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Marshall County, TN

This group is non-partisan, open to all like-minded patriots. We uphold the Constitution as the founding father intended it. We believe in small government & free market principles.

Location: Lewisburg, TN
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Comment by Travis Monroe on October 20, 2011 at 4:58pm

Next Event
Date:    Saturday, October 29, 2011 – 11:00 am
Who:    Zach Poskevich, Republican candidate running against Bob Corker
Type:    Event: meet-and-greet: vet the candidate
Where: Shoney’s Restaurant Lewisburg, TN. 431 N Ellington Pkwy

Comment by Sherry Ferguson on October 16, 2010 at 11:16pm
Sorry for the delay again! I not only have a full plate, it's a full platter now. lol One problem I'm having is that this site doesn't notify my regular e-mail when someone comments here or e-mails me. So sorry about that. Not sure how to fix it.
Candidates: (State House) Having attended Marshall county commission meetings last year, I watched everyone very closely. I was very impressed with Billy Spivey. He's afraid of no one, sucks up to no one. Very fiscally conservative and believes in the Constitution our Founders intended. I've gotten to know him pretty well over this past year and would trust him with my life. He's salso a very caring person. Eddie Bass is I suppose a moderate Democrat. He has voted with the Republicans some, but he has also voted against bills, such as voter ID, that would tremendously help with the illegal immigration problem. These two will be debating at Marshall County High School this Monday night. Our Tea Party plans to have a presence there. Some are going inside for the debate, others will distribute handouts. Check the paper for the time. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis. Come on down!
Have met Diane Black once. She was not my pick, but will certainly vote for her. I think she will represent us well in Washington. I know she was formerly a nurse. I'm aware of all the issues surrounding her money and the company her husband works for. That's about it. Don't know that she will be as strong as Marshal Blackburn.
Haslam: Think he's probably a RINO but we'll have to see. I don't like it that he contributed to Al Gore's campaigns in the past and I'm very suspicious of Democrats coming out and endoring him;however, I'm sure not going to vote for McWhorter. The Tea Party will have to watch Haslam like a hawk and hold him accountable.
Comment by Theodore W. Dugan on September 30, 2010 at 9:41pm
I believe that message was from me. I am sorry for the illness of your husband and am glad he is doing better. Do you have any info on the candidates running for office?
Comment by Sherry Ferguson on September 29, 2010 at 11:43pm
I've gotten a message from someone wondering if the Marshall County Tea Party is still active. Yes, very much so! We are a small, but passionate group. And we've had some major challenges over the past year. My husband has lung cancer and has been hospitalized several times, two of those times he was there for a month each. Doctors were not certain he would make it, but Praise God he did and is still slowly recovering. All that said, I was the only one who was paying attnetion to this site. Needless to say, with all I've had going on I had no time to attend this site. Also, in the past postings to this page were so infrequent that I thought no one was interested or cared.

Our focus at this point is getting out the vote in November. A couple of us will likely go over & support the Giles County Patriots at the Candidate Forum tomorrow night at the Pulaski Rec Center. We plan to do some advertising between now & Nov 2 and are providing rides to the polls for those who need them. I think we now have a person who is computer savvy enough and has the time to moniter this group more closely. We welcome your input and certainly participation.

We all want to save our country. Let's pull together, do a better job of communicating and participating and we can make a difference in Marshall county.
Comment by Theodore W. Dugan on January 10, 2010 at 11:56pm
Someone update me. What happened with the pink slip party? What is currently going on or in the planning stages?
Comment by Theodore W. Dugan on October 9, 2009 at 9:58pm
A pink slip tea party sounds interesting. What would it entail and who would attend or should attend? I assume all of the current office holders would be invited.
Comment by Sherry Ferguson on October 8, 2009 at 11:31pm
Check out the Outpost Army Event, celebrating the 2nd Amendment, posted here on TPN. It's taking place 10/17 from 11am-3pm in Christiana. That's really not that far.

Also, who out there is interested in doing a Pink Slip Tea Party here in Lewisburg, putting Congress on notice that their jobs are on the line. Thinking of doing it 11/2, which is election day in election years. Let me hear from you all! You can respond on the Marshall County TN Facebook page if you prefer.
Comment by Theodore W. Dugan on June 15, 2009 at 10:25pm
I need more info on what is happening. I'm new to all this and am not sure how to participate.
Comment by Sherry Ferguson on June 15, 2009 at 11:16am
We have one confirmed entertainer for the Independence Day Tea Party. Scott Addington, country vocalist from Nashville!! We're still waiting on responses from other entertainers and speakers.
Comment by Sherry Ferguson on June 2, 2009 at 5:33pm
Search the Lewisburg Tribune Wed. for a story on our 4th of July event!

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