When conservatives start talking about races, invariably conservatives start talking about the sexy races.   The Senate, the House, the governor’s race.  Far too often, conservatives ignore other important races, such as the race for Attorney General.

In most states, the Attorney General race is looked at as a warm up for the governor’s chair.  Indeed, in many states, the AG’s office is simply the stepping stone to the Governor’s mansion.

In 2017, the only Attorney General up for election is in Virginia.  In 2013, Democrat Mark Herring became the Attorney General of Virginia.  Herring is one of the worst Attorneys General in the United States.  Herring ignored the responsibilities of his job when he refused to defend Virginia’s law on homosexual marriage.   Herring unilaterally announced Virginia would not recognize out of state handgun permits.

Instead of defending Virginia’s voter ID law, he hired an outside firm to do that. At least Herring did not refuse to defend the law.

Virginia deserves better than that.

John Adams is a constitutional conservative, running to replace Adams this year.  Adams clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas in the United States Supreme Court.

Adams is pro-Second Amendment, supports religious liberty, life and traditional marriage.

He is the kind of man a Commonwealth like Virginia needs as its top lawyer.

Mark Herring has been nothing more than a liberal activist with an elected office.   Virginia needs an Attorney General who represents the people of Virginia, not Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George Soros and the Democrat Party.

Tea Party Nation is pleased to endorse John Adams to be the next Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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