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The Meek May Inherit the Earth But Not the White House.

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New Conservative Music Videos

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Comment by David A. Bullock on August 4, 2012 at 1:31pm

To advise all members of a fast growing grassroots project:

With the support of a growing number of Tea Party patriots with the launching of this "SHARE THE BOOK PROJECT" across the country, my OPEN PUBLIC INVITATION TO READ MY ENTIRE BOOK FREE OF CHARGE seems to have been accepted by thousands of "friends-of-friends" nationwide.  Literally THOUSANDS of new readers per day are visiting the newly created  "Open Public" blog site to read the entire book at .... FREE READ of Decision 2012 - A Citizen's Guide

While this is encouraging, with your support, it could be ten thousand times more effective. 

Again, I just know in my heart that the power of having the “choir” at your back is a wonderful thing when they all sing in unison.

Enjoy and SHARE my friends - SHARE as you have never SHARED before.

Dave Bullock - Lumberton, N.C.

Comment by Steve Peacock on July 27, 2012 at 5:07pm

Sen Menendez and Rep. Garrett need to cough up the dirty cash they've received from HSBC, particularly since they serve on committees with oversight of the banking industry. Please contact the senator, and Garrett if you're in the 5th District (Vernon area)). See: "Federal Lawmakers Silent on Tainted HSBC Funds -- Will Sen. Menende...? from The Revered Review.

Comment by DannyCurtis(Conservative Comedy) on July 24, 2012 at 8:44am

Hi Steve Peacock

Most of us post on our individual Tea Party sites.  Mine  is NewJerseyTeaPartyCoalition.  But if you want to check out something, try this...

http://youtu.be/oVYegauDZ2Q     http://youtu.be/QRNMcQZFnzU

Comment by Steve Peacock on July 24, 2012 at 7:26am

Greetings, fellow New Jersey Patriots. While I am surprised that there have been zero comments for over a year, as a newcomer I'd like to encourage you all to help keep each other apprised of actions and events taking place in our troubled state and nation. As a frequent contributing writer to WND and founder/editor of U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor, my forte is in investigative journalism, helping to expose the insanity of federal spending, particularly overseas, and I intend to start digging up more data about preferential treatment projects and other discriminatory actions against whites. Plus, as someone who once was the victim of violent crime -- and was then sued (unsuccessfully) in federal court for allegedly violating the civil rights of my minority attacker/accuser -- I also have personal experience in surviving and successfully defending against a racist physical and legal attack. I hope to share my findings in these areas with fellow patriots, whether in this forum or in person.

Comment by George Hansson on August 18, 2011 at 9:43am

I contacted Rep. Frelinghuysen regarding Pres. Obama’s eligibility. This was his reply or non-reply. It is a PDF scan  so the letterhead and some of the preprinted information is omitted or unreadable. 










August 3, 2011







WASHINGTON, DC 20515-3011

(202) 225-5034




(973) 984-0711

Mr. George Hansson

West Caldwell, NJ 07006-7917


Dear Mr. Hansson:

Thank you for contacting me to convey your concerns about

the eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as President of the

United States. I appreciate hearing from you on this matter.


Ever since the White House released a copy of the President's "long form" birth certificate earlier this year, laims have persisted that it is a forgery. Some of the most persistent critics claim the document 1) doesn't have a raised seal; 2) it isn't signed; 3) no creases from folding are evident in the scanned version; 4) in the zoomed-in view, there is a strange halo around the letters; 5) the certificate number is blacked out; 6) the document is a "certification of birth," not a "certificate of birth."


I would suggest that these claims have been explained to the satisfaction of my colleagues. Indeed, contemporaneous birth announcements in Honolulu newspapers seem very persuasive that the President qualifies as a "natural born" citizen. Once again, t-ha-n-k you for contacting me.


Rodney P. Frelinghuysen

Member of Congress


This was my reply to the Congressman.

August 4, 2011

Thank you for your response of Aug 3, 2011.

With all due respect, I do not put much faith in many of your colleagues. Nor do a growing number of voters.

Many of your colleagues that I have heard simply said they took his word regarding his birthplace. The fact he sealed his records the first day in office by itself raises questions.

Rep. Barney Frank assured us that Fannie and Freddie were financially sound! Your colleagues also make statements like, ' Guam might sink with 8,000 more Marines there', 'we intend to socialize your industry' or 'we do whatever we want and let the courts decide' and 'very little we do here is constitutional'.

I would like to see some hard evidence that this man is qualified before we risk having him returned  for a second term. I don't believe the Republic could survive it!


