Hillary selects as her VP running mate Tim Kaine.This is quite fitting because when Hillary is asked whether she caused the deaths in Benghazi, her reply is “Am I my brother’s keeper?”


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    When Hillary says,” Am I my brothers keeper?” That is not the answer I would like to hear. The real answer I want from Hillary is why nobody has been able to answer the question about what it is she has accomplished. Why can’t she handle a job with much lesser responsibility when she is asking to be president of the united states. On the Ellen show(which I never watch) Hillary was the guest the other day and the crowd went crazy over Hillary. Do they have any idea what she has done? To they even care? Is it sufficient to just be a woman and a democrat to be put in charge of America? The most stupid thing I ever heard my ex wife say, other than I do and then 12 years later I don’t, was that in one of the elections she said that she would never vote for a certain candidate because he was ugly. I replied that being ugly must automatically mean that you are ignorant and have no intelligence. She is an attorney so I guess we can all understand the lack of intelligence. I also would like to know if Hillary is still allowed to practice law. Her husband lost that right after being found guilty of perjury in a lesser court than the impeachment proceedings. Is it acceptable to say things that are not true to government committees and to the american people? ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.” We could make that question for obama also. ” if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” then ” I misspoke” Tell me if all these things are acceptable and that those people deserve to be president of the united states and I still will not vote for them.