Puzder Has Withdrawn From Consideration to Head the Labor Department


By Kevin Bailey

Multiple news outlets have now confirmed that Trump Labor Department nominee Andy Puzder has withdrawn his nomination. Puzder has taken his name out of consideration after several Republicans urged Trump to withdraw Puzder’s nomination…

…The head of the fast-food giant of which burger chains Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. are a part, has been under fire for weeks. Puzder admitted to having hired an undocumented immigrant as a housekeeper. Allegations spousal abuse and claims that he had treated employees poorly have dogged his nomination for weeks. Puzder is the first major Trump nominee to withdraw their name from consideration.


No. Incompetence is not treason. Clearly Trump is at best incompetent, and seems to be incompetent at level of recklessness that is dangerous to our Constitutional Republic.

BUT…what if Trump is picking nominees who he knows can not pass muster because he personally approves of their views/politics regardless of how costly and damaging this can and will be to the Constitutional process? What if this is NOT incompetence but willful recklessness and disregard for The Constitution? Let’s look a little further.    


Carter Page, Paul Manafort, “General” Michael “Mikhail” Flynn, Rex Tillerson, Jack Kingston…and others deep within Trump’s admin and inner circle have many deep and tangled ties to Putin, Russia, The KGB, and the Russian mob. Several were already forced to resign, or fired because the treason was reaching too deep, too far, and too high up (DUH!). Page, Manafort and Flynn have already been ousted, and there is talk that several more are on their way out.


Whose Head Will Be The Next To Roll?



By Susan Kuebler

The rumors of turmoil and discontent within the inner circle of the White House continue to fascinate politically aware Americans.  As one who has worked for a politician, I can safely state that your have never seen office politics played as brutally as it is in a politician’s office.  All others are rank amateurs.

Nonetheless, the level of discord within the White House staff that has surfaced so publicly and so quickly is unprecedented, even for Washington.  The resignation of General Michael Flynn, Trump’s go-to guy on national security, came only 24 days after the inauguration.  While his resignation resulted from concerns over his links to the Russian government, and not strictly office politics per se, it is pretty clear that he had few, if any, allies in the government, other Donald Trump.

Trump’s predilection for dismissing anyone who reflects poorly on his image became obvious during his campaign, although it had been a tactic in his business life as well.  We saw Corey Lewandowski, charged with physically assaulting a reporter, replaced by Paul Manafort.  When uncomfortable stories about Manafort’s ties to Russia arose, Steve Bannon replaced him.  Trump remained openly loyal to both men.  Until he wasn’t.

Speculation is rife on who will be the next member of “White House Apprentice” to hear the dreaded words “You’re fired.”  The top contenders for this dubious honor appear to be KellyAnne Conway, Counselor to the President; Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff; and Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary…

…[NOTE: The article notes KellyAnne’s predilection to lying, an apparent “must” in a Trump associate, and to her apparently being OUT of the loop she’s supposed to be 2nd in command of.]

Most recently, she was undercut twice by the White House in statements she made regarding the status of General Flynn.  On Monday at approximately 5:00 pm she said that the White House had “full confidence” in General Flynn.   At just about the same time, Press Secretary Sean Spicer totally contradicted this statement.  Then on Tuesday morning, Conway said that Flynn had resigned.  That same afternoon, Spicer said that Trump requested Flynn’s resignation.

Conway appears to be hanging on by a thread.  Perhaps the ominous sign of her impending doom is that the @realDonaldTrump, @POTUS, or @WhiteHouse accounts are no longer following her on Twitter.

Reince Priebus

…While his efforts were rewarded with the highly coveted role of Chief of Staff, it is no secret that there is no love lost between him and Trump’s last campaign manager Steve Bannon.

This Wednesday Breitbart, whose former executive chairman was none other than Steve Bannon, issued a blistering attack on Priebus, outright stating that “Priebus Future in Doubt.”    Even though Bannon is reportedly furious over this report, many wonders if he might be crying crocodile tears.  With the departure of General Flynn, replacing Priebus with a weaker Chief of Staff would certainly help Bannon consolidate his position as Trump’s closest advisor.


