by Burt Prelutsky

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You would think that the folks who are paid far too much to perform in movies and on TV would want us to confuse them with the often bright, not to mention heroic, characters they portray before the cameras. Instead, more often than not, they seem determined to put their ignorance, arrogance and contempt for half their potential audience, on full display.

Apparently, they, themselves, have made the fatal error of confusing themselves with the parts they play. I suppose that’s a very real risk when people are willing to pay you millions of dollars to do something that isn’t beyond the ability of young children to duplicate. I mean, in what other profession could children like Jackie Cooper, Jackie Coogan, Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin, Margaret O’Brien, Dean Stockwell and Macaulay Culkin, have even functioned, let alone have enjoyed such enormous success?

Speaking of Hollywood, the actors, directors, producers and writers, have no problem parroting each other’s attacks on Donald Trump, condemning him as a brutal authoritarian, but when dealing with actual dictators, they quickly change their tune. It’s an open, but shameful, secret that when China says “Jump!” they meekly ask: “How high?”

They have no problem censoring their movies according to the demands of the Chinese tyrants. This might be shocking if it comes as news to you, but it’s nothing new. Throughout the 1930s, Hollywood, even though most of the studio heads were Jewish, refrained from portraying Hitler or Nazi Germany in a bad light, lest they lose the German market.

It was only after it was lost because of Germany’s declaring war on us in response to our declaring war on Japan, that Hollywood made a concerted effort to replace the lost ticket sales by making movies often set in Latin America featuring the likes of Lupe Velez, Maria Montez, Anthony Quinn, Carmen Miranda, Xavier Cugat and Jose Iturbi.

⦿ Although I didn’t receive any really negative responses to the article in which I stated the reasons I was not religiously-observant, I did hear from a couple of people who wanted me to better understand the belief system of Christians.

One of them wrote that it wasn’t enough to live according to the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule if a person didn’t accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

He explained: “Christians believe there are no ‘good people.’ We are all born sinners and are destined to hell unless we accept Jesus in our heart. While I understand your reluctance to accept the possibility that someone like Nikolas Cruz could wind up in Heaven, Christians do believe that.”

I could only reply: “I had heard that, which is why as much as I like and respect Christians, I could never be one. The notion that Nikolas Cruz could make it through the Pearly Gates, but that Jonas Salk, Irving Berlin, Anne Frank, my parents and I couldn’t, tells me that Heaven apparently isn’t a club I’d care to join.”

⦿ Someone who feels as betrayed by Jeff Sessions as I do wonders if in addition to recusing himself from the Russian collusion business he had also recused himself from investigating the Never-Trumpers hunkered down in the FBI.

“So far as I can tell,” I replied, “it seems that Sessions has recused himself from everything but maintaining the title of Attorney General. But I blame President Trump. I know he wanted to express his appreciation for Jeff Sessions being the first Senator to support his candidacy, but why make him head of the Justice Department? Even a political outsider like Trump should have known that’s why they invented ambassadorships.”

⦿ Someone who feels about Abraham Lincoln much as I do, wrote to point out that “The Civil War was more about Money than either Slavery or States Rights. I have read that the exports of the Southern states accounted for well over half of the Treasury’s funds, based primarily on tariffs.”

“That is also my understanding. It astounds me that Lincoln, whose War led to the deaths of over 700,000 Americans, is held in such high regard when he, himself, admitted he wasn’t out to end slavery, and proved it when he only freed the slaves in the Confederate states. I find it amazing how easy it is to convince people that Lincoln, the liar-Clintons and Barack liar-nObama, are decent human beings, when all the available evidence suggests otherwise.”

In response, he wrote: “If the South had won the War or if Lincoln had let it leave the Union, the North would have gained great economic supremacy because of its industrial base and we might have had southerners crossing our borders instead of Mexicans.”

Rarely one to let someone else have the last word, I replied: “Maybe. Or perhaps the exodus would have worked in reverse because the North would have had an unending series of left-wing presidents, senators and mayors. The Republican South would never have allowed open borders from either direction. There would have been fewer regulations and lower taxes, so instead of fleeing to Mexico, Europe and Asia, businesses would have merely moved across the border into whatever the Confederacy eventually called itself.”

⦿ Penny Alfonso, who only lives in the cesspool of Chicago in order to be near her daughter, shows her true colors by pointing out that “According to liberals, if you support the Second Amendment, it means you believe in killing school children; however, if you support abortion, it means you’re for empowering women.”

⦿ We’ll wrap things up with this contribution from Joe Vincent of Cordova, Tennessee: During the children’s sermon on Easter morning, the minister told the kids they were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Noticing some puzzled expressions, he asked the children if they understood what a resurrection was. After several seconds of silence, one little boy raised his hand and said: “I’m not really sure what it means, but I know that if one lasts more than four hours, you’re supposed to see a doctor.”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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