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When a disaster strikes, and seconds count, government help is only days away. How do you prepare for a natural or man-made disaster? This is not a group for conspiracy theories. This is a discussion on how to prepare and what to do!

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The help that isn’t coming

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What is everyone preparing for?

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Next need: Food

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Comment by JMC on May 23, 2016 at 12:08pm

Does anybody have any recommendations about getting a solar powered generator or if a gas powered one is better?  We have never used either so all we can do is guess which is the best as both kinds are raved about depending on where you look for information.  Would really appreciate any feedback.  Thank you.

Comment by Sue Johnston on January 1, 2013 at 11:59am

For those who have the room, and the notion. Put your Zip Code in and you'll get a list of what to plant, and when.


Comment by Sue Johnston on January 1, 2013 at 10:51am

I was unaware of this group, Judson. Thank you for leading it. I began preparations the day Obama was first elected, and continue that effort. It continues to amaze me how many millions of people are in la la land ... still.

Comment by Ralph Roshto on November 30, 2012 at 7:39am

Count me in as one of the people who cannot fathom the unpreparedness of the general population. Americans are truly spoiled.

Among many of the things that 'Preppers' fail to do is to PRACTICE!

One day, turn the utilities off, and see what happens! Not only SEE what happens, but WRITE IT DOWN, so you can use this information to better prepare. Then, do it again for two days. Write down the results. Have fun at it. Become independant!

Then, do it for a whole week! Write down the results, and LEARN from them. Become your own survivalist mentor. This is how to Prep!

Comment by Scott Kelley on November 26, 2012 at 12:22pm

I am continually shocked at the number of people who don't at least prepare somewhat for an emergency.  Every year the news shows people preparing for hurricanes on the east coast, or the Gulf coast.  They are in line at Home Depot to buy plywood and generators, lines at the gas stations, long lines at the grocery stores, fighting each other for the last jug of water.  I always ask..."What did they do with all the plywood we saw them buying last year?"

To completely rely on someone else to take care of me is so ludicrous, that I can't even comprehend it.  Even if all you had the room for was 2 weeks of food and water, it won't take that much room.  Get some batteries, flashlights, oil lamps are cheap, bottled water is cheap.  I just found a 1500w generator at a pawn shop for $75... all of this is cheap insurance.  I just don't understand people.

More than ever, we need the patriots to prepare and take care of themselves.  If the “others” don’t want to take care of themselves, then I guess it’s simply cleansing of the gene pool.  None of us know what the future holds, from natural disaster, to riots, to complete fall of modern society.  I am also well aware that those of us who prepare are considered kooks by many, but I just quietly and inconspicuously buy and store.  I don’t advertise to anyone what I have, and only my closest family know what I have.  I have stored emergency food, seeds, medical, water, ammo, silver coins, batteries,, fuel, etc.  I have extensively searched for price and quality on the web, and have found one of the best for emergency supplies at Mypatriotsupply.com

I also have found a lot of good info on Alex Jones site at infowars.com, just click on "store"

Anyone can feel free to contact me for any questions you may have on secretive emergency preparedness.

Comment by Donald A. Hirst on August 23, 2012 at 7:35am

We're actually in the Northern Neck, which is to the east of a lot of places and not too far from the Chesapeake Bay. While we are on the water, our house is maybe 50 feet above, with access to the dock via steps. So storm surge isn't an issue for us.

Agree that the recent disasters (fires, floods, drought, etc.) have given us ample opportunity to prove our mettle. Keep safe and stay prepared.

Comment by Mike Foil on August 22, 2012 at 11:26pm

Danald,  I take it you are in northern Virginia.  You are right, it is just a matter of time before a big storm hits your area.  Maybe not this one or this year, but one will find you at some point in time.  Good to hear that you and your community have taken preparation serious.  In some cases, lives depend on such foresight.

Just about any part of the country has some form of natural disaster for which they prepare (I hope) and for which they watch.  Here in the higher elevations of AZ, our watch is for forest fires during late spring thru the summer.  Over the past several years, a good part of AZ has burned.  The forest has been so unhealthy and over-grown that any fire has the potential of being enormous and when they get going, they are so hot, they leave a scorched-earth behind.

According to a fire expert, the ponderosa pine forest of AZ still has three major fire corridors that have not yet burned, but will at some point.  I am located right in one of those areas. 
We have had major, winter storms here, but they are rare.  Our prayers go out to those who endure the storms, the current drought in the farm belt, the tornados, the earthquakes, etc.  These are opportunities for Americans to prove the metal we are made of - and it isn't tin foil (get it?). 

Comment by Donald A. Hirst on August 22, 2012 at 7:42pm

Keeping a weather eye on storm activity way, way down south. Not sure what will happen with the storm that may hit Florida early next week or others that may or may not be forming way, way out in the Atlantic. Only a matter of time until one of those storms veers north. August and September are peak hurricane season, or so I have read. Feel we are basically well-prepared for whatever comes in the weeks and months ahead -- hurricanes or other problems.


Ample fuel for the generator. Well-stocked with water and food, emergency lighting and various other necessities to deal with any disruption of utilities, sheriff's office protection or other potential difficulties. We are a tight-knit community, which is a very big plus.

Comment by Marianne Hart on July 24, 2012 at 1:59pm

I love small towns, unfortunately they don't stay that way.

Comment by Donald A. Hirst on July 24, 2012 at 6:08am

Concerning places to live and put down roots, please consider Virginia and more specifically the Northern Neck. We relocated here several months ago after escaping the PRM (People's Republic of Maryland). Our county traces its roots back to the early 1600s and has a small population base (roughly 12,000 according to the 2010 census). For OpSec reasons, I won't be more specific about where we are located since this is an open forum that can be read by anyone, although posts are limited to members.


We have just two stoplights in the entire county, roughly 20 miles apart. There is a functioning blacksmith shop in one of the towns, very competent county sheriff's department, decent county library, adequate hospital, responsive local government and courts, low crime rate and much agriculture and fishing (both commercial and recreational). Small enough of an area, in other words, to make an impact, know your neighbors and not feel overwhelmed by population pressures.


Like the rest of Virginia, obtaining a concealed carry permit is not a problem for citizens with no criminal background or other prohibitions against legally owning firearms. You take the necessary class, go to the courthouse and the sheriff's office to execute the necessary paperwork and a few weeks later you receive your concealed carry permit. Significantly, very few establishments have declared themselves gun-free zones. So other than in churches, bars, government offices and a few similar places where concealed carry is prohibited by state law, you are free to be legally and responsibly -- repeat responsibly -- armed.


We feel we are in decent -- although not perfect -- shape to weather most crises fairly well. Not looking to have the entire world move down this way, but just wanting to point out that small towns with a good mix of resources are the way to go in both good times and bad.



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