By Jim Mullen

Another Hollywood-produced, Democrat convention is history. Directed superbly by the main-stream media, this fiasco of smoke and mirrors left a nightmarish image to haunt Americans through the November election.

Useful idiots, parasites, Marxist/communists, pathological liars, anti-police and military delegations represented the grievance wing of society. Joined by haters, anarchists, thieves, anti-Semites, and every variety of lowlife racists in American society, they presented a perfect cross-section of this New Leftist Party.

As their propaganda unfolded, a few things were immediately apparent:

• The connecting thread tying the convention to the typical parasitic, modern Democrat was a brutal anti-American, anti-Constitution theme.

• The Democrat Party contains more criminals than our prisons and jails! The truly terrifying fact is, Obama and his leftist comrades are emptying prisons and flooding states with un-vetted Muslims from terrorist nations. As a result, the Democrat Party grows at an astronomical rate directly proportional to the number of aliens, and their welfare benefits. Europe made the same politically correct, deadly decisions, and they’re being repaid with death, destruction, loss of sovereignty, and demise of European culture.

• The primary goal of the Democrat Party is, as always, keeping blacks and poor whites on the Democrat plantations and reservations. Their entire scheme is a conspiracy calculated to keep these people voting for their masters to maintain power, in exchange for paltry welfare benefits. Keeping the masses poor and uneducated is the foundation upon which all tyrannical governments build.

• Open border and immigration policies by Democrats, and burgeoning welfare rolls they create are designed to enlarge the party and control an even larger segment of America. These are the largest segments of society to whom the Democrats direct their big-government largesse. Granting them the right to vote is paramount in leftists’ plans to wrest control of the government for generations to come.

• One of the standout issues of note was witnessing the tragic consequences of our corrupt, failed educational system led by Democrats and abetted by Republicans. From pre-K through graduate school, young people are taught capitalism is evil and government is their savior. Marxist philosophy runs rampantly through academia, and like all leftist ideas they use it to indoctrinate, not educate, America’s youth. Just a cursory glance at the product turned out by these ideologues demonstrating in the streets and in the convention hall should lead Americans to shriek in horror. Keep in mind, they demonstrated for more government control, more welfare, higher taxes, and less liberty!

• Not even the Communist Party Politburo of the Soviet Union contained a larger assemblage of Communists and Marxists than this gathering of Democrats.

• The most shocking item from this historically racist party was the purely anti-American theme. The entire tone and substance featured and promoted freedom bashing, chaos on the streets, violence against police, open border fanaticism, and American flag burning. Marxism thrives on anarchy; in fact, it cannot gain traction without lawlessness. Nearly every dictatorship in history became entrenched by creating anarchy and promising order by eradicating freedom ruling with brutal force. We must understand; this is exactly the goal of Obama, Clinton, and all their comrades. Chaos and violence now define the Democrats.

• Representations and exhibitions of pathological liars plying their trade were unparalleled. Pretense, fabrications, deceptions, and outright lies streamed from the lying post through the poisonous atmosphere like rocket-propelled fireworks. Appropriately, the grand finale of falsehoods launched by the queen bee of the Marxist hive, Hillary Clinton, reached a crescendo of fire and brimstone lies. The evening culminated with this unqualified and dishonest seeker of the United States presidency, spewing thunderous communist propaganda that slashed through the rented crowd and echoed off the massive Cleveland arena’s rafters. She closed out the appropriate rhetorical theme from Obama’s oration of lies.

• Not one speaker touched the edge of sensibility or reality. Conversely, words of wavy, feel-good, Marxist dreams and talking points put believers in a Shangri-La trance. Predictably, the parasitic-lemmings swooned at the idea of unearned rewards for a promise of meager financial security, paid for by overtaxed, working Americans.

• Most of these self-absorbed, useful idiots at the convention follow the radical leftists’ feel-good ideology. In reality, they follow it so closely, they never learned to think or reason successfully. Blind allegiance to a destructive ideology, and government propaganda left them ignorant of Americans’ opportunities. As a consequence, they fell for Karl Marx’s fatal vision and empty promises. It’s doubtful there’s ever been a larger group of government-indoctrinated misfits gathered into one place to abet the destruction of our constitutional Republic.

Marxist/socialism is all about an omni-powerful centralized government controlling commerce, manufacturing, financial institutions, and every aspect of every American’s life. In other words; a dictatorship!

