Has Donald Trump created a new movement in America? There is no doubt he has successfully marketed to parts of America that feel neglected, abandoned and even abused by the government and the political parties.

Trump has either created a cult of personality or a movement.  The burning question is, why is this so important and if this is a movement, what happens next?

There are two possibilities here and I’m not sure I can tell you which one is the outcome. The first is that all Trump is, is a cult of personality. To say that is dangerous to a frail and dying Republic is an understatement.

But let’s assume for a moment that Trump has launched a movement and let’s assume that movement is now going to take him to the White House.

What does a President Trump do?

If President Trump believes he has created a movement and does not want that movement to turn on him, there is one thing he should and must do.  I don’t know if anyone has suggested this and the really funny thing is, it is in his wheelhouse.

If Trump has really launched a movement, then he needs to go after the left the way he goes after his other perceived enemies. The left is an existential enemy to the Republic and to liberty.   Trump needs to drop his attacks on Ted Cruz and the other NEVER TRUMP Republicans, because they are not the enemy.

The left is the enemy.

Black Lives Matters is the obvious first target for a Trump Department of Justice to go after. They are a terrorist group, as America has witnessed time and time again.  The latest incident occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, where 12 officers were injured as a result of rioting.   There is more than enough evidence to convict the BLM leaders of conspiracy and other charges.

One of the things that outrages Trump supporters the most is the way the government abuses citizens. This was one of the issues that triggered the Tea Party in 2009. Trump supporters love to share the meme online that 25% or 50% of government employees will quit if Trump is elected.

Why not help them out the door?

The government bureaucracy class is the enemy of Trump.  One of the things Trump could do to bring the Never Trump conservatives on board is to commit to destroying the bureaucracy.  Stop hiring government employees. Start eliminating departments of the government.

The left controls the bureaucracy and they will do everything in their power to stop Donald Trump, if he becomes President.  So why should he tolerate them?

If Trump is really a movement and not just a cult of personality, his team needs to destroy the left in America. That means destroying the ability of the left to use government to oppress real Americans.  That means eliminating the funding mechanisms in the government that keep the left in business.  Democrats never show mercy to their opponents. Republicans are satisfied when they win the battle. They leave their opponents intact to fight back.

At this point, it is probably a safe bet that Trump is going to win the election.  That is the reality those of us who still do not support him have to realize.  The real question for the future is what will Trump do?

If America is to survive, he needs to use this movement to destroy the left.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    I don’t think Trump supporters are going to fit into neat groups we can easily generalize about / overall. I also don’t think it’s relevant. Ask yourself: Who, in general, are the people that put Obama into office TWICE? “At this point, what DIFFERENCE does it make?”
    However, as to Trump’s future plans: I have listened to him since the race started, and I could barely tolerate him speaking at first. Little by little by little he has become more sure of himself as he steers towards the right of the line and stays on the road of a Conservative SOUNDING person. So, in spite of this just being his “handlers” I think it’s quite simple / him being human and all…….. he’s LEARNING. He’s probably about as smart about the traits of a true Conservative as your average Tea Party was on the FIRST TIME they ever got onto a Tea Party web site. He has been a VERY different person all of his life, and I doubt he had any plans (originally) to even bother learning about Conservatism, in order to “win” the Presidential race…and I DO think he saw it as nothing more (originally) as a race. But something appears to be happening on the way to the hand on the Bible. He learned things like: Saying you’ve never asked God for guidance…..is a FOOLS statement, to any Christian. The examples are endless, but they are sure to be somewhat embarrassing to him. These are not unlike the lives of those who also have his overall personality (in Jr. High School) where kids probably routinely say to themselves, “Oh well, maybe I’ll do better TOMORROW.” In short: There IS hope with Trump / but ONLY if you take what he SAYS NOW and look FORWARD. This has NOTHING to do with looking backwards, unless you’re really just looking at Obama and projecting him forward / through Hillary instead.

    1. tommy

      ATTENTION THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is how Imperialism works …….. The stonetear discovery removes the “he acted on his own” aspect. In addition, the intent behind the action also provides the missing element FBI Director James Comey stated the FBI was unable to discover. “They” intended to hide Hillary Clinton’s email address prior to compliance with federal records retention laws.

