In the original Star Wars trilogy, Admiral Ackbar, the fish looking character, screams, “It’s a trap,” as the rebel forces flying into an Imperial ambush.

Republicans are flying into a similar trap.

A week ago, during the Democrat Convention, a lawyer named Khazir Khan, made a now famous speech to Donald Trump. He even offered Trump a copy of his pocket constitution.

Khan’s main claim to fame was that his son was killed in action in Iraq in 2004.  By all accounts, Captain Humayan Khan died heroically, saving his men from a suicide bomber.  Captain Khan sacrificed his life for this nation. Khazir Khan did not.

Almost as soon as the speech was over, Donald Trump was goaded into attacking Khan and has managed to keep a negative narrative alive for almost a week.  That takes a special kind of talent.

Khazir Khan and the Democrats response has been that no one is allowed to criticize Khan because he is a gold star parent. Khan is a lawyer who specialized in a very abused form of immigration laws that allow investors in this nation to purchase citizenship. He has also written that Islamic law should trump America’s constitutional law.

The trap that many Republicans have fallen into is the trap that says, we cannot criticize Khan because he is a gold star father.

Yes, we can.

When Khan took the stage in Philadelphia, he politicized his son’s death. That makes him fair game.  What we are seeing from the Democrats is a favored liberal debate tactic. A liberal makes a point, then the rest of the liberal crowd says, no one is allowed to criticize the person making a point because of ‘X’.  In this case, they are saying, no one can criticize Khan because his son was killed in action.

Far too many Republicans are buying into this idiocy.

If Khazir Khan wants to be a part of the political discussion, let him. By the same token, he gets treated like everyone else.  No one argues Captain Khan’s heroism and no one says they do not have sympathy for the parents who lost a child.  But that does not give Khan an absolute shield from which to lob his attacks and not be called out on them.

Calling Khan out for his Islamist beliefs is not the same as disparaging the death of Captain Khan.   Calling Khazir Khan out for being a Democrat shill is not the same as insulting the bravery of Captain Khan.

This is a lesson Republicans should learn.


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  1. MUG

    The problem is Trump’s ego blinds him to the concept that there is a difference between political and personal. Everything is personal to Trump and he responds by attacking people and attacking their family members, just like he did with Cruz. Trump doesn’t appear to have the faintest concept of how to have a political disagreement without making it an all out personal war.

    Imagine how he is going to deal with allies that we need but he disagrees with. He has finally started endorsing some candidates for Congress, but as far as I know still isn’t campaigning for candidates that he wants to have in Congress to support him. I still think he sees the POTUS as all powerful and that he and he alone can make it work where other would be dictators have failed.

    1. MUG

      I would add, he doesn’t seem to be making all out personal war against Hillary and her family, the ones he should be waging a scorched earth war against.

  2. Kenny Sono

    IF Trump were a brilliant man, he would have instantly seen the enormous benefits of how to resolve the DEAL with Mr. Khan. He should have immediately gone for a “Lose / Lose” agreement. It would super easy to negotiate it; just offer it as something we could all just ASSUME would be accepted! Here is an example of what Trump COULD have said, if he were a brilliant man / not just overly emotional and inclined to attack anyone who says anything irritating to him:
    “Mr. Kahn correctly spoke about the highly virtuous actions of his son. His son is an absolute hero and everyone in America will always have a place in their hearts and greatly appreciate his sacrifice. I’d like to add that I am sorry for any resentment Mr. Kahn may have towards me and his misunderstanding of my plans about immigration. I have no intention of retroactively taking away our American citizens rights to be here, even if they are from a Muslim country we are currently concerned about. I have no intention of doing ANYTHING that might cause anyone who is currently an American citizen concerns / unless they were to do something illegal, and that clearly does not apply to Mr. Kahn or his family. I’m sorry for his loss and proud of his son. I appreciate this opportunity to share my thoughts on this issue as well.”

  3. steve blades

    I will add to what trump should have done instead of being himself…
    Kahns comment about …has trump read the constitution???

    all he should have done was answer that question…cause I would like to know if he has…because all indications say no he has not read it..and if so he clearly does not agree with it…

    but of course trump has to be trump and attacked the messenger instead….

    what kind of wars will this mentality bring us????