Outrage has erupted over a father/daughter dance canceled at a Staten Island school over the fears of gender inequity. There are two questions that need to be asked. Firstly, is there really a growing number of boys that want to attend a mother/son dance? Somehow the rational individual doubts there is. But perhaps the more important question to ask is if public funds are using to provide the girls with a dance, is there an equal amount being set aside for the basis of providing an extracurricular activity deliberately excluding female pupils? Because if the situation were reversed, you’d never hear the end of it from the shrill nags in the obscene stocking caps.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder insists that Trump’s attacks against the FBI prove that the President is not pro-law enforcement. Applying this same presupposition, couldn’t it as legitimately then be said that those that impugn the character of J. Edgar Hoover and his intelligence gathered that Martin Luther King was hardly the font of Christian and American virtue propagandists make the civil rights activist out to be aren’t pro-law enforcement either?

In his criticism of Thomas Aquinas for statements advocating the liquidation of heretics, will homeschool activist Kevin Swanson separate himself from his Reformed brethren that downplay the execution of Severetus or condemn statements by Rushdoonyians that could be construed as advocating the elimination of the civil rights and protections of those of differing theological persuasions that might find themselves in an idealized Christian Reconstructionist regime?

Technically, Olympic diver Tom Daly, age 23, and his 43 year old male partner are not having a baby together. The ones having the baby are the sow that was contracted with for access to breeding rights and whoever donated his man sauce. And another thing about the age gap of this “couple”. Why is this acceptable for sodomites but considered an outrage when Roy Moore was that much older than the ones he had the hots for that were still over the age of consent and Bill Clinton was somehow a child molestor when schooling Monica on the finer points of tobacco policy.

In stating that those on the terrorism watch list should not be allowed to purchase guns, will those placed on the terrorism watch list be given the reason why they are on the terrorism watch list or be provided with a process to have their names removed when incorrectly placed on this registry that is not ruinous in terms of time and resources?

Do the Fox News pundits calling for increased mental health intervention in regards to gun violence realize that in some circles it is enough to be declared mentally ill if you as a free American prefer Fox News as your default TV news source?

Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center and the Parents Television Council is demanding that the View apologize for insulting the Christian faith of Mike Pence. But isn’t anything these nags might have said technically less offensive than Bozell’s firing of the Parents Television Council’s executive director in 2002 for asking Ted Baehr to lead a pubic prayer asking for Bozell’s speedy recovery following a heart attack?

Bill Gates insists that that he should be paying significantly higher taxes. What he really means is that he thinks the remainder of us should be paying significantly higher taxes as well. Because if he really held to the face value of his articulated proposition as a sincere moral conviction, nothing is preventing him from donating what he believes would be a reasonable percentage of his income and holdings alone to the U.S. treasury.

Viewers praising the idea of Wakanda as a utopia isolated from much of the world in the Black Panther film are the same radicals that condemn President Trump for trying to patch the holes in U.S. border security and immigration enforcement.

NRA members are still responsible for fewer crimes than the average malcontents that show up at Occupy or Black Lives Matter rallies. To prevent the spread of norovirus, Olympic authorities are asking athletes to avoid shaking hands. Will officials also implore competitors to forgo the fornication and orgies alleged to regularly take place in the Olympic village?

A Yahoo news story and headline boldly proclaims “Revelation About Florida School Officer Blasts Hole In Donald Trump Plan To Arm Teachers”. Given the account is about how the Broward County sheriff’s deputy never even entered the school to perform the sort of duty for which first responders are heralded with all sorts of praise and benefits such as retailer discounts and assorted tax breaks, doesn’t the story actual make the case of what happens when a firearm is not utilized to interdict a homicidal assailant? This pitiable failure to act also serves as an object lesson of how in a moment of crisis that the individual cannot afford to place their trust entirely in law enforcement to save innocent lives.

Anti-Second Amendment fanatic David Hogg is vowing not to return to school until Florida legislators pass gun control. First, why should an elected official give a flip as to whether or not a whiny brat skips class? Second, will Hogg’s parents be threatened with the same regulatory sanctions that would be imposed upon those of a deliberate truant or forced to jump through the same administrative loopholes as a homeschooling family whose progeny are conspicuously absent from the leviathan of organized education? Would the mainstream media celebrate as a youth of conviction someone of the same age refusing to return to class until Roe vs Wade is overturned or the hysteria against Confederate memorials abated?