      Mr. Combetta attempting to delete the history of his activity, on the very day the stonetear discovery was made public, is also a reflection of “consciousness of guilt“.

      Paul Combetta was/is under an immunity agreement (details unknown) with the FBI. If the FBI was aware of this 2014 actionable intent there would be no reason to delete it – unless the FBI is also part of the larger Clinton cover-up. As thethompsontimeline asks:

      […] Looking at Combetta’s Reddit post detailed above, there are only two possibilities. One is that Combetta failed to disclose crucial information to the FBI, despite his immunity deal. The second is that he did, but the FBI didn’t mention it in its final report. Either way, it’s already clear that the FBI has failed to present the full story of Combetta’s actions to the public. (link) https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/09/22/day-4-the-stonetear-investigation-chairman-jason-chaffetz-sends-preservation-notice-to-reddit/

    2. John Francis Pastirchak

      Jeff Waller —

      Cruz’s alleged “promise to run as a Democrat if Hillary has to withdraw” is as silly as me inviting myself to your daughter’s wedding if she announces her nuptials. The claim is top heavy with context in serious need of vetting.

      I surfed, and finally found a related story at USA News Insider, dated Sept 14th. http://www.usanewsinsider.com/cruz-something-happens-hillary-agree-run-democrat-trump/

      Cruz’s remarks were rhetorical, nothing more. He didn’t “promise” to run as a Dem. He said that “if anything should happen to her that prevents her from running… I ‘agree to take her place’ and run against (Trump) as a full-fledged Democrat,” the keyword being “agree,” but to what? Even a political novice would know that choosing a candidate to replace Hillary would be the call of the DNC, not a Republican Senator. Cruz certainly knows it. He even called his offer a “proposition,” not a “promise.”

      I confess to being more than a little disappointed by such tongue-in-cheek mischief. Given the contentious mood of Campaign ’16, one would expect that Ted would refrain from engaging in such loose-lipped frivolity. Just speculating, but maybe his comments were really intended to rattle Donald. But that was eight days ago. Fast forward to today– well, OK, yesterday– when Ted tweeted a message of gratitude for Donald’s support of (Cruz’s) Internet Freedom initiative.

      Ted CruzVerified account
      Appreciate @realDonaldTrump’s support of our efforts to keep the internet free: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/press-releases/donald-j.-trump-opposes-president-obama-plan-to-surrender-american-internet

      His thank you note to aside, Ted still doesn’t appear willing to endorse his rival Donald. But I’m pretty sure his folly floater on running as a Dem was only half serious.

  2. Richard E. Thornton, Jr.

    I was a fool and I voted for Ted Cruz for Senator. I, as a Texan, was not looking at Ted’s past but listening to his political spill! Turns out he is as establishment as any other Rino!
    He comes out as the champion of us poor working fools, but soon he is backing big business. HE IS A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING!
    Not long ago a friend asked me what was Ted Cruz before he ran for Senator. I am ashamed to admit, I didn’t have a clue.
    What was he? He was a puppy of the Texas Republican establishment. Yes folks, Texas has a Rino faction and they run Texas. He was Perry’s right hand man and a tool of this Rino faction in Texas. No one in Texas has a chance in government without the backing of these RINOS!
    He backs some of the good losing issues, like transfer of the internet. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!
    He is a Magician’s trick, watch him and ignore what the Rino’s or doing. He comes out and keeps us busy watching him as he loses the fight to big government!
    We were so fooled by him, but not now. Come 2018 I am going to find another to back for Texas Senator!

    1. Rick Lutowski

      The TX conservatives I know did NOT vote for Cruz in the Texas 2012 senatorial primary, at least, not until the Cruz-Dewhurst runoff. During the main primary there were several other candidates who were deemed more conservative, with most of us considering Cruz to be another establishment type much like Perry. Once Cruz was in office we were pleasantly surprised when he started acting conservative with his highly vocal opposition to Obamacare. Cruz’s conservative credentials served him well until they ‘hit the fan’ during his infamous speech at the 2016 Republican Convention. At this point it certainly seems like we could do better than Cruz, but only if a well-funded Constitutional conservative with a well-managed campaign (two big IFs) emerges to challenge him in the 2018 primary. Any takers?

