Ideology is accepting something without facts, or example. There are, or should be well known in the society of man, especially man attempting to preserve a civilized society the acknowledgement of this reality – the only truth, the only fact – that ideology required. Truth is the opposite, the diametric opposite, the antithesis of what those whom would advance ideology believe. As ideology accepts that which has no facts, no reason, or no example, truth is but what it is truth, the cold hard facts that are based on all that ideology rejects for it is fiction, and fallacy.

Would one prefer that the temperament of all be directed toward the defeat of the current nihilism occurring in this nation, of course? Yet in this nihilism, there are many tools, many ways it is occurring. Is not the advancement of communist infiltration, the idolatry of mohammad, and all the other ideologies – the anti-Christian, anti-Western Canon, the anti-philosophical, the civilationphobia – that are promoted, and advanced by the very government that is by its very construct, and the oath of those who are our representatives, to protect and preserve been desired?

Personally, this was minor of Cruz. What lost me was choosing one who would recognize the idolatry of mohammad, as his vice president pick, was my deal breaker. It is the example that is so obvious, the why those in this nation don’t recognize it, and reject it, is beyond comprehension.

Our society, which was once the bastion of reason, and now is nothing but some gooblygook of judicial insanity directing policy, rejects all that is of the idolatry of Marx, of mohammad, and of any philosophy that is not the Western Canon, and the society of Western civilized mankind.

How are these theocracies – governances that use the false presentation of religion to dominate mankind – ideologies, fiction of dreaming that governances, such as communism, socialism, and any central planning government; becoming so accepted in main stream thought in this nation, and accepted without any confirmation.

How does this happen? It is so ridiculous how they justify their position is so obvious, and explains just how propagandized, and indoctrinated to accept the sensationalism of false narrative, and – once again – reject truth.

The how is simple, use the concept of our civilized society, to elevate those who are barbaric today, as the day of their conception. Marxist ideology didn’t make sense from the very moment in his mind, lacking facts or example, it was constructed from his mind. The idolatry of mohammad, was as psychopathic and insane when conceived by mohammad, as it is today. The central planning of government, domination of society by the iron boot of government creating slavery of all, are always measured not from what they are, but by the measurement of our society, the civilization of what has been accomplished in our nation. We do not measure those other ideologies based on the facts of their design, their principles, and their application of their insanity. We instead measure them against our standards, the result of our society, our liberties, and freedoms of our nation, not the reality of their forms of government, which are the opposite.

No this nation is in trouble. It is not the enemy without out that is our nemesis, it is the reality we have forgotten who we are, while projecting those same wonders to all others.


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  1. MUG

    Dan, the odds are against us no matter what. With Hillary it’s 100 percent certain we lose. With Trump, his motto is “I win, you lose.” If the VP gets installed, with Pence we can’t solve Islamic Terrorism or block terrorists coming in as refugees. Why can’t we set up refugee camps in Jordan and care for them until they can return home? With Kaine we get more of Obama and Hillary.

  2. Kenny Sono

    Dan, I will challenge you right here / right now:
    Re-write your entire article (above) so it could be easily understood by anyone who did not even graduate from high school. Go ahead / give it a try.
    I work with some people who make themselves very clear on occasion with statements like THIS:
    “She don’ know whass othah people’s BIZNESS and she got NO right to git all up inta MINE. Every TIME she come ovah neah my paht O’ da room I know she’s gonna git all up in my face and start gittin othah people to staht making FUN.”

    If you (ever) find yourself in a conversation like that, and you feel totally qualified to give some advise to such a person that may help them considerably in their life, you cannot say:
    ” Keep in mind that some people make themselves feel superior by making others appear to be inferior. It’s just a game and she will probably have to learn the hard way not to tease and insult others.”
    However, what you COULD say to such a person might be something more like this instead:
    “What she oughta know already is that other people should be left alone. She should learn to be nicer to people or just shut the hell up. Leave her along and ignore her completely and she’ll probably stay away from you. If she slams you just laugh at her.”

    How do we get the smartest people in America to help the dumbest people in America? Learn to speak each others language.