Dick’s Sporting Goods has declared that the retailer will stop selling “assault style” weapons. Given the number of assaults perpetrated by baseball bats over the years, should access to that particular piece of athletic equipment be curtailed as well? If nothing else, at least this corporation seems to be accurately named.

If Jeff Beezos is such a good liberal with a record of lavishing funds on Democratic causes, shouldn’t he insist upon paying Montgomery County’s exorbitant taxes rather than county officials having to entice him with a variety of incentives that would exempt Amazon from an assortment of the revenue measures penalizing other county residents in order to build the corporation’s new headquarters in the jurisdiction?

At the moment it is still legal for 18 year olds to purchase a variety of weapons liberals succumb to apoplexy over in regards to appearance rather than function. As such, shouldn’t it be considered as much an outrage in the eyes of jurisprudence for Walmart or Dick’s Sporting Goods to deny 18 to 20 year olds access to these devices as it would be for Christian bakers to deny gay couples nuptial baked goods?

President Trump declared, “Take the guns first. Go through due process second.” Had Obama articulated such a sentiment, Republicans and conservatives would be up in arms. As such, will they issue similar warnings about Trump being an aspiring tyrant?

It has been claimed that the Florida school shooter’s biological mother was a drug addict. Will those calling for the prohibition of firearms now join the effort to keep illicit substances criminalized?

In a humorous tweet, President Trump remarked that he was going to give his grandchild a lesson in socialism by seizing a percentage of the youth’s Halloween candy for redistribution to an urchin that didn’t bother to go out. For daring to make such a suggestion, J.K. Rowling pointed out that Trump’s own wealth was not earned but rather inherited. As such, the comparison would be more akin to candy being left to her by her great grandfather. Frankly, what of it? Assuming that her Harry Potter books continue to sell beyond her years, to be consistent, does J.K. Rowling intend to issue a statement that she does not want these proceeds to go to her descendants but that she is willing to accept these funds being seized and squandered by the British government?

Controversy erupted over a Youtube content provider posting video of an individual taking his life in the infamous Japanese suicide forest. So are those outraged over this going to come out and openly admit that Western culture and values derived from the Judeo-Christian worldview are inherently superior? Because, though it may come as a surprise to those thinking that multiculturalism means the whole world uniformly embraces hipster values, suicide in Japan is not necessarily viewed as all that much of a tragedy. Unless the offended are willing to take this philosophical step, what they are saying is, “Remove this video because it upsets ME.” Isn’t it at this point when traditionalists raise similar objections that we are flippantly told not to watch or simply change the channel?

Aren’t the liberals coming unhinged that Donald Trump used an earthy term for digestive excretory effluent the same ones that condemn parents as reactionary and unenlightened when they vocalize objections to similar terms or even worse appearing in the literature upheld by the public school system as worthwhile of consideration and reflection upon?

In condemnation of contemporary Sunday school curriculum that teaches youth life lessons rather than manipulate them into full blown religious fanaticism, the pastoral staff of Berean Baptist Church in a SermonAudio podcast lamented about the adults that won’t get out of the pew to serve in the church. These days, shouldn’t pastors just be glad that someone showed up to be in the pews at all? Furthermore, how do these ministers not know if these people are not serving God outside the church? Furthermore, aren’t these ministers doing what they do on behalf of the church ultimately because the church is paying their salaries? Would they be putting in as much effort into that particular congregation without a paycheck being involved?

Of allegations against Roy Moore, Albert Mohler is quoted as saying, “This is one of those excruciating decision moments for evangelicals. These allegations, if true, are devastating. If true, this is a very big deal.” But isn’t Mohler a leader in the faction of Evangelicalism suggesting that, if a girl is not married by the age of 23, she is an old maid hardly suitable for breeding? Furthermore, while Mohler seems to be distancing himself from a man whose dating preferences might have strayed a bit from the socially acceptable but still within the boundaries of legality, Mohler in another instance at a prominent conference assured C.J. Mahaney (who could actually be accused of at least abetting molestation) that that particular pastor was there among thousands of his closest friends.

Gun control advocates are invoking the Las Vegas mass casualty incident in order to advance their anti-Second Amendment agenda. Will they also call for the abolition of high rise buildings as well since it appears these structures can be utilized as convenient sniper perches? If headlines are to be believed that the shooter was driven mad in part as a result of incurring significant video poker debts, should America reconsider the prudence of legalized gambling?

By Frederick Meekins


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