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Can you go to Washington NOv 5th? We have a bus!

HI! A lot of you have asked about the Michele Bachman Washington event to Storm the Capitol and protest health care. Ron has made arrangments for a bus (or busses depending on demand) so if you have any interest please call him right away for details!

Michele Bachman, US Rep, MN, has just requested (Sean Hannity show last night) that busloads, busloads, busloads of Americans join her on the Capitol steps at Noon on Thursday, Nov. 5 - to protest the Healthcare bill (Pelosi's latest), by hearing her press conference, and then walking with her through the halls of the Capitol to look each person's congressman/woman in the eye and say "NO".

If you want to attend contact Ron L'Heureux at 401-487-6935. We are trying to get 55 people for a midnight run to Washington. Leave Providence around midnight on Wednesday.... leave Washington around 4:pm. Cost: $60.00 per person.
Or you can email him at cornerstonecontractors@hotmail.com

Take care,


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Comment by marina peterson on January 14, 2010 at 8:43am
Thanks Patty! WE're on it!!!!
Comment by John J Preville on November 20, 2009 at 1:21pm




GO TO www.johnloughlin.org AND MAKE A DONATION TO SAVE OUR



oldnutman@verizon.net, RITP, NTP OR FACEBOOK FOR MORE INFO!!!
Comment by marina peterson on November 8, 2009 at 6:42am
Lower our energy costs!!!??????
Comment by John J Preville on November 7, 2009 at 11:28pm
Please, click link & read a statement from Senator Whitehouse.
It one of his great reply letters to a constituent on Cap & Trade.

Comment by marina peterson on November 7, 2009 at 4:04pm
Hi Paul! No, we didn't get it on tape, but there were 8 of us there and we all heard the same thing.

I have sent you a note via personal email as well. marina
Comment by Paul Chiumento on November 7, 2009 at 3:39pm
Hey Marina,

Thanks for the update on your trip to DC. Had it not been for my daughter coming home from college sick on Tuesday I was planning on joining you all. I have not had the pleasure of meeting any of you personally so I'm looking forward to doing that at some point.

I'm wondering if any of you got Rep Kennedy on tape saying he didn't want to be ridiculed for his beliefs. I guess that tells you he knows how far out in left field his views are. He knows the best way to stay in congress is to keep anybody from really knowing what he thinks.

I was also surprised that rep Langevin said he'd vote yes on a bill that none of his constituents wanted because it would best for the people. BTW, who are the people if not his constituents. It's hard to believe these people actually say this stuff.

Maybe we need to get any one running for congress to agree to vote the way their constituents would like them to vote. This would be easy to do via a web site where constituents could vote on the bills their rep is voting on. If say 60% of the registered constituents voted on a particular issue and 60% of them voted a specific way then the rep would agree to uphold the will of the people in their district.

Please let me know when you all will be getting together as it would be a pleasure to meet a bunch of like minded people that are willing to get involved to effect real conservative change. Change that will protect the freedoms we where all guaranteed in the constitution.
Comment by John J Preville on November 7, 2009 at 3:04pm
Paul, your 100% right! I mentioned that at our last meeting & we do need to work hard at it. (I've e-mailed John Loughlin to feel him out & he ask me to call him for a meeting). I've been reviewing Kennedy's donation $$ & they are down. Remember, his "Body Guard Daddy" is gone. That's why the church went after him. I've been (like all Tea Party Member's) networking across the country.Alot of States will help other States get people out of office, like we did already in NY23. There is a forum for posting our candidate we support on Tea Party Nation. I'm going to bring this issue up again at the next meeting. IT"S TIME TO TAKE BACK RI.
I believe people are tired of seeing RI, going down,down & down!!.Under
our current Washington group of morons.
Comment by Deloris Issler on November 7, 2009 at 2:34pm
I think we should forget our own reps for a minute and call EVERY ONE of these shameful people and throw a fit! No wonder they can be so caviler with our money. . .


Report: 237 millionaires in Congress
By ERIKA LOVLEY | 11/6/09 12:14 PM EST
CRP says California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa is the richest lawmaker on Capitol Hill, with a net worth estimated at about $251 million. Photo: AP

Talk about bad timing.

