In politics, dumb things happen.  Over Christmas, perhaps the a new record for idiocy was set.

Reince Priebus, the outgoing Chairman of the Republican National Committee issued a Christmas statement. Part of that statement said:

“Merry Christmas to all! Over two millennia ago, a new hope was born into the world, a Savior who would offer the promise of salvation to all mankind. Just as the three wise men did on that night, this Christmas heralds a time to celebrate the good news of a new King.”

Liberals went crazy over this statement, claiming Priebus, the new incoming Trump White House Chief of Staff, was calling Trump a king.  Liberals wrote blog posts and lit up social media with this claim.

Anyone with three functioning brain cells could figure out that Priebus was talking about Christ the King, not Donald Trump.  Of course, the requirement for three functioning brain cells excludes most liberals.  Unfortunately, some of my friends in the “Never Trump” movement picked up on this and started spreading this around as well.

Many people in the Never Trump movement were a part of it for the same reason I was. We believed that if he were elected, Trump would immediately move hard left.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the Inauguration.  Donald Trump became President Elect and did not move hard left.

In fact, he went far more conservative than a lot of people believed he would.  His nominee, Tom Price, for Health and Human Services wants to completely repeal Obamacare and rework Medicare and Medicaid to operate in a free market environment.  Rick Perry wants to abolish the Department of Energy.  He nominated an administrator of the EPA who spent the last few years suing that agency on almost everything it did.

Donald Trump is not a perfect man nor will he be a perfect President.

That isn’t the point.

The point is, we conservatives must advance a conservative agenda. We must roll back the ever growing and oppressive bureaucracy.  We must roll back the administrative state. We must destroy Obamacare.  We must abolish the IRS.

How are we going to do this?

Conservatives must work with and in the Trump administration.  That does not mean falling down and worshipping the President. Nor does it mean giving him a blank check to do anything he wants.

What it does mean is that we have an opportunity we have not had since Ronald Reagan sat in the Oval Office.  We have a President Elect who is making his first policy decisions with an eye towards shrinking government, not growing it.  We conservatives now have the chance to do something we have not done in thirty years.

We have a chance to win.

For the Never Trump folks who are off screaming about stupid things, like the RNC Christmas statement, it is time to grow up.  Donald Trump will be the President for the next four to eight years.  We have a chance to defeat the left and bring America back to its small government roots.




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  1. steve blades

    Careful there Judson, Tom Price is a big gov. healthcare guy who has his own idea what the Fed Gov should do to the people in regards to HC.
    He has his own legislation for a Gov. HC that is less offensive than the ACA but still a big Gov. system.

    I do hope he keeps up with his establishment appointments to prove us wrong…OOPS

  2. Bruce Davis

    I agree, Trump was not my first choice, but those who keep endlessly bashing him, including some on this site, are engaging in self destructive behavior that is hard to differentiate from the hard left nutjobs behavior. Give him a chance, as there is plenty of time to complain and carp if he goes back on his promises. So far, I am encouraged by a lot of what he has done.

    1. steve blades

      thats why I criticize him…I would point out how he has already done that but I would expect the …he was just suggesting line…

      the only thing left is the SCOTUS post and that has yet to be determined, but I expect he will get out of that.

      All politicians swear an oath to one thing…the Constitution…and that is the last thing considered when they do things. And frankly I am sick of it from the GOP…I expect it from the dems cause they have made it clear how they feel about it.

      so like I said if you werent avoiding this by talking about going to friggin mars and posting claims that as we see are easy to debunk with trumps own words most of the time then I would be less abrasive.

      there is not much of the Constitution left to defend and I am getting old , so you should expect that I will fight like hell to call out progressives no matter what party the hide in.
      Then I can look my children in the eyes on my death bed and they will know I tried my best to give them the same chance I had

  3. Bruce Davis

    I agree that, even though Trump was definitely not my first choice to be President, we need to give him a chance. If he fails to deliver I will be one of the first to jump on his case, but so far I am pretty happy with what he had done so far. Unfortunately, the “Never Trump” crew, including some on this site, are not willing to cut him any slack. It has become clear that they will attack Trump and anyone else who does not meet their personal criterion for being what they term a “True Conservative” although where they gained the right to make this determination is not clear as I am aware of no election or appointment that gave them this authority. Frankly, I see very little difference between their performance and mean spirited rhetoric and the drivel we get from the far left nuts and IMHO having people like that in our camp sure does not help our cause.

    1. steve blades

      this coming from the guy that wants to talk about how trump will help us go to mars instead of calling him out for his repeated lies…and stated intentions of constitutional violations
      Your diversionary tactics are what progressives are famous for. and you call me liberal and your the one that has not mentioned the Constitution a single time…fcking hypocrite

      why dont you talk about how he ran on being anti establishment then appointing nothing but establishment hacks??? for gods sake he made the leader of the GOP his chief of staff….WHY???

      you wont cause your one of the mindless drones.

      you know at least the dems are honest about their core values..they openly say they think the Constitution is old and dusty and needs replaced…and then they go to washington and act on those beliefs

      But not the GOP…they talk about how we need to preserve the Constitution and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN… then when they go to washington, what they dont directly help the dems do they stand guard over and protect it…
      case in point is the ACA and the debt along with all the gun control laws anfd a whole host of other violations of the Constitution.

      so before you start calling others liberals just make sure your not still in the closet.

  4. Dennis LaGrua

    Liberals are anti-business, anti-gun, anti-constitution and pro-illegal alien. They want to tell us how to run our life, how to feel, what to think and what we should believe in. Most people love freedom not oppression. As for this administration; there is great hope for Conservatives as Trump has selected many for his cabinet and will be surrounded by them. The Supreme Court picks will be a big test but it appears hopeful that we will get a constitutional conservative. Trump is not going to be the perfect Conservative President but the other choice would have been disastrous.

  5. Jim Rogers

    Judson, you must be wrestling with yourself regarding DJT now that he’s the President-elect! You were one of the NeverTrump-ers when Ted Cruz fell into the well with the 15 others who competed with DJT for the Republican nomination. I watched the Texas’ US Senator fall into that well far earlier than did you ~ he was no match for the asymmetrical campaign of DJT ~ but I had no reservations in switching my support from Cruz to Mr. Trump. I recognized that DJT did NOT come with a Conservative pedigree, nor with any guarantees other than he was NOT Hillary Clinton. There is not one of the other candidates who could have stood his/her ground and returned the fire and vitriol from the Hillary campaign, the DNC, the RNC, the Wall Street oligarchy, the mainstream media and the world’s elitists! DJT did! DJT won! DJT saved the USA from the political bullets known as socialism, communism and one-world zealots! I keep a wary eye on DJT, but admit it’s with great admiration for his structure of his administration to date! You are late to the party but welcome, nonetheless…. DJT will need the support of us all as he begins his presidency on January 20th ~ he’ll still be facing dogged opposition from the usual suspects, Republicans such as Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham ~ all Democrats ~ remnants of the Wall Street oligarchy ~ the mainstream media and the world’s elitists. He licked ’em once ~ and with the help of Independent Conservatives such as me and late-to-the-Trump Train converts such as you ~ he will again!!!