Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hillary’s Anti-Trump “October Surprise” UNsurprising, Flat

In the face of Hillary’s shameless pathological lying and her well-documented locker room level obscenities directed at those who have both protected and advised her over the years, the misplaced kerfuffle over Trump’s locker room vulgarity occurring some eleven years ago is clearly driven more by the politics of personal destruction than by personal sensibilities.

Admittedly, the disengaged and often ignorant American voters have produced two terrible presidential candidates, neither of whom I find acceptable, but both of whom mirror what we as a people have become. Not pretty, huh?

That said, for me it must come down to this: either we knowingly vote for an unindicted felon whose recklessness has imperiled national security and whose callous maladministration directly contributed to the needless slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi, or we vote for an unpolished politician whose vulgarity–which, while offensive, pales in comparison to that of the Clintons–intends to appoint Constitution-first justices to the Supreme Court.

The sensible choice should be screamingly obvious to all but the ideologically blind.

But, let’s face it, folks: the Establishment, both Left and Right, bereft of principle and focused entirely upon their own cushy political careers, are not looking for a heartfelt apology from Trump. No, they’re looking for a public execution.


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  1. steve blades

    jim to say that these are our only two choices confirms that we are no longer a religious and moral society, and dont deserve anything less than total desruction

    while I on the other hand say there are choices that retain that moral high ground even if it causes suffering while in this life.

    leave it blank and let the chips fall where they may , cause to vote for either one is the destruction of what it means to be an American,

  2. Kenny Sono

    Jim, you are right but I suspect the video of Trump bragging about being a rich predator is going to be so tough for Trump to beat…….it might require something like Hillary actually HAVING sex with a (female) intern. Don’t get me wrong; I suspect that video is available……. but probably not for sale to Trump.
    Anyway, since it seems highly likely (now) that Trump’s video joins things like :
    Cruz going full tilt cry baby when Trump hit him with a tabloid joke,
    Romney burying his hand in the sand when the factual 47% statement arrived,
    Perot disappearing when somebody supposedly threatened his family,
    McCain becoming neutered by a half black pot hot from nowhere being put up against him and a ultra conservative woman from Alaska,
    the list of easy and obvious CHEAP SHOTS goes on and on and on……
    If the media says you’re toast, generally speaking you’re TOAST.
    In short, all the conservatives and all the conservative media combined in America cannot compete against the Main Stream media.
    So, I’m sort of wondering where to focus my attention now, assuming Hillary wins:
    Surviving the immediate celebration of the end of American morality, and the likely depression that will come with that?
    Surviving the entire collapse of the American economy that will be in the works as Hillary proceeds to simultaneously run up the debt ten fold and give away the store all at the same time; probably in the name of things like “fairness” and “global warming” which technically NEVER existed?
    Surviving the possible nuclear war we’ll be faced with as Hillary smokes dope with her girlfriends in the oval office as Bill is locked in the bowling alley with half a dozen local hookers with Aides…….. so Hillary can get rid of him once and for all…….
    Surviving a possible outright invasion from forces joining in the great Jihad of the Middle East which will be boiling over in a year or two, or maybe just ……
    Surviving the realization of the entire flock of Christians in America when they realize the entire Federal Government is going to be on a Witch Hunt for all Christians in America, even as they completely ignore all of them being slaughtered world wide. . . and the enormous disappointments that will come with all that.

    I’m kind of thinking that Hillary winning may be the end of my following politics and news in general. I may just start reading, exercising more, cooking things I really like, and going for some really long bike rides. Something will need to keep my mind off of the new reality – towards the end of America.