Will God be able to correct the absolute destruction that the mistake of this nation electing one who is racist, a xenophobe, and a nihilist of the American form of government, and society?

Words that last over time society identifies as ‘day of infamy’ as described the attack on the American Navy at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Will not the identifier of our current mistake, America’s Mea Maxima Culpa, our greatest mistake, not be identifies as the ‘administration of infamy?’

Perfection, the absolute result where the objective of action – especially over the time period of a government administration of a president – has occurred seldom. Even in the wonder of the greatest president this nation has had, the cabinet consisted of men more concerned with their wealth, than the direction of this nation. While the reality existed, that when government stays out of social engineering, or economic distortion, our form of economy, of free-market enterprise, can, and will create wealth unknown in the history of man.

The reality of fact also exist that to conduct, or initiate every action of an administration is the antithesis, the diametric opposite, in every measurement possible, is also nihilistic perfection. This is the result of what this nation has experienced, not only this administration, but for so many congresses, where it began is unknown.

When one makes an analysis of the results, the objective, and the conclusion of the actions of this current administration, and as such, the congress must be included, we find perfection. Perfection refuting the rules of statistical measurement, for there is not one example of any action that was either pro-American, or for the benefit of the citizens of this nation. Everyone, every identifiable action, based on not advancing this nation, but the inverse, the destruction, the nihilism of our society, our country, and every ideal, principle, and philosophy that is the wonder of this nation.

Two basic principles stand out when evaluation this current debacle. First the attack of property, the bedrock of this nation’s design, has been under attach in every way possible since ever before the mistake of this nation’s choice.

Should any in this nation be shocked? Let’s begin at the beginning, before this individual was even elected, and by some universal cloud of ignorance that encompassed this nation, brought into office. Do we not remember his own self-description of the administration he would bring? It was not as in the past, there will be a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, or happy days are here again; no it was the most draconian, un-American, and imminent menacing danger to our society imaginable. ‘In five days we are going to fundamentally transform this nation!’

Currently we hear this strange consideration of what will be the legacy of this – everyone has to conclude their own evaluation – of what this current administration will be. As for me, the words of impending doom, that impending menacing looming danger, emphasized by that concise statement observation, ‘we are going to fundamentally transform this nation.’ This resonates, and confirmed in every action, that has occurred in this draconian nihilism of the American nation, and the transformation, this bizarre metamorphosis from the most wonderful nation known, to one that is impossible to recognize, lacking concepts as liberty, and where freedom is unknown.

How can any question be presented to this current POTUS without the precedent of inquiring, where in this fundamental transformation is this action, or legislation, or executive action, advancing this transformation is in this action?

There is no legacy that will have to be some subjective conclusion that one would reach, which will be needed for the legacy of our current POTUS. The ashes – the Phoenix of so much – are obvious. The debauchery of the currency, the destruction of the wealth of this nation, the increase of federal bureaucracy that will take years to reduce and eliminate, the jobs lost by the actions of this government – from the hamburger flipper, the coal miner, the manufacturing, the coal miner, the energy producer, and the list goes on and on, endless. More damaging and destructive is the why, and the reasoning.

Our nation, being decimated, and destroyed, for one purpose and one purpose only – simply that – its destruction.

Few words our so concise they enlighten all to a simple means to evaluate and comprehend the absolute catastrophe of the last eight years. We have experienced this scenario, an administration ‘unencumbered with knowledge.’ This is the true epitaph, and legacy that will haunt this nation for not years, but for scores of years in our – if we do survive – nation’s future.



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  1. Kenny Sono

    Dan, I can only offer two things which MAY make you feel (a little) better.
    First, in answer to your original question:
    “Will God be able to correct……..” ?
    The answer is YES of COURSE! God can do anything. Seriously.
    Second, in previous posts on the original web site, we’ve seen the theory that Obama really is NOT actually Obama at all:
    This is actually a comforting video, showing a VERY compelling connection of dots showing Obama is actually just a puppet born from the connection between his mother and a Communist named Frank Marshal Davis.
    I believe this information will come out in time and the Emperor will stand naked once again. Oh sure, Liberal Progressive nut cases will never admit to this, but it will likely come out in time.
    SO, I have to ask you a clearly / highly educated man:
    What is it about Communism that in any way seems compatible with the world of Muslims? Is that important, irrelevant, or maybe just one more chunk of childhood malfunction?
    I can see how hating America (read: White patriotic people) may just be the “enemy” in his heart and he may not care WHO wins in the end, as long as it is not US.

  2. DAHL

    Never underestimate the ignorance of the American sheeple. We are told by the left, which way to vote, how to feel, what to think and what we should believe in. Most colleges and universities have become Marxist and Socialist propaganda centers. Sadly many believe the constant blast of propaganda and the daily stream of anti-Christian filth.