Have you noticed Liberals consider Christians radical and fringe and out of touch when it comes to issues like abortion and gay marriage, and then insist everyone judge Conservatives by legalistic Christian standards. They demand that Christians concede to Liberals the right to engage in whatever sexual activity they desire, but demand that Conservatives be held to Biblical sexual standards.

I am a born again washed in the blood Bible believing Evangelical Christian. There was a time when I behaved offensively and used offensive vulgar profane language when talking. Not just when I talked about women but pretty much all the time. That all began to change forty some years ago. I am still not perfect and never will be in this life, but I am better than I was and am improving. I won’t judge anyone for behavior that is no worse than I have behaved. God is our only judge.

The Bible requires of Christians three things when it comes to government. Pay taxes, pray for political leaders, and honor political leaders. I suggest the following link for a short chapter and verse discussion.



The discussion points out that an overall Biblical theme is responsible behavior and it is hard to argue against voting as responsible behavior.

When I go into the voting booth I will vote for whom I trust to do the best job of:

Appoint Constitutional judges to the Supreme Court

Secure our borders and protect Americans and American citizenship

Restore our military

Restore respect for America and if not respect then fear

Protect and defend the Constitution as written

Limit government to Constitutional limits

Get the government out of our personal lives

Get the government out of religion

I could go on, but these are the biggies. I will not vote to impose Christian morals on everyone. I would prefer to vote for a Christian but it is not a requirement. God gives us a choice and I have no right to try to take that choice away. I find Donald Trump’s moral behavior offensive and disgusting but that is not why I do not plan to vote for him, I do not trust him and find nothing in his record to cause me to trust him. And, Hillary is not even in consideration under any circumstance whatsoever. 


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  1. Kenny Sono

    Mug, thanks for sharing more about you / fascinating and impressive.
    If I was walking the fence around Heaven, let’s say as an appointed guard……….
    and Trump came up and asked me if I could let him in, I would laugh and say, “probably not.”
    I might talk with him and encourage him to try again later, because it COULD happen at some point.
    If I was in that same position and Hillary approached, I would call for help and have her carried off. I wouldn’t bother to say a word to her.
    If / on the other hand, some supervisors came up to me and said those two I had just “dismissed” were being sent back to Earth to become candidates as President of America, and asked which of those I prefer, of course I would say NEITHER! Then, if they persisted and said I HAD to CHOOSE one or the other, I would have to say it was obvious: One of them could make it / may turn out OK in time. The other was completely out of the question.