Sean Spicer

Spicer also came from the Republican National Committee and he has struggled with his job as White House Press Secretary.  In fairness, he has also had to assume the duties of Communications Director, a full-time job on its own, in addition to his own duties.  But Spicer’s missteps and bungles led to his lampooning, by Melissa McCarthy, on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.  Many who are familiar with Donald Trump know that with him, appearance is more important than substance.  Trump is reported to be livid that his Press Secretary has been ridiculed on national television and by a woman no less.

Spicer dutifully presents the White House position to the press, as any good press secretary should do.  Unfortunately for him, the positions have often turned out to be lies or misrepresentations and no one keeps him updated on the frequent shifts in policies.  He has endured criticism from the media longer than the other two candidates above, and it may be a testimony to his tenacity that he has lasted as long as he has.


However, Trump is nothing if not unpredictable.  The current disarray in his administration can not endure much longer and continue to function or govern the country.  As Trump must find scapegoats for his own incompetence, heads are doubtlessly going to roll.  The only questions remaining are whose will they be and when will it happen?




Trump blasted Australian prime minister during ‘worst call by far’



Image result for trump-blasted-australian-prime-minister-during-worst-call-by-far


President Trump reportedly blasted the Australian prime minister during a phone call between the leaders of the two longtime allies.

Trump told Australian leader Malcolm Turnbull that the conversation was “the worst call by far” among talks with various world leaders that day and he ended the scheduled hour-long conversation after just 25 minutes, according to the Washington Post.

Trump was reportedly incensed that the prime minister expected him to abide by an Obama administration agreement to take in 1,250 refugees from Australia.

“This is the worst deal ever,” Trump told Turnbull in the call, adding that the country was trying to send the “next Boston bombers” into the US.
Trump was “yelling” at Turnbull during the call, according to SKY News in Australia, and the US president hung up on him.

Trump continued to rail against the refugee deal in a tweet Wednesday night.

“Do you believe it? The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal!” Trump tweeted.

The deal, however, includes refugees and not “illegal immigrants,” as Trump claimed. [NOTE: In Trump’s defense on this one, specific issue these so-called “refugees” ARE 9 times out of 10 Criminals.]


Even though Trump had a valid point, and was arguing from a place of factual strength, his temperament, ego and incompetence still blared through and marred America’s relationship with one of our best allies. Why? Because THAT is who Trump is. What is going to happen when Trump does NOT have a valid, true, factual point and the lie is exposed and he’s called on it? Whatever the response is it can be only worse than this.

We warned and warned. But to no avail. Too many compromised and threw away principles in exchange for winning, and the promise of power and position.

BUT as we are now seeing this promise does NOT last and has lost it’s luster.



What Did The President Know and When Did He Know It?

As many who lived through the investigation of the Watergate Committee clearly recall, this was the definitive question asked of nearly every witness who testified.  Gradually, the layers of “I do not recall at this time” and “I can’t remember” were stripped away until it became clear that not only was Richard Nixon aware of the crime, but he was actively involved in the cover up.


It was the cover up, not the crime, that proved his downfall.


America is now faced with a similar, though not identical, dilemma.  General Michael Flynn, who resigned last night among growing reports of his involvement with the Russian government, will no doubt be asked the same question.  In fact, there are Democrats in Congress who are already demanding answers to that question.

The main controversy revolves around telephone calls General Flynn made to the Russian ambassador in the United States BEFORE Trump became President and some made prior to the election itself.  The most suspicious one was made on December 29, 2016, the day that President Obama ejected some 35 Russian diplomats as reprisal for alleged Russian activities in the November 8th election.

When it became know that General Flynn had made not one, but five phone calls to the Russian ambassador on the same day, the Trump transition team put forth the explanation that General Flynn had simply called to wish the ambassador a “Merry Christmas.”  Perhaps no one on Team Trump knew that Russia celebrates Christmas in January…

…The very next day, December 30th, President-elect Donald Trump sent out the following message on Twitter:

Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!

What did the President know, and when did he know it?

How likely is it that Trump’s nominee to head the Defense Intelligence Agency would go “rogue” on him, especially with the Russian government?   In light of the tweet that Trump sent out immediately after Flynn’s calls, how likely is it that Trump was not aware of the true nature of the calls?

