by Burt Prelutsky

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If the Bureau was an individual who had been arrested, the cops would have removed his belt and shoelaces, and placed him on suicide watch, to make certain he didn’t off himself during the night.

The other day, I heard from a subscriber who had not only served as a Special Agent for 27 years, but then spent another 15 years as a contract background investigator for the FBI. He shared the information that after 9-11, its investigative mandate changed dramatically, from crime to anti-terrorism.

“Beginning with Louie Freeh, the Bureau’s top management became dominated by executives from the Department of Justice, as well as many outsiders who had never served in the field. The culture of the FBI slowly changed and, in my opinion, became highly politicized. This manifested itself, again my opinion, in the questionable way that Comey handled liar-Hillary Clinton’s e-mail debacle; his unfortunate and damaging leaks to the media; and other ill-advised management decisions on his part.”

I replied: “The part I really don’t get is why those who pandered to Mrs. liar-Clinton because they expected she would win the election, and therefore wanted to be in her good graces, continued with their illegal and immoral activities after she lost.

“Something else I can’t figure out is why the current director, Christopher Wray, seems to have adopted a bunker mentality. Why doesn’t he come out of hiding, acknowledge the Bureau’s mistakes of the past, and vow that he personally will do everything in his power to regain the people’s trust in the FBI?

“As things stand, Wray gives the appearance of not giving a damn or even an awareness that anything unseemly has taken place. Why hasn’t he even fired the likes of Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr? Is he such a knucklehead that he believes nobody is noticing that these people are still collecting a salary, funded with tax dollars from people who are convinced these schmucks belong in jail?

“It’s not as if the FBI should be given any slack because it’s been doing such a bang-up job, protecting us from the terrorists. Not when you stop and realize that the Bureau had been alerted to the potential danger posed by the Tsarnaev brothers, Major Nidal Hasan, Syed and Tashfeen Malik, Omar Mateen, Elton Simpson, Nadir Soofi and Nicolas Cruz. Even though these slimeballs were all flashing red on the FBI’s radar screen, the Bureau didn’t do a damn thing to prevent them from carrying out their terrorist acts.”

⦿ In other unsettling news, Neil Gorsuch, who was sold to us as a conservative’s dream come true, recently sided with the Supreme Court’s four liberals to strike down a law providing for deportation of criminal aliens.

I have no idea if it’s a permanent abnormality, but it raises the very real question whether Justice Gorsuch is a Trojan horse like so many other justices nominated by Republican presidents in the past. Or perhaps he has, like so many other mere mortals, simply fallen under the spell of the resident vixen, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

⦿ Many Republicans are insisting that the best reason for the GOP to maintain control of the House is so that the Democrats don’t carry out mad-Maxine Waters desire to impeach 45.

Of course, even if Trump were impeached, the Democrats wouldn’t be able to muster enough votes to remove him from office, just as the Republicans failed to do when they foolishly impeached liar-Bill Clinton, turning the human douchebag into a political martyr.

But it would be an even bigger mistake for the Democrats to try evicting Trump from the Oval Office. That’s because he wouldn’t be replaced by liar-Hillary Clinton; he’d be replaced by V.P. Mike Pence, who wouldn’t be as easy as Trump to combat. In fact, if you set out to create someone who was the opposite of Trump, you couldn’t do better than Pence.

Trump is outrageous; Pence is quiet and respectful. Trump tweets incessantly; I doubt if Pence even knows how it’s done. Trump has been married for a total of 34 years to three women, Ivana, Marla and Melania, and dated, at last count, 27,948 others; Pence has been married to one woman. Karen, for 32 years, and won’t even have dinner with another woman unless his wife is present.

What the two men do have in common, though, is a love of country and a commitment to conservative values.

If the Democrats think they’d rather spend their time ridiculing Pence, good luck with that. It would only prove that they’re as stupid as they look.

⦿ Speaking of President Trump, Chicago’s Penny Alfonso passed along a letter written by a Gold Star mother: “Sometimes God uses the no-nonsense salty sailor to get the job done. Appreciating what the man is doing doesn’t mean we worship the salty sailor or even desire to be like him. It doesn’t even mean that God worships him. Maybe He just knows he’s needed for such a time as this.

“I believe with all my heart that God placed Trump in the White House and gave our nation one more chance in November, 2016. Donald Trump is what he is. He is still the man he was before the election. I, for one, very much admire what that salty sailor is accomplishing.

“I’m thrilled with what he is doing for America, for the cause of Christ whether intentional or unintentional doesn’t matter to me, and for the concept of rebuilding America and putting her first. I will not be ashamed of my position because others don’t see him through the same lens.

“Should I care if a fireman drops an f-bomb while he’s pulling me from a burning building? Would I really care what came out of his mouth in those terrifying moments? Heck no! He wasn’t sent there to save my soul and I’m not looking to him for spiritual guidance. All I’m thinking in those moments is: Thank you, Jesus, for sending the fireman.

“The man is crass. Okay. He’s not careful with what he says. Okay. You feel offended that he’s not your typical statesman. Okay. But he is rebuilding the nation my son died for.”


⦿ Dan Parker of Ocean Park, Washington, reports spotting a bumper sticker that identified the liar-Clintons as “America’s dual airbags.”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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