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    Tea Party should be first the heart and soul of TAX REFORM.

    Before we get a RE-Hash Tax… don’t get me wrong, I think Trump is doing good but his tax plan is just a tax-patch. We should decide what our new tax plan should be…

    All economist agree Income Tax and Property Taxes are the worst. That being said what is left.

    A national sales/transaction tax… just one tax across the land… just One Tax.

    See the proposed Tax Reform with the Original American First – Tax Reform… or go to http://www.OneEasyTax.com (nothing for sale here, just tax facts)

    The “Americans First Act” the
    Citizens’ Tax Bill of Rights.
    One “Easy” Tax For All…
    The United States Citizens’ Tax Bill Of Rights
    (Americans First Act) – ONE “Easy” TAX
    National Tax Reform & Economic Recovery Plan

    To protect the United States Citizens from overbearing, overreaching, oppressive and unfair taxation by the government it is necessary to create The United States Citizens Tax Bill of Rights and the establishment of National Sales and Transaction Tax, “One Tax” Across the Land. “Americans First, fair taxation for fair representation”. In 1776 only Citizens sacrificed on the battlefields to create our Great Nation, not big government or big business.

    First Right: Abolish Income Taxes, all current tax laws, regulations, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, excise taxes, tax exemptions, deductions, and any/all other current tax or exemptions. It will be forever prohibited to have different tax laws for any citizens and/or segments of our Great Economy.

    Second Right: Abolish the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). There will be no official government agency for collection of taxes but taxes will be collected by the private sector through the Federal Banking System; and at no cost to the United States Citizen. All taxes collected will be overseen and managed by the United States Treasury.

    Third Right: Establish ONE TAX across the land for collection of all Federal taxes at the lowest possible rate to all citizens and segments of the economy. Taxes will be collected on all sales & financial transactions of the United States of an amount/rate determined by the Fourth Right. The system works exactly like a state sales tax but extended to all citizens and segments of economy.

    Fourth Right: To have a balanced Federal budget and maintain a low tax rate to have as little or no impact on the U.S. Economy. The Federal budget will be derived by no greater than 5% of the TE (Total Economy). If the TE of sales & transactions creates an excess of taxes for more than 4 financial quarters; the tax rate will be lowered to the budget amount established by the original 5% of the total sales and transactions (Total Economy). The tax rate will never exceed 5% of TE (Total Economy).

    Fifth Right: This law does not apply to transfer of money inside personal, married or business accounts.

    Sixth Right: In order for all United States Citizens to have equal and fair opportunity to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; The ONE TAX will fairly shift money back into the consumer sector and economy to always promote and create more jobs and a healthy economy.

    Seventh Right: No taxes will be established to favor any segment of the population or segment of the economy.

    Eighth Right: The ONE TAX will provide for an economy without tax evasion as all citizens and all segments of the economy, including illegal businesses and illegal aliens pay taxes via purchasing of goods, services and transactions, the ONE TAX is self enforcing as if you do not pay the ONE TAX you will not be provided with any goods, services or transactions. Furthermore, upon deposits if you did not charge the appropriate sales or transaction tax it will still be automatically deducted from your bank deposits.

    Ninth Right: Abolish all tax punishment.

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