As Washington reels from the news of 10.2 percent unemployment, the Center for Responsive Politics is out with a new report describing the wealth of members of Congress. Among the highlights: Two-hundred-and-thirty-seven members of Congress are millionaires. That’s 44 percent of the body – compared to about 1 percent of Americans overall.

CRP says California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa is the richest lawmaker on Capitol Hill, with a net worth estimated at about $251 million. Next in line: Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), worth about $244.7 million; Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), worth about $214.5 million; Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), worth about $209.7 million; and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), worth about $208.8 million.

All told, at least seven lawmakers have net worths greater than $100 million, according to the Center’s 2008 figures.

“Many Americans probably have a sense that members of Congress aren’t hurting, even if their government salary alone is in the six figures, much more than most Americans make,” said CRP spokesman Dave Levinthal. “What we see through these figures is that many of them have riches well beyond that salary, supplemented with securities, stock holdings, property and other investments.”

The CRP numbers are somewhat rough estimates – lawmakers are required to report their financial information in broad ranges of figures, so it’s impossible to pin down their dollars with precision. The CRP uses the mid-point in the ranges to build its estimates. Senators’ estimated median reportable worth sunk to about $1.79 million from $2.27 million in 2007. The House’s median income was significantly lower and also sank, bottoming out at $622,254 from $724,258 in 2007.

But CRP’s analysis suggests that some lawmakers did well for themselves between 2007 and 2008, even as many Americans lost jobs and saw their savings and their home values plummet.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) gained about $9.2 million. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) gained about $3 million, Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) had an estimated $2.6 million gain, and Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) gained about $2.8 million. Some lawmakers have profited from investments in companies that have received federal bailouts; dozens of lawmakers are invested in Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

Among executive branch officials, CRP says the richest is Securities and Exchange Commission Chairwoman Mary L. Schapiro, with a net worth estimated at $26 million.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is next, worth an estimated $21 million. President Barack Obama is the sixth-wealthiest, worth about an estimated $4 million. Vice President Joe Biden has often tagged himself as an original blue collar man. The

CRP backs him up, putting his net worth at just $27,000. He’s hardly the worst off.

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.), freshman Rep. Harry Teague (D-N.M.), Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.), Rep. John Salazar (D-Colo.) and Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) each a net worth of less than zero, CRP says.

One caveat on those numbers: Federal financial disclosure laws don’t require members to list the value of their personal residences. That information could alter the net worth picture for many lawmakers. Even so, Levinthal said, “It is clear that some members are struggling financially. “Over a calendar year, one’s wealth can change drastically. Many peoples’ investments took a nose dive over night in the last year,” he said.

A number of lawmakers are estimated to have suffered double-digit percentage lossed in their net worth from 2007 to 2008. The biggest losers include Kerry, who lost a whopping $127.4 million; Warner lost about $28.1 million; Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) lost about $11.8 million; and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) lost about $10.1 million.

Comment by marina peterson on November 7, 2009 at 2:03pm

At 12:15am on Thursday, November 5th, joined by patriots from Massachusetts and Connecticut, we set out for DC to answer Michele Bachmann's call.

We had tried the day before to set up an appointment with Congressman Langevin but were told he was "much to busy" to squeeze in any additional appointments. I called Dee DeQuattro (Helen Glover's producer) from the bus around 7:30 am and asked her to request that her listeners call Langevin's office and ask what could possibly be more important than making time for 100 of his constituents who traveled all night to get to talk to him.

I don't have the fill-in details, but we got a call around 9:00am from Langevin's office telling us that they now had an opening and could see us at 2:30. Imagine that!

We arrived at Union Station around 9:30am, and after setting that as our meeting spot for return we set out for the rally grounds on the West side of the Capitol.

Around 11:00am Franklin Raff, Executive Producer for the G. Gordon Liddy Show asked a group of us from different states to speak live on the Satellite radio show. My message was that even the BLUE state of RI, truly a one party state, had sent two busloads of people to rally against a major loss of Freedom. I was asked how it was possible to get that many people together in just three days. I responded that it was definitely indicative of how strongly voters feel about stopping this healthcare takeover.

