

The recent remarks against Donald Trump by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, showing no public judicial temperment, to the point where even the NY Times criticized her in an editorial, tell us what a scold and a harridan and harpy she is. Do you want one or two more like her on the Supreme Court? If you are a conservative who was considering sitting home on Election Day or an Independent-Undecided – or even in some cases a Democrat (of the old fashioned Harry Truman-John Kennedy type) – you may well find yourself persuaded to vote for Trump. Well, in the Democrats’ case, at least to not vote for Hillary on Election Day.

If Ginsburg’s remarks weren’t enough, a truck plowing into beach partiers in Nice on France’s independence day, Bastile Day, driven by a Tunisian “immigrant” (read: invading Soldier of Allah) has done to convince undecided American voters where to cast their vote more than what one hundred million dollars worth of pro-Trump political tv commercials could do.

The holdouts on the Never-Trump front, although they have some valid points, are essentially making an argument more fitting for Heaven than for the imperfect life on earth. And they won’t have any more effect – in 2016 – than a pro-Harrold Stassen rally at the GOP Convention had in the 1980s.

Most readers here aren’t familiar with an Israeli saying concerning whether to vote for a more hard line government or not, but as this country is flooded with more so called Middle Eastern Muslim “immigrants” who show up at places like the Orlando nightclub and San Bernadino, this saying gains more and more meaning when applied to the United States. That saying is “Ein Brerra” which means in English that “There’s no choice (or other option).” The luxury of a third party candidate is a fading pipe dream as the world explodes every day in acts of warfare.

Some of you may recall the speech Pres. George W. Bush made to Congress shortly after 9/11. As the tv camera focused on then Senator Hillary Clinton, a weird expression of hatred and frustration crossed her face, as if to say “George Bush, you have stolen my 2004 election chances. Why do you think we sent Elian Gonzales back to Cuba? So Al Gore would lose Florida and I, Hillary, would be sitting pretty for a 2004 nomination and election as President.”

Well, the Muslims have done it again. They have invoked the Surrender or Fight to the Death slogan, backed up by facts on the ground (in this latest case, on the beach). And the stark, non-moderate choices leave us with no (viable) choice but to chose the hard liner Trump to insure the delusional compromiser, Hillary Clinton, who kissed Mrs. Arafat in Ramallah in the 1990s. http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/brad-wilmouth/2009/01/05/nbcs-mitchell-recounts-hillary-clinton-kissing-arafats-wife is not in the Oval Office next January. And the term “We have no other choice or option” seems as true today in Des Moines and Atlanta as it is in Jerusalem.


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