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Minutemen of 2010 are patriots who will answer a call on short notice to take action to make a difference in the Election 2012 and beyond. If you want to help make a difference in 2012 Elections, JOIN this Group. And invite your friends.  

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Purpose of the Minutemen of 2010

In the Revolutionary War, the Minutemen were a group of patriots who pledged to gather in a moments notice to resist the tyranny of corrupt government. Here we will be just such a group, to answer a call to action on short notice. But we will send monetary support to certain selected Conservative candidates in very close races, so that we may participate in helping them win and in so doing turn the Government back to the Constitution and to the Will of the People.

Many organizations ask you to send them your money contribution, and THEY will decide which candidate or issue gets the support. Here, YOU will decide who gets your support, but your small contribution can be MULTIPLIED by that of hundreds or maybe even a thousand other Minutemen to make a more significant impact.

Critical high impact races in 2012 can and will turn the corner for our government away from the present destructive course. If you want to participate in sending a stronger message to those in power (Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, etc.).... then join the Minutemen of 2010, monitor this site closely and often for critical Calls to Action.  We will continue to be called "The Minutemen of 2010" because we Formed in 2010, and also because it rhymes.


PATRIOTS .....   A   NEW   DAY  IS  DAWNING ......

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Michelle Bachman - On the Dems and Government Shut Down


Discussion Forum

Organize, Like Our Founding Fathers, to Resist Tyranny and Establish Constitutional Freedom

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Terrific Charity & product

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The Young America's Foundation sells or gives freely Little Constitutiion Pocket books for youngsters, ie age 12 to 99 to carry around & read. Today's kids do not have the benefit of Civics…Continue

It's official, AZ calls LA's bluff

Started by Renee Cannon May 19, 2010. 0 Replies

Attached is a copy of the letter sent from The office of the AZ corporation commission...Basically drops down the gauntlet to LA saying that if you choose to continue a boycott of all business with…Continue

The illegal Alien superhighway

Started by Renee Cannon. Last reply by Renee Cannon May 18, 2010. 22 Replies

These photos were taken by a minuteman just south of Tucson. This is more than 25-30 minles north of the border. These people carry fresh clean clothes and food until they get close to the towns,…Continue

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Comment by Jim Merit on May 24, 2012 at 11:50am

Max and anyone who is interested in activism against the tyranny in-charge, please contact me. We can communicate by email until we reach some type of agreement.

I hope to initiate a new group , dedicated to the use of nonviolent political technology and pressure to defeat the various communist tyrannical political apparats.

Comment by Max on May 23, 2012 at 11:43am

@ Jim Merit...

Just let me know where and when...

Locked and loaded,


Comment by Wordwaryor on May 23, 2012 at 11:14am

 It would be like the  LARGEST  FLASH MOB IN HISTORY !! 

All showing up at one appointed time ....... from everywhere in America !!

WOW !!   I can only imagine.

Comment by Wordwaryor on May 23, 2012 at 11:13am

I agree in principle with Jim Merit.   We don't have enough "boots on the ground" actions going on for this election year, and for pressure to be felt by those in Congress.

That is why I have been thinking that a "sneak attack rally" in Washington DC at the end of summer or in Sept or Oct before the election would be a good thing. 

What if We the People via Tea Parties, showed up all at once one day and surrounded the Capital Building with around 5 million strong !!   And raised our flags and our voices (WHILE Congress is in Session this time).  

The problem with the 1.5 Million Sept 9-12 rally in 2009 was it happend on the weekend when Congress was gone..... and the Lying Press said there were only 10's of thousands ( as in maybe 50,000 there). 

THIS TIME ..... it needs to be on a Monday or Tuesday when Congress is definitely THERE ...... And it needs to be where we literally surround the entire capital building complex with people on all sides as far as the eye  can see. 

IT needs to be coordinated over a local radio station where eveyone is instructed to tune in to hear the rally speakers (because some couldn't hear them the last time) ....

