In a somewhat shocking event that occurred on June 10, 2016, a series of videos shot from different angles seemingly depicts Hillary Clinton having yet another ‘spell’ or serious medical event.

Snopes, the left-wing liberal website that attempts in vain to disprove anything that Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party patriots claim made the ridiculous and easily dis-proven phony statement that Hillary Clinton “gave an exaggerated startled response” to a question.

I personally watched the video from multiple angles many times over and #1, didn’t hear any question immediately preceding her seizure, and #2, the ‘exaggerated startled response’ included Clinton’s eyes rolling out of control in different directions, which is a classic sign of a seizure. If Hillary is so talented that she can control eye movement separately from one another, perhaps she should work for a sideshow in the circus. Of course, I do mean one besides the previous ones she has already worked for in the recent past.

Folks, the truth is plain and simple as the nose (and wart) on her face: she had a medical problem. This is nothing to make fun of or berate her for, but the fact remains that she is NOT fit nor qualified to take office. She needs to relieve her stress with the remaining years of her life on vacation and NOT occupying the White House.

If you will recall, this is not the first medical emergency that Hillary Clinton has suffered.

Back in December of 2012, the liberals tried once again in vain to cover up her illness and subsequent physical collapse on the ground as only being caused from ‘dehydration’, a ‘stomach virus’ and a concussion.

Even the lamestream media (READ: liberal media) could not cover up the undeniable fact that Hillary sustained a serious blow to her head, which resulted in a concussion. These things don’t just magically go away all on their own; in many cases, they last for the rest of a person’s life, especially if that person is as old and near the end of their life as Hillary Rodham Clinton is. She literally has one foot in the grave already, and this latest episode proves it.

I can’t stand trump, he is cut from the same cloth as Clinton is. They are both left-wing liberal progressive democrats from New York. But, at the end of the day, Hillary simply isn’t qualified, medically or otherwise, to take the position of commander-in-chief when she literally cannot control her own body’s movement’s.


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  1. Judson Phillips

    One of the worst kept secrets in Washington is her health. A lot of people fear she would not live through her first term. That is why there has been a huge fight in the Democrat party to see who the VP would be.

    1. Agi Yaeger

      Judson and Scot her appointment of her VP is no comfort for Americans either.
      It’s time for all conservative media to expose this factor since the LSM will never do.
      Why are they afraid to investigate this as the progressive?
      We are being placed in a very dangerous position, as if we weren’t in one already. Imagine, the life and death national decisions she would make having so many medical issues, especially concerning her mind/brain.
      What choices do we have between these two candidates!! We certainly can use G-d’s guidance.

  2. MUG

    Hillary is a health risk for POTUS. Trump is 70 with a 34 year old wife. Who knows if either of them will live for four years. Hillary’s VP is more of Obama, and Trump’s VP is “Back to the Future” with an establishment hack.