by Burt Prelutsky

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It seems like every day, we’re finding out that the so-called social network is about as anti-social as any other dictatorship on the face of the planet. If the kazillionaires in the Silicon Valley aren’t increasing their wealth by selling your personal information to the highest bidder, they’re colluding with the despotic regimes in Russia, China, North Korea and Turkey.

In 2012, as Mark Zuckerberg prepared for Facebook’s initial stock offering, he said his mission was to give people “the power to share, to make their voices heard on a different scale from what has historically been possible.”

But the fact is that Facebook engages in two forms of censorship. In the U.S., they will remove conservatives from their platforms, accusing them of engaging in hate speech when all they’ve done is tell the truth about liberals or posted the conservative side of the argument when it comes to the Second Amendment, immigration, abortions, transgender bathrooms or Islam.

When it comes to foreign regimes, which are not above using armies of paid trolls to object to the postings by critics of the regimes, Facebook is only too happy to comply with the despots’ demands. All they care about is that they’re allowed continued access inside their borders. Facebook should be called Two-Faced.

⦿ Having read a few more pages in Ron Kessler’s “The Trump White House,” I’ve already had a couple of lingering questions answered. The first is why, in spite of constantly chastising the NY Times, the President keeps granting them exclusive interviews. According to Kessler, it’s because he grew up reading the rag and continues to regard it as his hometown paper. It’s as if it’s in Trump’s DNA to need the paper’s validation. So, the more bad things they print about him, the more driven he is to gain their approval.

Another question has to do with his incessant tweeting. In that regard, Trump is like a child who has decided there’s no such thing as bad attention. To him, nothing is worse than being ignored. So, if the media doesn’t credit him for his many solid accomplishments, he’ll make sure they pay attention to his tweets or by giving out contradictory statements, often just days, sometimes mere hours, apart.

There has never been a president who has been so demanding of the spotlight.

Some people believe that he is wearing out his welcome. But I’ve begun to think it may work to his advantage. When FDR ran for a fourth term in 1944, I’m sure that a lot of voters realized he was ailing and would not likely live out his term, but after a dozen years, they simply couldn’t imagine someone else living in the White House.

It just might be that, come 2020, most Americans will have come to see Trump in just four short years, as a semi-permanent resident.

⦿ It appears that when Trump won his election, we were not only spared liar-Hillary Clinton, but as a bonus we avoided having Tim Kaine just a breath away, as they say, from the presidency.

It seems that Kaine’s youngest son, Linwood Kaine, 26, was arrested in 2017 at the Minnesota State Capitol, where young Kaine, along with a few of his fellow Antifa thugs, was arrested for punching and pepper-spraying people at a pro-Trump rally.

Naturally, in spite of resisting arrest, he got off with a small fine and no jail time.

But don’t any of you kids try this at home, where people lacking political clout who shove police officers generally wind up in the hospital.

⦿ Something that people often overlook when considering a move is the difference between the cost of living where they are and where they intend to wind up.

When a friend of Charles Schmitz let him know he was thinking of leaving St. Louis for San Francisco, Charley asked him what he was currently earning. It was $75,000-a-year. When they referred to Charley’s handy cost of living calculator, they discovered his friend would have to nearly double his salary to $143,000. When Charley asked him if he was willing to accept a $68,000 pay cut to move, his friend opted to stay put.

Just for the record, the five highest cost of living indexes in the Union are all places where Democrats rule the roost. They are, in order: Hawaii, Washington, D.C., California, Massachusetts and New York.

⦿ I heard from a reader who let me know how difficult it is these days to legally obtain the prescription painkillers that he’s been having to take for over 30 years because of a severe back injury he sustained working in construction. He says that because of all the hype over the “opioid crisis,” doctors are so terrified of arrest or lawsuits that they refuse to prescribe the drugs that so many people rely on for relief from their constant torment.

I replied: “I have experienced enough pain in my life, thanks to my back, rheumatoid arthritis and occasional gout flare-ups, that I at least have some idea what you’re dealing with. Frankly, from the very beginning of this alleged crisis, I have had my suspicions that they were conflating those who had become addicted to painkillers with the run-of-the-mill heroin junkies because the lawyers, who were seeking an excuse to sue pharmaceutical companies and physicians, knew that most of us would sympathize with the former, while our attitude to the latter ran more along the lines of “good riddance.”

⦿ After posting the results of the poll involving the worst of the seven deadly sins, Patrick Miano of Phoenix let me know he agreed with me that Envy was the worst.

That reminded me that I had warned my young son about the danger of that wicked emotion by telling him that at some point, he would find himself envying an actor, an athlete or a rock star, and would wish to change places with him. I pointed out how stupid that was because he might be unaware that the guy was suffering from a fatal illness or was about to keel over from a cocaine overdose. I told him he couldn’t just envy the idol’s fame, money or sex appeal. He had to take the whole package sight unseen. I don’t know if my words had any impact on Max. But they certainly did on me.

⦿ Another subscriber let me know that she had no problem with getting rid of bump stocks and semi-automatic weapons, which are not addressed in the Second Amendment. I pointed out that such things didn’t exist during the heyday of muskets, but the Founders were pretty bright guys and no doubt guessed that there would be more advanced weaponry in the future. Yet they chose not to limit the Second Amendment to muskets.

“Besides,” I went on, “the problem in Parkland wasn’t a particular gun, it was the fact that everyone from the teachers to the social workers to the Sheriff’s Department to the FBI and the four-armed guards who cowered outside while the massacre took place, all failed to do their jobs.

“Clearly, Nikolas Cruz should have been institutionalized a long time ago. But until liberals take insanity more seriously than they do bump stocks, we’ll continue to have more school shootings. But don’t hold your breath. Mass shootings are fine with them. Their war isn’t with guns, after all, it’s with those who own them – the Middle American deplorables who ‘cling to their guns and their religion.’”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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