And when instructed to shout out to Congress .... it should be ALL WITH ONE LOUD VOICE  (Can you Hear US Now ?) .  

The sound of our voices collectively should litterally rattle the windows and shake the ground there.   Hopefully bringing a little fear of God into those lying bast*rds !!

And this is not to say we can't do other great and organized but more demonstrative events at town halls, and other places leading up to the election.

I agree with Jim Merit ..... We need a strong VERY VISIBLE show of peaceful 1st Amendment  March and Demonstration !!  

What say you ?   Would you attend such an event  ?

Comment by Jim Merit on May 23, 2012 at 10:21am

Education is an excuse to do nothing. Where is the TRAINING to take action? Political pressure, dissemenation of our own thoughts to the public, marches, protests, war in the streets. Don't any of you realize how dangerous do-nothing attitudes are? That's why conservatives are wrong. They are too much mouth and not enough heart and brain. Real patriots like those found in foreign lands, stand up, work, train, struggle. Enough of this lazy, fat, mealy mouth talk.

We must organize, train, build internal solidarity and take to the streets in nonviolent protest, strikes, walk outs. Where are people whoare wuilling to do whatever it takes to take back our freedom? Talkers be gone. Activists arise!

Comment by Jim Merit on May 23, 2012 at 10:15am

I don't want to send messages that are ignored, or sign petitions that are used to wipe commie butts, I want to find some people who are as loyal and dedicated as me and my family. I want to organize and create real pressure groups that protest, march and demand the end of communist tyranny. Enough of this cowardly "watch videos" and listen to half assed political whores that can't be trusted. That's why the reds are taking over. There are too many cowards and ignoramuses among the opposition.

Comment by Jim Merit on May 22, 2012 at 9:23am

As a veteran I have noticed that many veterans are not patriotic. In fact, many "flag waving veterans" are actually leftist infiltrators. Visiting local tea parties I have observed massive infiltration and power grans by commies (yes commies) pretending to be conservatives and pretending to be veterans. When are we going to face and take on this phenomenon that Trotsky called "entryism"?

Comment by Walter T Jennings Sr on December 8, 2011 at 7:06pm


This is all linked with the quietly built FEMA Camps built and being manned as I speak. This is also linked with the one appropriation in the Defense Appropriation Bill S-1967 working it's way through Congress right now. No more than 3 years ago, I received email showing these camps being built. When I asked about it, I was told to leave it alone.

Last year or the year before, a new Army unit was formed. It consisted of 2 National Guard Battalions and one active duty Battalion then just back fro the sand box. They were attached to Homeland Security. I see all of this as the government knows a backlash is coming to their unconstitutional ways and they are afraid of it. They are trying to use what is in their control to neutralize it. I have a gut feeling the military overwhelmingly will not back this. They are us. They have been abused just like us

Comment by Max on December 8, 2011 at 6:47pm

Viking, I have discussed this tactic with my NRI-ILA Coordinator and it is one of Obama's very slick use of mis-direction and confusion.  Stay in contact with your NRA-ILA for all the latest scams and deceptions from the progressive left.


Their aim is to confuse and disorient while pretending to act, look and talk very 'official'.  It they keep this up, the 'Occupy Wall Sttreet' crowd will be in for a rude awakening one morning... many will be hanging from the nearest tree...


Comment by Viking03a on December 8, 2011 at 6:29pm

Question,   I just got an Email from a very reliable group mentioning
a stand down by an Army national Guard unit, when  they all refused
to answer a questionire asking if they would use lethal force against
Americam People....

Does anyone have any information on this, or other incident similar.
seems like this was part of an ( EDRE )  emergency deployment
readiness  exercise.    three infantry companies were polled during this
exercise.   This may be in response to the implementation of the
dentention of American citizens by the US military, without due
process or cause,   on which the wunnerful pukes in the senate voted
93-7, to authorize.  

Any information  on this or similar incidents would be appreciated.



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