The Federal Government is continuing down the path of Keynesian economics that has never worked due to a fatal flaw in Keynes theory. We are all in a hot air balloon that is crashing to earth and the ballast is taxes and spending and those in charge of the balloon's flight are refusing to throw the ballast overboard to save us. I do not believe we can rely on the Republicans to be draconian enough and the Democrats are a joke. The balloon will crash and so will our currency. The only thing going up will be inflation of the super variety. When this happens, the march on Washington will make the Middle East quagmire look like recess at a nursery school.


If there was ever a better example of the reason against big government, look at what is just now starting to happen at the States' level. The newly elected Governors are tackling the entitlements that have to end, or at least be drastically cut back, in order for our Republic to survive. What will happen at the State level I do not see Washington ever doing until it is way too late. We must stay in constant touch with our elected officials and be telling them to attack the entitlements and the broken systems now, before it is too late - and pray that it happens.

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