Trump is known for his loyalty to his supporters – until he isn’t.  Remember Corey Lewandowski or Chris Christie?  Did General Flynn “fall on his sword” to protect the President from further scandal? Perhaps. Will it quell the questions about the Trump Administrations questionable relationship with Vladimir Putin?  Doubtful.

On day 24 of his Administration, Trump is already is damage-control mode.  We do not know yet the full extent of Russian ties to his leading advisors.  We do not know yet Trump’s financial obligations to Russian oligarchs because of his refusal to release his tax returns….


Oh, but many DO know the deeper, fuller, more entangled extent Trump and his cronies are tied directly to and with Russia, see here:

The Dark Secrets Of The Trump-Putin Ties


Trump Will Most Likely Be Facing THIS- Are WE Ready?


An Independent Investigative Reporter Digs Deeper Into Trump-Putin-Russia Ties


A Double-Down On Marxism- We Warned You: UP-DATED**


and, lastly, for now anyway…


There Is Absolutely NO Russia/DT Connection At All- NONE


The Conservatives who were bullied, bribed or deceived into supporting Trump will say this is “unfair”, “fake news”, “you’re a Hillary supporter”…let me simply say that the author who researched and wrote this also wrote THIS:


Federalism: Taking Back Constitutional Rights And Liberties


The Agreement: Logic, Science, And Faith




Exclusive: Trump commerce pick Wilbur Ross faces new Russia questions


Commerce Secretary-designate Wilbur Ross, center, listens to President Donald Trump during a meeting with House and Senate legislators in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017. At right is White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner.
Commerce Secretary-designate Wilbur Ross, center, listens to President Donald Trump during a meeting with House and Senate legislators in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017. At right is White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner.


Commerce Secretary-nominee Wilbur Ross, still awaiting confirmation, faces new questions about his banking ties to Russia, the latest member of the Trump team to be embroiled in the controversy over alleged ties to the Kremlin.

Ross was sent a letter late Thursday by six Democratic senators questioning the billionaire financier about his ownership stake in the Bank of Cyprus, on which he still serves as vice chairman of the board of directors. The six senators demanded answers about his relationship with Viktor Vekselberg, the second largest shareholder in the bank.

The letter cited reporting by McClatchy last December about Vekselberg, who sits atop the Renova Corp., a Russian conglomerate. Aside from his friendship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Vekselberg at one time served on the board of directors of the Russian state-controlled oil giant Rosneft. It is under a partial sanction by the U.S. Treasury Department.

The senators, led by Florida Democrat Bill Nelson, also want to know about Ross’s relationship with Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, a former vice chairman of Bank of Cyprus, a former KGB agent and believed to be a longtime associate of Putin. The letter sent to Ross on Thursday afternoon noted that Russian shareholders had at one point been the largest stakeholders in the bank he rescued in September 2014 amid a financial crisis in Cyprus…

…The letter comes as congressional and law enforcement probes widen into possible ties between members of the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, which stands accused by U.S. intelligence agencies of meddling in last year’s U.S. election with email hacking and distributing fake news. At a contentious news conference Thursday, Trump repeated that he knew of no one in his campaign who had ties to Russia and that he did not do business there…

Several people who worked in Trump’s campaign and have joined his administration have controversial ties to Russia. His secretary of state, former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, did business with Putin. Trump’s national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn resigned earlier this week for failing to fully inform Vice President Mike Pence about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador before Inauguration Day about sanctions. The Washington Post reported late Thursday that Flynn also denied to the FBI that he discussed sanctions with Russia, which could put him in legal jeopardy.

Campaign manager Paul Manafort resigned from the campaign last Aug. 19 over his business ties to the former Ukrainian president, who is now living in Russia.

Read more here:



Disagreeing with an incompetent, egotistical, hot-headed, bloviating, life-long Liberal, and pathological liar is NOT “fake news”, nor “unfair”…it is the duty, obligation and responsibility of a Christian, a Constitutionalist, a Conservative and a Patriot. One I do not take lightly.

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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