  3. Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    Trump is neither a Republican, Conservative, nor a Far Right. Nor is he a Democrat, Liberal, Far Left.
    He is a Pragmatistic Businessman. Unlike Professional Politicians, who are the puppets of the Party Platforms that finance their campaigns, Trump stands alone.
    He is exactly what our Founding Fathers referred to as a, “Volunteer Citizen.” He sees a goal, and he will achieve that goal, without having to twist, bend or sacrifice our Constitution, nor our Bill of Rights.
    Most certainly Trump is a movement, constisting of American Citizens entirely fed up with the established form of our two party system of government. He represents the will of the People to move beyond and away from, “Business as usual” in this Nation’s governmental situation.
    The people, the actual people, and not the corporations and the unions, and the special interest lobbyist, are the direction Trump will follow.
    With Trump, we, the People, no longer have to accept less as being more in order to placate the rest of the World’s view of us.
    Trump will work with all other Nations, without compromising and taking away from the citizens of our Nation.
    This time has come. This time is now!

  4. John Francis Pastirchak

    Judson– I agree with all of your points.

    Under the tutelage of Kellyanne Conway, Trump has emerged repackaged– a tamed version of the loose cannon maverick we saw in the GOP primaries. He’s remains outspoken, though still ambiguous on policy. He’s become more diplomatic. For now it seems to be working, witness the so-called Trump surge of recent weeks.

    My personal concern is the upcoming debate circuit. Will the cagey old cobra Clinton succeed at taunting him into retreating into the infamous Donald of last Winter? I hope not. Trump was never my first choice for the GOP nod nor was he my second pick. But my last choice is Hillary. A slip up against her on Monday night could neutralize the momentum and send him reeling back the death spiral of August. By then it would be too late to correct the free fall. God help us.

  5. Rick Lutowski

    Let’s assume Trump actually tries to reduce the size of government. What will happen? The House will suddenly remember it has the power of impeachment, and also realize the Senate has the 2/3 majority necessary to convict. Of course, they need a “high crime or misdemeanor” to charge him with. While no one in Congress can currently think of one to charge Obama with, they will become much more creative with Trump. Bottom line — Trump will be impeached and removed by the establishment super-majority in Congress. And THAT, if nothing else, guarantees Trump (or any other president) will not do anything too anti-establishment. The solution? Elect enough true conservatives to Congress such that ‘gratuitous impeachment’ cannot succeed.

    1. Kenny Sono

      Rick, part of what you wrote is directly related to my greatest hope (although likely way too optimistic) about Trump. While I don’t think he would be impeached or even threatened by anything other than the Liberal Democrats….I do hope:
      He starts to play his “we gotta WIN” games with the Congress and the American People to achieve many of the things we NEED to get done. I can see how he might be greatly motivated to do “GREAT” things when he starts doing his DEALS with Congress and starts to show the American people he can make major improvements. Trump could get momentum from making things HAPPEN (like America did oh…….roughly ten or more years ago)…… and then of course his huge ego will feed off of that momentum to see just how far he can go with it. Others here have warned me that some of those changes COULD BE what Liberals want, but I’m hoping that is usually not the case. I wouldn’t mind one or two things that Liberals want to happen if Trump is making dozens of major improvements every month that goes by. Face it: Obama’s legacy is going to be all about the disagreements about how LITTLE he did and how UNPOPULAR most of his partial accomplishments were and remain to be. Trump will see THAT example of exactly how NOT to lead.

    1. Kenny Sono

      Rocky, I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head. This election is about SAVING America. In summary I firmly believe:
      Trump MIGHT save America.
      Hillary most definitely will NOT.
      The other two Presidential candidates (unfortunately as well) have some serious flaws:
      Libertarians want us to believe legalizing drugs is a GOOD idea (sounding much like people ON drugs) and
      Green party wants us all to start hugging trees (essentially) and what’s next for those people; little statues of some Sun God in our window sills?
      I think we not ONLY need term limits for ALL government officials, but also….we need to REDUCE the power of the Executive branch significantly.
      Trump could easily turn out to be a big disappointment, but he could also be quite impressive. Hillary has NO chance of impressing anyone but the far left and we can’t accommodate any more of THAT! The majority of America is clearly not seeing the devastation from the LEFT / at least not YET……… but if Hillary wins it will kick in to be obvious RIGHT AWAY. (The GOP does NOT have anyone quite a slimy as Harry Reid).