Have  you  contacted your Congressman on the subject and gotten a similar response?

Comment by George Hansson on July 20, 2011 at 11:45am
I support Gov. Christie and hope he will turn the State around. I would also like our State to have control of our U.S. Senators. The 17TH Amendent should be repealed and Senators appointed by the State Legislature which is the original version. This would give the Gov. & State more clout in D.C.

In response to the recall Menendez effort, the Senator replied that he was not recallable because he was a Federal employee. So much for the people of NJ!

The country is in bad shape. Just these headlines from www.canadafreepress.com tell a story of their own.

Obama Stimulates Indonesia
By The Washington Times

Melson’s Testimony Proves Fast and Furious was an Obama Plot
By Doug Book, FloydReports.com

Weiss Downgrades U.S. Debt! What to Do....
By Money and Markets

Charlotte Highway Road Sign Hacked to Read, "Impeach Obama!"
By Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Adult or tyrant – you be the judge!

Why don’t the GOP House leaders use a visual to promote their case in this standoff, using Tim Russert’s whiteboard and marker to list what they have put on the table vs. what the Present-dent has put on the table, or has said is off-limits?

This petulant Present-dent refuses to put his ‘plan’ on the table for two key reasons. He has a plan, but he can’t reveal it. Crashing this nation, en route to us becoming part of the ominous One World Order, would be opposed by even a sober few within the ‘Demoncratic’ Party. Polite critics of this Present-dent won’t make such an accusation. Shouldn’t respect be reserved for those in elected office who respect the American electorate, our Constitution, our freedoms and our sovereignty? How long can we afford to suffer under greedy and power-hungry ‘Professional Politicians?’

As this high-profile standoff is played out in the media, what evil is being orchestrated under the cover of this standoff, Executive Order #13575, per chance? Who within the GOP is holding the regime accountable for this covert invasion of government upon our rights and freedoms? As members of the ‘greatest generation’ pass on, witnesses to the deception and evil that lead to WWII passes too.

White House Executive Order #13575 White House Rural Council
Administration of Barack Obama, 2011
Executive Order 13575—Establishment of the White House Rural Council
June 9, 2011
Comment by Edward Durfee on July 17, 2011 at 3:34pm
Saturday, July 23rd starting at 11:00 am.

to celebrate the first battle in the Revolutionary war whereby, the American troops proved that they could stand up to the British regulars, with out the advantage of surprise.

Bring the whole family. Let your children and grandchildren know that the early battles of the war for Independence were fought right here in New Jersey.

...Here is a link to a map of the entrance of the park. You can use the link for your directions.


Look for the Gadsen on the left after the first parking area.

For more information on the battle:
The Battle of Monmouth
Sunday, June 28, 1778


Comment by Mary on March 4, 2011 at 4:11pm
Exactly, Charles. I also don't understand his positions on Cap & Trade and the repeal of the health care bill. And remember how "wishy-washy" he was on the issue of building the Mosque near Ground Zero? There is a lot I like about this guy, but then I wonder if he is a true Conservative...
Comment by Charles Breitweiser on March 4, 2011 at 2:53pm
I know we tea party patriots are hungry for an acceptable candidate for the republican party.  We are looking for an originalist, Reaganesque, constitutionalist who will serve the people as he should.  They are priming up Cristie as a potential candidate.  This is a mistake.  As much as I like him for state governor, there is some very disturbing  things about him as a national candidate.  First and foremost is his pandering to the Muslims.  He appoited a radical muslim to the state supreme court.   Additionally I personally filed a complaint with the judiciary advisory council because of a Famly court Judge, Joseph Clark, who used sharia law to protect a husband from raping his wife, stating"According to their religion the wife is the property of the husband."  Therefore this woman cannot receive a restraining order.  Cristie is ok with judges like this sitting in our courts.  Could you imagine if he were able to appoint these types of judges in Federal court.  That would be a dream come true for the radical Muslims that want to convert this country to a Muslim nation.
Comment by mary spencer on February 24, 2011 at 10:18pm
hi iam atea party member south jersey, i went to washington and about 4 different rallys in n.j. and plila I also went to trenton last year when the teachers etc walked to the state house . i plan to go to trenton on fri, by njt lite rail out of camden. hope to meet up with party members.the gov is doing a great job i am a union mrmber but i believe that we all must give a little. it would be great if the big shots gave a littleif just to set an example for as our president says for thelittle folks.i vote independent i believe in america and also to uphold the consititution of our great country. mary spen

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