They use punishingly high taxation and crushing regulations handed down and enforced by bureaucratic fiats with tyrannical power. These powers are the weapons and instruments to destroy. Communism and Marxism/socialism differ only in the means of government enforcement. Communists use the gun; Marxism and socialism use the club of financial ruin and threat of prison. Naturally, If all else fails, they resort to guns.

Obama crowed, “We’re not done perfecting our union.” He means they’re not done transforming the US into the perfect Communist/Socialist state! Hillary is determined to continue Obama’s work. Successful implementation of totalitarian government requires extinguishing any spark of hope, and cooling all embers of liberty. Hillary has her mandate!

All of this foofaraw is lost on a woman whose only qualification for President was having married a man who became the President of the United States. How is this inspiring for young American women who strive for excellence and self- determination based solely on their efforts, not whom they married? The message resonates from one of the most corrupt and vile politicians in America’s long history. She portrays an image of exactly what she is, an incompetent, totally unprincipled woman using only marital power to gain her position.

Additionally, Hillary Clinton is eminently unqualified for every job which she aspired to and attained. She has underperformed at everything she attempted, is a notorious, pathological liar, a cheat, and is abusive to those around her. She habitually lies about events to which there is video evidence to countermand her assertions; like landing under sniper fire in Bosnia. There is no possible scenario when this woman should ever be believed or trusted.

Bill and Hillary demonstrated their legendary, disreputable character in a classic manner during their original staining of the White House. Main-stream media reports surfaced revealing they absconded with items from the peoples’ house valued at tens of thousands of dollars!

The entire fate of our nation is in peril as Democrats swamp us with illegal aliens, felons from prisons, questionable Muslims from terrorist countries, and pounding Marxism into every segment of American government and society; including the educational system.

We elected one unqualified, community organizing, racist President simply because he was black. He has nearly destroyed this nation, and set the world ablaze. Are we now to elect another unqualified, pathologically lying, incompetent President simply because she is a woman?

If Hillary Clinton wins this election, it’s highly unlikely our Republic will survive. The inmates will truly be running the asylum!

Jim Mullen


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  1. MUG

    I only dispute one thing you that you said. The voters who support Hillary are definitely dumbed down, but the Conservative and Independent voters are just as definitely savvy. That’s why they won’t support Hillary, but the flip side of that is they demand credibility from whomever they do support. Who might that be? Who deserves their their support?

    This election should be the easiest in history to destroy Hillary and the Democrats, but Trump can’t get it together. Are you suggesting Trump deserves to be POTUS just because he won the primary with Democrat support – Democrats voted for him to eliminate candidates who undoubtedly would beat Hillary? He talks like he dropped out of school after 8th grade. He has no integrity, no scruples. He is not a man of his word. What is the reason a savvy Conservative or Independent should vote for him?

    “Of two evils, choose neither.” Charles Spurgeon. Neither is one of the Choices of We the People. It doesn’t mean stay home it means vote for Conservative candidates and Choose neither when the choices are evil.

  2. Kenny Sono

    I really like the Mathematical phrase, “go with the KNOWN.” Normally, under these amazing circumstances, I might suggest that Hillary is just more of the despicable lack of integrity and qualifications Jim so clearly outlined above / a wonderful summary of the entire Democrat party. I might suggest that since we’re not all running around with our hair on fire, the Democrats at least are predictable. I might even point to the completely false “cool, calm and collected” fake professional demeanor of Hillary Clinton and suggest that is doesn’t seem to be consistent with all the evidence of a complete lack of moral character.
    I could even point to the so called virtuous things she claims to hope to accomplish and people in need she claims to help if she succeeds as our President.
    However, in this case, I’m going to vote for Trump. Trump / at this point, represents pure chaos. He is an unreliable unknown. I seriously doubt even he knows what he is going to say or do next. Trump is as predictable as Mug points out, as an 8th grader……. proud he made it out of the 7th grade without getting expelled. Trump is a bully, a punk, a loud mouth, a know it all, and an obnoxiously spoiled rich KID with no humility, no evidence of Faith in God, and no sense of appreciation for the goodness of the people of America. Yes, I will vote for Trump. As bad as all that is, that is still far better / in this case / than the known. The known represents extreme radical feminism. The total destruction of the family, of gender differentiation, of psychologically sound humans in America, and of the Faith and Moral character that this Nation was built upon. Separate from any qualifications she may or may not have to be a legitimate government leader, that is enough, all by itself, to reject her entirely and completely / without further consideration.