by Burt Prelutsky

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In South Africa, as reported by Tucker Carlson, but apparently by nobody else, the government is voting to confiscate land owned by white people. It sounds a lot like our own abominable eminent domain policy, but it’s worse because it’s not only racist, but the government isn’t even talking about paying for the land.

And what makes it even more vile is that is that our government subsidizes that corrupt government to the tune of 350 million of our tax dollars every year.

In the meanwhile, in France, recent presidential candidate Marie Le Pen will be prosecuted for tweeting photos in 2015 of people being beheaded by the ISIS scumbags. Apparently, defaming barbaric degenerates is now considered a hate crime in France.

Here in the U.S., President Trump, who has suddenly turned his back on the NRA and its five million members, has begun sounding like the tyrant the leftists have insisted he is by saying: “Take guns first, due process second.”

I know Trump has once again passed me over in favor of some other guy to run his 2020 re-election campaign, but I’m not one to hold a grudge, so I’ll give him a piece of advice and not charge him for it. Trying to sound like a liberal is not going to gain you any of their votes. Why would they vote for you when they can get the real thing by voting for Cory Booker, Elizabeth dinkyWarren, scum-Eric Holder or any of the other 20 goony birds who are already lining up to make a run for the nomination?

True to form, Sen. Chuck clown-Schumer has vowed to oppose one of Donald Trump’s judicial appointments not for any of the usual reasons about character or competence, but because he is a white man who would be replacing a black judge. Is it just possible that the Senate Minority Leader is one of America’s most unapologetic racists?

A second question that occurs to me is why, if clown-Schumer feels so strongly about the question of race, he doesn’t resign his Senate seat and endorse one of New York City’s many black politicians who are eager to replace him?

⦿ In San Francisco, cops fired 65 rounds in 15 seconds at a murder suspect and never hit him even once. The suspect finally surrendered. I suspect he was laughing so hard, they cuffed him while he was rolling around on the ground, holding his sides and trying to catch his breath.

Because this took place in San Francisco, aka the biggest freak show on earth, it’s possible the 65 misses shouldn’t automatically be attributed to poor marksmanship. Considering the employment standards in that most liberal of municipalities, where you get extra points on your Civil Service exam if you’re a transgender, an illegal alien or a transplant from another planet, it’s possible the cops were all officially blind.

⦿ Even Angela Merkel has finally reversed herself and admitted that there are no-go neighborhoods in Germany, populated by Muslims, where even the police are afraid to set foot. Naturally, she didn’t offer an apology to German citizens for rolling out the red carpet for a million barbarians, but at least now it’s possible that her cowardly colleagues in France and Sweden might come clean about similar conditions in their own countries.

⦿ It seems that Barbra Streisand, yet another celebrity with more money than brains, has spent $100,000 to clone two replicas of her late dog Samantha. It’s rumored that when her husband James Brolin was asked if he would consider spending $50,000 cloning Barbra if she died before he did, he said: “Would I have to spend an additional $50,000 to clone her nose?”

⦿ After years of liberals forcing conservative cities and states to capitulate on social issues or face repercussions when it came to conventions and other tourist dollars, I was delighted to hear that Georgia lawmakers voted to deprive Delta of a $50 million fuel tax exemption after the carrier decided to deny members of the NRA a discount on their airline tickets.

I’ve heard arguments against the legislative action, but I remain unpersuaded. It made my day to hear that there was finally a price to be paid by a company for caving in to pressure from the Left.

⦿ When word got out that the Department of Housing and Urban Development had decided to use 31,000 of our tax dollars on a dining room set, they quickly had to cancel the order. Although they didn’t explain why the Department needed the expensive furniture or whose urban dwelling was being developed, the underlings assured the media that the head man, Ben Carson, knew nothing about it.

If he really didn’t know anything about it, and it wasn’t an anniversary gift for Mrs. Carson, perhaps he’s the wrong man for the job. If he did know about it and failed to do anything about the shopping spree, he is definitely the wrong man for the job. He might even have to be replaced by a white man.

⦿ I’m not sure how I feel about the tariffs President Trump is proposing for steel and aluminum imports. The notion that China is destroying the two American industries is questionable because China is only our third biggest supplier of aluminum and our 12th biggest supplier of steel. It seems like a risky gamble to protect the two industries from foreign competitors when it not only means that a great many other countries will retaliate by placing tariffs on our industrial and agricultural products, but the American consumer will be paying more for everything made of steel or aluminum.

A counter argument I heard suggested that the problem isn’t only with the amount of metals that China dumps on us, but the amount they dump on other countries who then turn around and dump it on us.

What I do know is that during the campaign, Trump declared war on the money-manipulating Chinese, but since getting elected, he seems to have become an appeaser of that tyranny in the rather naïve hope they would rein in North Korea. Right, just the way that Russia has reined in Syria.

⦿ My wife Yvonne observed that Facebook is today’s version of an earlier time’s diaries, which were generally kept under lock and key by girls and young women. In them, they would inscribe their secret thoughts and desires.

Only now, there are no secrets, so dumb people blab everything on Facebook or in tweets in the hope that thousands or even millions of strangers — among whom will inevitably be cyberbullies, potential employers and sexual deviants — will be dying to know everything about them, including what they had for lunch and the color of their undies.

⦿ My friend Dick Barry, who hails from Arlington, Texas, where men are men and women also pack six-shooters, sent along an item that had photos of two guns. The first, which was labeled a teacher’s gun, was a standard weapon. The second, which was labeled a librarian’s gun, had a silencer attached.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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