The crowd grew rapidly and was estimated at approx. 40,000 to 50,000. I met folks from California, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Georgia. It was absolutely amazing that a crowd this large could be amassed in just 3-4 days!

At approximately 12:00 noon Todd Akin led the Pledge of Allegiance. Michele Bachmann was introduced. Her opening statement was "YOU CAME!!!!!" The crowd went wild. Other speakers included John Ratzenberger (of Cheers), Jon Voight, Mike Pence, Mark Levin, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and many more.

The messages - Obama was not protecting the freedom of our citizens and was obsessed with ramming this health care bill through. Don't be scared by Chicago-styled tactics. He is working for political gain, not for you. That this administration has basically said "to hell with the Constitution" and is drunk with power. Many reiterated that this is NOT about health care... but about CONTROL!

After the rally we headed over to the Connor Building where Congressman Langevin has his office. There were throngs of people waiting to get in - the line stretched around the corner. What a pleasure it was to be able to by-pass everyone and get right in because we had an appointment!!

When we arrived at his office we were told that Congressman Kennedy would be joining us as well and that they were both enroute. They arrived about 10 minutes later. There were eight of us from RI in the group including myself (Marina Peterson), my husband Bill, Ron L'Heureux, Nancy Driggs, Tony, and Barbara Hughes and her husband.

Here's a brief version of the questions and answers:

Langevin was posed the question "At a town hall this summer you were asked if you knew that ALL of your constituents were against the health bill, how would you vote, and you replied that you would vote for the bill because it was "best" for the people. After seeing all of these voters here in Dc today do you still feel the same way?" The response was that he would still vote for the bill because he was elected on a platform to work towards health care reform... ???????

The good news is that Congressman Langevin unequivocally said that he would not vote for the bill if it included any funds for abortion or otherwise labeled "women's reproductive issues". We thanked him for that. He seems to feel that it is not in the bill at this time (even though we can all read it on page 110 of HR 3962).

I think it would be a great idea for all to call his office and thank him for his pledge to vote no on the upcoming healthcare bill which does, in fact, including federal funding for abortion (at least at this time).

Our main and most important question was that we all feel that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL for Congress to pass any bill that forces people to buy health care under threat of fines and five years in prison. Congress has no authority to regulate our health care! Their response was that their Constitutional lawyers "feel" that this is indeed within the Constitutional realm of authority. We asked that they send us written documents to support their statement and they said that they would.

Congressman Kennedy was asked if he would attend a town hall on health care with John Loughlin. He said "No". He said he did not want to put himself in the position of having video clips of himself on Youtube ridiculing him for his beliefs ??????

He went on to say "These Teabaggers....." when at that point Tony interjected very strongly "You're way out of line!!". Kennedy then said that he had been faxed (who faxes anymore?) copies of memos that had been sent out to Tea Party members with instructions on how to disrupt meetings and embarrass the politicians. I responded that up until 2 weeks ago I personally sent our every memo for the RI Tea Party and this was absolutely not true. It must have come from "some other" group. (Acorn???). I reiterated what Colleen and I had told him in July... that if he attended a town hall set up by the Tea Party we would guarantee the decorum of the group and anyone unruly would be removed. He still said "No".

We left soon after that and made our way back to Union Station for our long ride home. We left approx. 5:30pm and arrived back in Warwick at 3:15AM.

All of us were totally exhausted... but all would do it again in a heartbeat!

I have tried to cover everything I could remember and certainly would love to hear from others that were on the trip.

Yours in freedom! marina
Comment by Paul Chiumento on November 7, 2009 at 1:49pm
Hey John,

I couldn't agree more. The arrogance is amazing although I'm sure the staffer believes it's true because RI residents keep voting him in. The only way to unseat this guy is with a good candidate to run against him, a lot of hard work by volunteers going door to door to educate voters and garner support and most importantly to raise lots of money. All the groundwork has to be laid down starting as soon as possible. Keep in mind we'll be fighting all the unions and democrats who simply have their heads buried in the Kennedy name. Not an easy task however not impossible either.

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